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I didn’t see it coming

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This is the story from when a young impressionable young girl who got tricked into falling madly in love with an older mysterious and damaged boy. Who was able to off set her life at a very young age.

Romance / Drama
Ella Wibben
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Leading up

Trust! What a wonderful and scary thing. The wonderful part let’s your body relax, but the scary part is knowing trust can be broken. Broken trust is the worst feeling of betrayal.

I made the mistake of trusting him, well I thought I did. Darrion was like an older brother to me, he took me under his wing for months. I was too naïve to realize what he was doing. I should had seen the sings. The way Darrion looked at me, the way he dropped hints about me. You think I would have known.

There was a time where I felt protected, he even called me ‘mommy’. Back then I thought that was funny. Now I think it was the largest red flag ever. I was 3 years younger then him and I was still impressionable, but that’s not important now.

I’ll start In April, it was a typically April morning. Perfect day for messing around, that was all of my vacation. For 2 nights straight Darrion begged me to come over to his girlfriends house, fortunately I couldn’t go cause it was really late.

I decided, after days of Darrion begging me to hangout, that why not. In my mind I thought nothing would happen. Nothing did. Nothing happened until July. Darrion even asked me to buy him a morning after pill for his girl friend. I couldn’t, but she couldn’t get pregnant.

Not going to lie I had a crush on Darrion for a little while, but not like in a smelling your hair writing your name and mine in a note book. Nothing like that. It was more of happy to spend all of your time with him, Best friend kind of crush. Maybe that’s why I didn’t see the signs.
There’s really not much more to say about what happened leading up to the week that knocked my life off it’s tracks for the rest of my life.

One more thing, Darrion was not like anyone I had the chance of meeting. He was truly hurting inside. Nobody ever gave him a chance. Besides me i guess. Darrion’s parents were drug attic’s and alcoholics who would abuse him in more ways then one. He eventually got put into foster care. His foster parents weren’t many better. By the time Darrion was 12 everyone had given up on him, but not me. I saw the absolute best in him.

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