A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 11

Samuel became Nina’s unofficial adviser and the next day they met over lunch to discuss what her next move should be.

They wasted no time in hiring a contractor to start renovating the building. Nina was bursting with joy, every day she would be at the property to observe what was happening.

After two months the renovation was progressing rapidly and should be completed within the next six weeks. so far it was a beauty to look at. The windows and doors were in place. The floors were at that moment being tile and the exterior were ready for fresh paintings. Her childhood dream was about to finally come true. Nina was pleased with the progress.

During the renovation Mr Smith would drop by at the building site. He would give Nina compliments and never show any feelings of vengeance. Instead, he’s always appeared to be calm and relaxed; you wouldn’t believe he was the same man who wanted to sleep with Nina.

Today he was back at the site.

He seemed actually pleased with the progress she was making. Nina felt that maybe she was wrong about him.

Six weeks later the building was completely solid, strong and ready to be occupied. Nina stood a distance off and stared at it dazed. She was overwhelmed with happiness. Tears of joy flowed down her face.

“It’s all yours,” said Samuel. She was thrilled, yes, she was one of the happiest women on earth.

One of the most exciting things is to have an idea and have it grown into reality. Nina threw a party to celebrate the opening of the building. It was a moderate one; she wasn’t yet established to attract the big important people but at least a few of Samuels business associates and friends were there including one reporter from the local television station.

Samuel was happy to inform her that the building was totally rented out and there were other inquiries.

“Great, we will just have to acquire another one soon.” she responded. As Nina continues to attend to her guests, making sure everyone was served and having a good time.

In comes Mr. Smith, he looked around the place. “It’s beautiful, he exclaimed. “Congratulation, you have done a great job.” “Thank you, Mr. Smith.” responded Nina.

“I’ve got something for you.”

He handed her an envelope, which he had in his hand.

She immediately tore the envelope open, pulled out the document and started reading it. She was absolutely surprised.

“What’s this?”

“Miss Curtis, that’s your title you have in your hands. It is genuine.” Nina was stunned. She didn’t know what to say. She only made two payments on the property, so how could that be?

“I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“What is it you don’t understand, isn’t that name on the document yours?”

“But what does it really mean, I know what I’m seeing but I don’t get it.’

“Ok let me explain, you’re the sole owner of the property, it was paid for in full.” Nina was overjoyed then it hit her.

“By whom is Mr Smith?”

“Sorry Miss Curtis I’m not privileged to say.”

“Ï have to know who did this. Or else I can’t accept it.”

“ I can’t help you there.”

“I think you have made a mistake.”

“You heard me correctly Miss Curtis.”

“No mistake, aren’t you Nina Curtis?”

“Yes, but I didn’t make a final payment.”

“Your account was settled in full and I am not in the position to say who did the payment. So, accept your gift and give thanks. You’re a special lady, how many women do you know have received such a lovely gift in their lifetime?”

“I’m afraid I can’t recall not a single person I know.”

“Well, consider yourself one lucky woman, that document is legal and it belongs to you.”

She thanked Mr. Smith and went back to hosting her party. Still puzzled in the back of her mind. It rested heavily on her as to who was the generous person that made the payment. She spoke with Samuel to see if he could enlighten her but he was at a loss himself.

“Is it possible that the payment was made to the wrong account? She wondered but she could not think of one person she knew who could have done it and for the whole evening it rested heavily on her, did Smith just hand over the property to her because of the treat he received months ago? Was that really a possibility?

Eighteen months following the opening of her new apartment building, Nina heard about another property in Hillshire Hills in Portmore.

That same afternoon she and Samuel went to look at it. It was in a very good location overlooking the sea. The building on the property seemed to be in perfect condition a bit small for what she had in mind but it’s a perfect place for a resort.

“What’s will it cost?” Nina asked.

“The cost will be twenty-five million dollars.”

Nina almost chokes from her saliva. “That’s a whole lot.”

“Well sweetie, real estate is very expensive and the way to go is to borrow. That’s what most business owner does, They made sure to rent or resell the property for enough cash to pay off the debt and make a good profit to invest in more properties.”

“Yes, I remembered, a very wise man said those exact words to me not so long ago.” Samuel smiled at her and confirmed.

“That’s the best way to go sweetie.”

“I understand,” responded Nina.

“I want this property, Samuel.”

“Ok, no worries, we will visit a financial company and acquire a loan, your credit is good so there shouldn’t be any problem.

“That sounds awesome, I’m ready, let’s do it.”

Over the next two weeks Nina visited several financial companies. Early Monday morning of the following week she received a call from one of the banks that her loan was approved. Nina let out a shout.

“Thank you, God.”

Soon after she contacted Samuel and shared the good news. “We need to meet.” Samuel said. “How about dinner this evening?”

“Yes, for sure.”

“Fine, I’ll pick you up at six-thirty.”

They met for dinner at the Seven Seas. Nina was overwhelmingly excited she barely touched her meal.

“Samuel I’m so thrilled it’s going to be the most beautiful resort in the country.”

“Take it easy Nina, we have a long way to go.”

“I’m so excited I just want to shout.”

“I know the feelings you can but wait until we pass the other deep waters, then we can really celebrate.”

“You’re right, anything is possible, I will try my best to.”

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