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It's a thin line between love n hate

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As I sit here with yet another black eye. I had to figure out a way out of this relationship with my long time boyfriend Blu. Here I am 29 years old no kids and felt like I was a grandma already.

In the beginning, everything was great. I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was Thanksgiving 2003. I finally had a day off from FedEx. The pay was good but I had no life. All I did was work and home. I refused to sit in the house I had a 4-day vacation I was going to party. I pulled up at the Marathon gas station on 183rd in my 2003 brand new Honda accord. I had just gotten it for my birthday 2 months prior. That was my baby she was Black with the chrome trimming it already came with rims so I didn't have much to do. I wasn't a flashy type of chick but I wanted that damn car plus I deserved it.

See my parents spoiled me but I wasn't a brat. Like I knew how to get it from the muscle but if I needed them they would be there for me. It was Thursday night and I was dress in all black with some black Steve Madden pumps on my feet. I wasn't a makeup artist but I knew how to apply a little foundation if need be although I didn't need much. Just get my eyebrows waxed and a little liner and some eyelashes with just enough lip gloss. I was that bitch. I was stack 5'1 175lbs but I was thick I carried most of my weight in my ass, titties, and thighs. I have a little pudge in my stomach but the right undergarment on you couldn't tell. As I step out of my car I heard some of the guys that were standing around say damn hell some even tried to call me over but all I wanted was my coca-cola and snickers bar.

Once paying for my gas and items I walk over to my car to see this chocolate brother I mean he wasn't on the chubby side like I like them but he was built and had a pretty set of white teeth, a bald head with the sexiest beard and he smelled good asf. One I was pissed cause I'm like don't touch Blackie and two you on the phone with a female but yet trying to holla at what the fuck.

Excuse me what are you doing? I said to him. This nigga had the nerve to hush me. I tried to grab the pump from him and some of the gas waste on his timbs and he snaps
Damn, I'm trying to do you a favour and you tripping. Now I was feeling kind of bad but shit nobody told him to touch my damn car.
I'm sorry, but I didn't ask you to do that and I don't know you for you to be touching my car. You're right my bad.

The chick he was on the phone with started talking shit but I really couldn't make out what she was saying but I knew from his response she was wondering what was going on and did she need to come to get some straightening. Well, an as whopping cause wasn't shit pussy about me but the motherfucker between my legs.

Bell, damn calm down sis I'm good. Lil momma doesn't know how to take a nigga being a gentleman. Tell grandma and my girls I love them. I love you too Lil sis. After pumping my gas I get in my car ready to leave and this nigga stands in front of my car.
Excuse, me sir I have somewhere to be can you please move.
Dang, you mess up my shoes and you just gonna leave like that.
You shouldn't have been touching my car. But here go but a new pair I threw 200 dollars at him and the nigga laughed. He threw the money back at me and said no I want your number. I looked at him like he was crazy.
When I saw that he was serious I gave him my number and drove off. I didn't bother asking his name cause I was going to block his ass whenever he did call. At least that's what I told myself.
I called my girls Madison and Blade to see if they were ready we were driving my car to the Rolex but Madison was our designated driver. She didn't drink or smoke like me and Blade. For Blade to be a BBW my girl was a Goddess. Madison was our stud bestie but she was one of those studs that can switch it up and still kill it. Once we paid our way inside I went straight to the bar and order my Dusse straight no chaser. I danced until they closed the club. I truly enjoyed myself. Matter of fact that's the last time I could remember having that much fun.
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