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Double Identity

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A superhero reveals his identity to his wife. Expect some mild action, romance, humor, and a little bit of drama. *This is a short-short story. Double Identity is complete and will receive no further updates. This story is just an experiment of mine to reach other genres of romance.*

Romance / Humor
Skadi Gemini
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Double Identity

Kael wrapped his arms around his wife, savoring the feel of her small body against his large one. The contrast was remarkable but he didn’t mind. He knew that he could always protect her with this body. For too long he had been juggling his life between his normal and the abnormal.

She needed to know who she had married. Who had fathered their children and why, already, their eldest child displayed the beginnings of powers. His wife had visibly been shaken when their son lifted the couch with one hand to retrieve a toy.

The boy was only seven.

Breathing out, he gathered the courage he used to fight evil in the world. Fighting the various villains that plagued this city was easy, but it was another ballgame to face his wife. Sarah was short and the least threatening presence in a room…until she was pissed off. Once she was angry she was unstoppable until the last word was uttered on her end. No true evil compared to the wrath of a woman. His woman.

“Sarah, love, we need to talk.” He caressed her small shoulders gently, taking a cautionary step back.

Here he was, Mr. Titan, protector of Sterling City and the shining example of kindness and strength through adversity, his powers of strength and flight unmatched. Mr. Titan, famed superhero, afraid to face the wrath of a powerless human. A human that bore his children and wore a wedding band with their initials carved into it.

“What’s wrong? You didn’t forget to make Gabriel’s dentist appointment, did you?” She stood ten feet tall, it seemed, when she put her tiny fists on her hips. Standing there, she looked heroic.

Nervously he scratched the back of his head, “No, no. I took care of that. It’s something else. Something that can’t leave this room.”

Using his powers of telekinesis, he shut the bedroom door. The lock turning startled her. He could’ve closed it the human way but at the point he didn’t care. She had to know that the house wasn’t haunted by a poltergeist, but housed a world famous superhero.

Her husband.

Mr. Titan.

“That was…weird…” her eyes narrowed as she backed away from the door towards the safety of his arms.

“Not really. I just closed it with my mind.”

Her head whipped around to face him, bewilderment warping her lovely face.

“You closed it? Yeah right, and I’m Mr. Titan’s side piece. Our house is haunted, Kael. I’ve seen enough horror movies to recognize a haunting when I see one. Not to mention, our son, who lifted the goddamn couch in one hand. It’s a poltergeist.”

He could only stand there with a smile as she babbled on about hauntings and needing an exorcist. Her loved her so much. She would soon realize that she wasn’t Mr. Titan’s side piece, as she joked, but his wife.

“Love,” Sarah looked up at him, her brown eyes meeting his green, “calm down. It’s not a haunting. Our son is coming into his powers. Pretty soon Emily will, too. It’s natural.”

“What the hell are you talking about? They could only have powers if…” Clarity seemed to dawn on her face for the first time, her eyes widening slightly.

“I know what you’re thinking and it’s not you that has powers. It’s me.” He gestured to himself with a finger, taking a few steps towards the balcony doors. A plan was already formulating in his head as to how he’d show her the proof if she had doubt.

Sarah hated heights but, it’d be proof enough. No other superhero was capable of flight like he was.

“So, what, you’re saying you have superpowers and they were passed onto our kids?”

He nodded, opening the balcony door. Living in a high rise had been calculated after all. She had protested when they found out she was pregnant, but he had won that battle.

“That’s impossible. There’s only one superhero around and he’s probably off fighting crime as we speak.” Skepticism clouded her face as she joined him on the balcony, the wind whipping her hair around her face. Even in the shade, her honey-gold hair looked beautiful and soft.

“I’m him. I’m Mr. Titan, Sarah. You married him eight years ago.”

They faced each other, questions on Sarah’s face as she studied him. He feared her response, knowing quite well how she responded when things were kept from her. A decade and a half of being around her had taught him what to look out for. Her wrath was unmatched.

His wife rivaled his greatest adversaries.

She burst into laughter, the songbird sound music to his ears. This hadn’t been the reaction he hoped but her laughter soothed him, nonetheless.

“Prove it to me, babe. Toss me off this balcony and catch me.”

“What? That’s…” he thought for a second, knowing how irresponsible that was; until he realized it was perfect. Showing her in the heat of the moment his true identity would be a slice of cake. Much easier than changing a diaper, even. He’d gladly face her wrath later. In the bedroom he would make her forget about it.

She took a step back, seeing the look on his face change. A half smile spread across his face as he pounced.

Sarah screamed as she plummeted towards the ground, her limbs flailing as she tried to clutch at empty air. Seeing her fall like that was terrifying, but he quickly jumped into action seconds after doing just what she asked. Her eyes were wide with fear, watching as he dove headfirst over the rail. He let his clothes shimmer and shift until he wore nothing but his navy blue and gold suit, his blood red cape fluttering in the wind behind him as he plucked her from mid-air.

In the moment as he reached out, their hands touching, her scream stopping. Her eyes were filled with the shocking image of him.

She had seen the news clips and photos of him catching people mid-air but it didn’t compare to the real thing. Sarah was shocked and scared that Kael actually pushed her over the railing. Fear clutched her heart as she fell. The ground grew closer the further she fell, but her eyes were solely on him, watching how at ease he was with tossing himself over the railing.

Seriousness masked any emotion on his face as he instantly became Mr. Titan before her eyes.

Right before her eyes she watched as his clothes disappeared to make way for that iconic suit. Beneath his clothing he was rippled with hard muscle. Seeing him in that suit connected the dots. So many times she noticed how the body outlined in the navy and gold costume resembled her husband Kael’s.

Until now she was in denial.

Determination shone in his eyes as his arms encased her in their safety. Mr. Titan and Kael, both one and the same.

She had always crushed on Mr. Titan, admiring that sharp jawline beneath the blue mask that covered part of his face. Sarah never pierced together how similar her husband’s facial features mirrored Mr. Titan. Neither had she thought she’d ever bear Mr. Titan two children.

The idea had been preposterous.

Why would a freaking superhero want her? How could a man so good looking ever want a woman such as herself?

Yet, her she was, finding out she had been married to him for almost a decade.

She had been bedding with a superhero. Not just any superhero, but Mr. freaking Titan, the leader of them all. Every morning she had awakened next to him. Every night she bedded the city’s most beloved superhero. The realization was shocking.

She hide her face in his chest, wiping the tears away as her stomach took a dip. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw them racing towards the sky. They zipped high above their high rise. The flutter of his cape in the wind was gentle. Finally they were still, hovering over the expansive Sterling City.

Fear raced through her body with just a glance, wrapping her arms around his neck in a stranglehold. His deep chuckle hummed in her ears as she clung to the safety of his arms.

“Don’t look down. This was the only way I could prove to you, love.”

His voice was reassuring but it renewed her anger.

“You actually tossed me off the balcony, asshole. You’re lucky if you get any action for a whole year!”

Again his laughter rang out, the sound similar to boulders crashing against each other. She’d always loved his deep voice.

“You told me to. ‘A happy wife makes for a happy life’ as the saying goes.”

Snorting she took a peek at his face, finding he hadn’t put on the mask. He watched her with…was that…fear? Had he been worried she’d reject him? That was impossible considering she loved her husband greatly, even if he was Mr. Titan.

“Yep. Why didn’t you tell me you were Mr. Titan? We’ve been married for almost ten years, Kael. What else haven’t you been telling me?” His eyes softened as she pulled back enough to make eye contact while still in his arms.

He exhaled, “There’s nothing else, I swear. There hadn’t been a right time. Baby,” his hands wrapped around her waist protectively, “I deal with very dangerous individuals as you know. I didn’t want to risk your or the kid’s safety.”

“Why tell me now?” She frowned, a wrinkle forming between her brows.

Kael seemed to ponder that, his expression mixed. “Let’s be on solid ground, first.”

Within seconds they stood on top of a sky scraper, the pit on her stomach worsening. She fought back nausea. It was still too high!

Sarah clung to Kael’s waist as they sat side by side, their legs dangling over the edge. In the setting sun, her husband looked invincible, heroic. This man was her best friend, her love, and also Sterling City’s protector.

“I have you, babe. You’re safe with me.”

Shooting him a scowl she huffed, “I thought that before you hurled me off the balcony.”

He grimaced.

“I promise to never throw you over the balcony and to only throw you on the bed when I put another baby in you.” That grimace turned to a smirk, his emerald eyes glittering.

She couldn’t help but giggle, snuggling into his side, feeling the rough fabric of his outfit against her skin. Never had she imagined she would be sitting side by side with Mr. Titan or the fact that she would marry him.

“You’ll be lucky if I let you that far. You have some explaining to do, mister.”

The playful look on his face softened as he met her earth-brown eyes that he loved so much.

“As I told you, I didn’t want to risk the safety of my family. I love you and the kids so much. I couldn’t bear it if I failed to protect you. I didn’t want to keep it from you. We built our relationship on trust and love. I don’t want to betray that.”

Sarah could only listen, a smile crossing her face as he expressed his love for her and the kids. She urged to continue with a nod.

He went into more detail about the dangers of being a superhero and how he hadn’t expected his children to inherit abilities. To her dismay, he wanted to hold off on telling the kids he was Mr. Titan. They adored Mr. Titan, their rooms scattered with posters and action figures. The sun was fading as they finally came to an understanding and a plan to move forward.

“Kael, whether you’re the world’s most powerful superhero or the bottom of the barrel average Joe, I love you. The kids love you, too.” They kissed, their breath mingling as their tongues danced.

He abruptly interrupted the kiss, pulling back and staring off into the distance. The night was approaching as the city lights started to glitter. She knew he was busiest at night.

Sighing loudly, he rose to his feet holding Sarah against him. “Duty calls. We’ll have to resume this later where…maybe you let me put another baby in you?” He grinned, that naughty smile crossing his face once more.

Shaking her head in amusement she laughed, “Maybe. Don’t press your luck too hard.” She thought for a moment as he swept her into his arms, taking flight.

A small squeal escaped her lips and making Kael snicker. “You’re going to get over your fear of heights, my dear wife. I plan to do this more often.”

The lights of the city were a steady blur as he raced through the concrete jungle of Sterling City. Far above the streets the people down below resembled ants. Said ant-sized people moved to and fro, the hustle and bustle of the city’s end of the day. Before long he returned her to the balcony to stand on solid ground.

In the twinkling lights of the city he resembled a god, hovering on the opposite side of the railing. This was a sight she was going to get used to.

“You miss dinner and you’re eating microwaved leftovers.” She jabbed her finger into his chest, the rock-hard material feeling rough against her skin.

Kael smiled, his emerald green eyes shining with love. “I’ll try.”

He started to fly away when she reached out to grab his wrist, the metallic cuff around it cold against her skin.

“How about you show some of those powers when you get home and maybe I’ll let you put a baby in me.” She winked, turning on her heel. As she walked away she exaggerated the swing of her hips, sending him a sexy wink his way as she waltzed inside.

“That’s not the only thing I’ll show you tonight, you little tease.” He called out before disappearing into the night.

She shut the balcony doors, leaving them unlocked. It wasn’t like that would prevent him but it was normal for her to lock them just in case. You never knew what would happen in a city where supervillains roamed the streets. Making her way to the kitchen she set about preparing dinner. The kids were dropped off by her parents right as she finished.

They joined her for dinner while the kids spoke animatedly about their day at the city zoo. Her mom told about the trouble her son had caused before getting to her day.

“So, honey, how was your day off? Anything exciting happen?” Her mom’s wrinkly warm smile full of love like her dad’s.

She took a bite of food and downed some wine before coming up with a simplified answer. There was no way she could tell Kael’s secret, but she could convey the wild ride the day had been.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you. Let’s just say…that it was exhilarating.”

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