A Touch of Passion

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Nina Curtis, a young beautiful, intelligent and ambitious woman, has big plans of owning her own business. In need of a loan, she visited the bank to gather information, only to be offered an indecent proposal in exchange for the loan. Nina is desperate, but her values are important. Will she accept or will she not? Michael Charles was a bank manager and a man blessed with irresistible charm. All he needed was just one quick encounter with Nina Curtis, for him to decide she was the one for him, the one he would marry, but was he the one for her? Just when Nina thought she had met the man of her dreams and her life started heading in the right direction, disaster struck, leaving her heart broken and devastated, approximately three years later, she met Mike, who reminded her of her late husband, the resemblance being so close she was left wondering, if Mike possible could be her late husband? Laura Phillips, a young attractive woman, who was presumed dead in the crash along with Nina’s husband. showed up alive. a few weeks after Mike. Things immediately took on, an interesting turn of events. Nina was now puzzled as to what was happening. Who was Mike? and where does Laura Philips fits in?

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Chapter 1

Hi everyone before you start reading, I just want you to know that the book needs some editing. and it will be dealt with soon. Thank you.

Marcy and Alan Curtis were in their luxurious apartment getting dressed to go to one of their big charity dinners.

“There has to be something we can do, Macy,” Alan said. We can’t just turn our backs on her, not now she is still our child.”

“That’s exactly what we’re going to do,” Macy responded. “Unless you’d like to keep her here and advertise her situation to the entire community.”

Alan had no answer to that. After thinking for a moment, he said. “All right, we can let her go and stay with her aunt Kelly.”

“Don’t be stupid, Alan.” Macy’s voice was terse.

“Send her to live with Kelly? I might as well write a column in the Sunday Gleaner.”

“There’s no reason for you to be so dramatic.”

“I’m not being dramatic, Alan. Your sister’s mouth isn’t hers, and you know that quite well. However, if your conscience is bothering you, I’ll think of something else.”

“Like what?” Macy turned away from the mirror to face Alan, who was standing immediately behind her.

“ Can’t say exactly what but I’m sue, she will only be getting what she had asked for,

Alan looked at his wife pointedly.

“Are you out of your mind? That’s our little girl you’re talking about.”

Macy looked at her husband, fists clenched.

“Little girls don’t get pregnant.” Macy took a calming breath. I’ll think about it .”

Alan agreed, but deep down he was concerned about what she would say or do next. With their fifteen-year-old daughter pregnant, it left Marcy utterly disturbed.

The only thing on Macy’s mind was how on earth was she going to save her family from the embarrassment that was about to come upon them.

Alan wasn’t sure if he’d ever be able to convince Macy that their daughter deserved another chance. Nina was their only child, but his wife was a very stubborn woman and always had to get her own way.

Alan’s heart raced in his chest as he felt like the room was closing in around him. He clenched his fists and bit down hard on his lips, trying to hold back his rising emotions boiling up inside of him, like a hurricane about to explode. However, he managed to calm himself after a short while.

Three months later. Nina was at home laying down when she suddenly felt lonely, unhappy and broken. She felt as if the roof of the house was caving in on her. She needed to get some fresh air. She grabbed her purse and ran out of the house, having no idea where she was heading. All she knew was that she needed to get out of the house and she needed to do it immediately.

A few minutes later, Nina was walking along the sidewalk. A truck carrying metal bars got out of control and a load of iron went tumbling down. Nina was hit by some of the iron bars. She was knocked unconscious and trapped beneath them. She awakened some days later in a room which had several bouquets of flowers.

When she opened her eyes and looked around, she thought she had died and made it to heaven. Shortly after a nurse walked in.

“Oh, you’re awake. I’ll inform the doctor.”

Nina stuttered.

“Where --- where am I?”

“You’re in a private hospital,” the nurse replied.

Nina was filled with a sudden sense of panic. She held onto her stomach, frantic. The baby! Did anything happen to the baby? She laid there flustered, repeating quietly in her mind what the nurse had said until she finally floated off in space….in a great white void…..into a vast of nothingness.

Moments later, after gaining consciousness, Nina tried to open her eyes but couldn’t. They felt as if they were permanently sealed. She didn’t know what was happening. Moments before her body felt very light, and within a short time later, it felt as heavy as lead and immovable.

Gradually she became aware of voices. A man’s voice, clear and resonant. He was saying something about her losing a lot of blood. She heard a woman speaking; she sounded familiar.

“Is she going to be ok, Dr. Phillips?” the woman asked.

“Yes, she is going to live,”

Dr. Phillips replied.

“What about the baby?” the woman asked.

“We’re doing everything we can to save the baby’s life,” the doctor replied. His tone was somber. “It’s a very delicate situation. The baby is premature and is in a very serious condition…. I’m not going to mislead you about that.”

“What are her chances? the woman persisted.

The doctor didn’t answer immediately. Then he said,

“Fortunately, there’s a fifty=fifty chance of the baby surviving. She’s in the best of hands here. She’s getting the best treatment and is being monitored regularly.”

Nina was alarmed at what she heard. She made an intense effort and finally her eyes opened. She blinked, adjusted to the light and took in the room around her.

Nina saw a man in a blue coat. He must be the doctor, there were others standing in a straight line beside her bed. They were anxiously waiting. Their eyes were focused directly at her. Her mom and dad. The two main people in her life. She shut her eyes tightly. She knew how aggressive her mom can be and she wasn’t quite ready to deal with her.

Everything immediately came back to her. She remembered being at home, feeling lonely and sad, and she had decided to go for a walk, when the unthinkable happened. Yes she remembered a truck coming towards her, she tried to move away from the part of the truck but she wasn’t fast enough.

She was hit and pinned down by some metal bars which had fallen from the truck that seemed to have gotten out of control.

Now days later she woke up in the hospital. She couldn’t help but wonder if she was going to die. She didn’t want to die, she was too young. She wanted to live.

Weeks later she was released from the hospital. Unfortunately, the baby had died a few days earlier and Nina didn’t get the chance to see her. She didn’t know whether she was sad or happy. She was still a child herself and she had no idea how she had gotten pregnant and who could possibly be the father. That was a big problem for a young child to be carrying around by herself.

Her mother was a woman who had refused to listen, so their relationship was never close. Nina would rather keep things to herself than confide in her. Nina’s mother will never know the truth, because she had no intention of telling her.

Nina’s parents sent her to live with her aunt Kelly, who was more than pleased to accommodate her. For months Nina pondered daily, over who could have gotten her pregnant. She didn’t have a boyfriend, so how did that happen? Could it happen again? Being still a young child and stressed constantly, it caused her to end up having sleepless nights and regular nightmares.

Kelly accepted and treated Nina like her own child. Nina couldn’t have asked for more. Her aunt was more of a mother to her than her own mom was. two years her aunt passed away and she went back to live with her parents. A lot has changed drastically between her mom and her. There were positive moments compared to the beginning when she was living with her, but Nina’s secret will remain with her, no one will ever hear it from her.

five years later, Nina had grown up into a beautiful young woman. Unfortunately, two months earlier, her mom and dad had met in an accident which took both their lives. She was alone, with no siblings and was now faced with a situation to make a decision on what was best for her. How was she going to move forward and become a productive member of society?

With her parents gone, Nina was faced with a career decision. Her best friend Lisa told her about a newly opened company that was looking for workers. Nina was a bit scared, the longest she had ever stayed in a job was fifteen months, but it was never a problem because her parents were there to help her out. But with them now out of the picture she will have to find a way to hold tightly to the next job that comes her way,

The day after Nina visited the office, there were several applicants waiting. She took a seat and waited. Sometimes later, she heard her name called, and Nina walked into the small office.

“Sit down, please.” the interviewer said.

“Thank you,” Nina replied.

“I see from your application that you have a college degree and some experiences. You have a high recommendation from your last employer.” He looked up at her. “You’re also technologically proficient.

“Yes sir.”

“I might have the job for you. I’m in need of an accounting clerk. The salary isn’t very large I’m afraid…”

“That’s fine, Nina responded quickly.

“Very well. I’m going to ask you to come in for a second interview tomorrow at noon.”

Nina smiled happily, “Thank you sir.” She was filled with much excitement.

The next day on her way to the office, Nina thought this could be her big opportunity. This could open doors everywhere. The office was in a newly built commercial building, on the fifth floor. Nina took the elevator and got off and walked up to a door that was numbered six. She took a deep breath to calm herself and entered. Two men and one woman were waiting for her. They examined her carefully.

“You’re here for the Accounting Clerk job?” One of the gentlemen asked.

“Yes sir.”

“Please have a seat.”

“Thank you.” Soon after she sat down, each person introduced themselves.

“I’m George Green manager.”

“Alvin Peters, director.”

“Sarah Hopkins, your Chief Financial Officer.”

They all appeared to be somewhere in their late forties.

“You have a very impressive recommendation from your last employer”, Alvin Peters said.

“Yes I have,” Nina replied. Then quickly she added, “I’m a hard worker and also a fast learner.”

“All right we’ll try you out,” George Green said,” and see how it goes.”

Nina felt a sense of elation. “Oh, thank you! You won’t be……”

“About the salary,” Sarah Hopkins said, “I’m afraid we can’t pay very much at the beginning.....”

“That’s fine by me I…”

“We can only pay you three thousand, five hundred dollars a week,” George Green told her.

They were right, that amount of money is not much but still more than what she was earning at her last job Nina made a quick decision’

“I’ll take it.”

They glanced at each other and exchanged smiles.

“Great, let me show you around.” said Sarah Hopkins.

The tour took only a few minutes. There was a small receptionist room and three small offices neatly furnished, each with a different design. They appeared to be done according to different tastes. There was a big open section which had four cubicles. The rest room was down the hall.

“Your days here will be busy.” Sarah Hopkins told her.

“That’s ok,” Nina responded knowing without a doubt that she was going to make herself indispensable to them.

Years later, Nina was still working with the Company. To say the company was doing well was an understatement. Since she started working there, they have opened another branch which she was transferred to and since it came with the opportunity for her to upgrade herself at any university of her choice, she accepted. A deal she could not back away from. She grabbed the opportunity.

She enjoyed working there and being around her boss and co-workers. They were like a surrogate family and because she was capable and efficient, individuals would at times confide their problems to her. She loved it there, but she felt it was time to move on.

There was an item in the Sunday Gleaner for an accountant at an accounting firm. She had gone back to school and had upgraded herself, and was well qualified. She applied for the position and had gotten the job. In three days, she would be starting her new job and she was looking forward to the change.

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