A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 12

Nina was walking along a shopping mall on Main Street, admiring a display in one of the clothing stores that caught her eyes, when she fortuitously ran into Michael Charles. He was ecstatic to see her. Immediately he congratulated her on her achievement, and invited her to dinner the following evening at 8 o’clock. She accepted.

When she arrived at the newly refurbished restaurant. Michael was already there sitting at a discreet corner. He stood and waved to her as she entered the room, and negotiated her way through the empty tables to his.

She sat down gracefully in the chair he had pulled out for her, and looked around with interest. Several people were seated at the spacious lounge bar enjoying their drinks. A wide selection of spirit and a variety and styles of wine. The restaurant was designed with a warm and contemporary feel, carefully to enable space and intimacy.

“Michael motioned for a waiter and instantly one ambled over to their table to take their drink orders.

After the waiter had departed. Michael said softly.

“Where have you been hiding for the past months?”

“This is unheard of, I wasn’t hiding Michael, just busy.” Michael raised his eyebrow.

“Oh, so sorry, I totally forgot you are now a business woman. It seems I’m going to have to start making appointments to see you.”

“Very funny.” Nina muttered.

“Why so? I’m of the opinion that you’re a busy woman.”

“Of course, I’m busy, not everyone is fortunate like you Michael, some of us still have to work very hard.”

“I agree with you; but there’s a saying that goes like this, all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl.”

Nina found it funny, she burst out laughing, Michael sat there staring at her with one corner of his mouth raised completely mesmerized by her. It sent shivers down his spine, and the longer he looked at the faster his heart beats and the more he desired her.

She was laughing hysterically.

“Sorry I never heard that one before but it’s a good one though”

“At least I made you laugh.”

He leaned back against his chair, in a manner that transmits a sense of grace and an intelligent poise, his face displayed a short beam followed by a few minutes of silence then he spoke

“I haven’t seen you since the last time we had dinner.”

“I know, but as I recall, It’s not that long?” she responded

“Yes. almost twelve months ago.”

Nina was surprised it has been that long “but of a fact, it is really moving fast.”

“Time doesn’t wait for no man sweetie, none the less apart from the business what else have you been up to?” Nina picked up her glass and took a taste of her wine.

“Nothing much except I’m enjoying the fruits of my labor. How about you Michael? What have you been doing?” she asked as if it matters to her how he has been spending his time, like she doesn’t already assume.

“I’m still waiting on you.”

“That’s not an answer Michael.” she said smiling.

“Why not? It is for me I’m still waiting.” he responded

“You already know my answer, Michael.”

“I’m afraid I don’t, but guess what, I have something I want to share with you.”

“And what could that possibly be?” He leaned back in his chair and made himself more comfortable.

“I’ve been having the most vivid fantasy since I first met you.”

Nina gasped and looked away from his deep penetrating gaze, she had found his remark funny and she couldn’t afford to let him see her smiling. After a brief moment she turned her face back towards him. Michael jumped at the opportunity and leaned forward in his seat slowly bringing his face within inches of hers.

“I think it’s time I tell you a story.” he whispered.

“Really ? I can't wait to hear."

“You see Nina, you and I are the main characters or rather the only characters, and the setting is a romantic seclusive paradise.” he said seductively.

Instantly a slight smile teetered on the edge of Nina’s lips, she sat up straight in her chair and listened tentatively feeling very amused as Michael continued to speak.

“Imagine we were on a small island, you and I are the only residents, we could be at each other beck and call every day and night, we could spend every moment together basking in the wonderful sunshine, eating all those lovely fresh fruits straight from our backyard and at nights with no clothing on, we could bathe in each other ……” His voice trails off as his face draws closer to hers.

Nina felt helpless as she was mesmerized by his baritone voice. “Just the two of us and nature having its course.” he mumbled. Their eyes locked at each other for a long moment.

Nina sat there hypnotized by his voice, she tried to ignore the sudden rush of blood boiling over inside of her but it was impossible for her to, her entire body reminded her of her physical needs. Trying desperately to mask it, she looked at the plates the waiter had placed on the table a few minutes ago.

“This looks absolutely marvellous,” she gushed out. Michael, knowing quite well what she was doing smiled and played along with her.

“It is looking good and I can guarantee you, it is also delicious,”

“Well, that’s easy to find out.” responded Nina, she took a quick bite of the stakes. “Mmm” Michael looked at her smiling.

“I told you so”.

“What can I say?” She responded.

They couldn’t help but talk and laughed thoroughly enjoying each other’s company, after which they moved onto the dance floor.

They danced to several numbers of songs before Michael and her returned to their table after much reluctance of releasing her from his arms. Michael sat in silence gazing at Nina, his eyes filled with unadulterated passion. Nina senses the need that burned deep in his eyes, she could see them twinkling and that kissable mouth of his twitching at the corner.

“A penny for your thoughts.” she said.

Slowly he shifted his gaze to the dance floor then back to her.

“Are you sure you want to know what has consumed my thoughts?”

“I would love to.”

He looked deeply in her eyes place the wine glass back on the table and said softly

“I want you, Nina.” She sputtered out a laugh. ′

“Are you kidding me?”

“I’m serious.”

His gentle eyes probed her face acutely as she sat quietly. There was complete silence but soon after she dropped her piercing eyes turned away from his stare, took a deep breath and exhaled.

She wants him too if the truth were to be told but his lifestyle was not something she would be willing to accept. She had done some digging in his background and her assumption of him was right.

“Michael… she whispered but the last of the sound was taken by his Shhh. He held her hand and kissed it gently; his warm breath sent shivers up her arms.

“I just want to love you Nina and I'm you know that by now.” She looked nervously into his eyes.

“I really don’t know and I honestly don’t know what to say.”

“Let me help you with that decision.”

His voice rings out with passion then a gentle grin pulls at his mouth. “Please come home with me tonight. I want to make love to you.”

He was taut with desire.

Nina was intrigued by his confidence. She took another sip of her wine and a lovely smile played on her face.

Michael was about to say something but she reached out and placed a finger on his lips. Shortly after she was at his place and they were making passionate love. As soon as they entered the room Michael’s mouth consumed her.

His lips moved from her mouth to her neck and then to her breast taking small erotic nips, he unties the string of her dress and it fell to the floor. He lifted her up and placed her on the bed and began kissing her all over her body.

she stretched her body voluptuously slightly parting her legs.

He leaned over her youthful body enjoying it perfection. He caressed her gently with his tongue and she opened up to him.

Her face is full of adoration. As he thrust deeply into her. He let out a long sigh and she cleaved to him tighter.

Naked they laid on the bed, lying on their sides, facing each other. His brilliant brown eye piercing hers, and with a hoarse voice suffused with desire he said.

“I love you Nina, not sure if you will ever know how much.” She half smiled at him.

When Nina awoke the next morning, she found herself alone in bed and wondered briefly if she had dreamed earlier, she stretched lackadaisical feeling relaxed and refreshed.

“It definitely wasn’t a dream.” she thought as she remembered last night’s passion. She lay in bed indulging in the softness, wishing things were different.

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