A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 14

Nina met her friend Lisa for lunch a week after she got back home from her honeymoon.

“I thought only millionaires walked around with a special glow,” Lisa greeted her teasingly soon after they were seated.

“Girl you look like you’re really enjoying married life.” Her eyes sparkled.

“I sure am, it’s a wonderful feeling my friend.” Nina admitted.

“I’m happy for you Nina, that smile is the prettiest thing I’ve seen coming from you in a while. You deserved it, you’ve been waiting for a long time to meet the man of your dreams and you have succeeded.”

“Thanks, my friend, you can one day too.”

“Sorry Nine I don’t think I’m cut out for marriage.”

“You just have to find the right guy.”

“Since I haven’t already, I doubt that will ever happen again. I might as well just focus on my career.”

“That’s what you’re thinking? just wait until the right man comes along and takes it from me, the expert.”

“You have a point there my friend but when did you become an expert?”

“Lisa nothing is impossible, remember when I first met Michael how sceptical I was of him, I even go as far as to stamp him as a playboy who wasn’t interested in anything more than wanting to get into my undies.”

“You sure was the wrong girl, he’s really a catch. I do admire him; he never gave up.”

“No, he never did and I’m so glad he didn’t.”

“You know something Nina, that’s why we should never judge a book by its cover.

“Absolutely Lisa and that’s why you will promise me that the next man comes your way you are going to give him a chance.” Lisa burst out laughing.

“Can’t promise you that but We’ll see.”

“Seriously Lisa promises me you will,”

“Ok Nina I swear I will, does Michael have a brother hiding somewhere?”

“Are you kidding me?” The waiter came to take their drink order.

“I’ll have a Rum Punch,” said Nina, “Me too said Lisa.” While they waited for their drinks to arrive, they scanned the menu trying to decide as they continued their conversation.

“You know Nina, I never once figured you’ll be married to a lady’s man” Nina glanced up at her. “Seriously Lisa for God’s sake Michael is everything I’ve ever wanted. I was wrong in my assumption of him, he’s a handsome, kind-hearted, loyal and intelligent man.” Lisa took a sip from her glass and leaned back in her seat giggling.

“Come on girlfriend, I was only teasing you, what’s the point in having a friend if you can’t joke with each other at times, Nina’s face immediately paints a ray of sunshine. “You’re so right.”

After five months of marriage Nina was delighted and pleased with the way in which her life was moving forward. six months into their marriage Michael bought her a building in Kingston and renovated it into a beautiful B&B Café and Restaurant. Nina couldn’t be more thankful, and was looking forward to adding another exciting chapter to her life, filled with exhilaration. She can’t wait to get pregnant and start a family.

Two years later with the marriage and the businesses everything going extremely well Nina decided to hire someone to help her out at her home office so as not to overwork herself and to have enough time to spend with Michael. She asked Lisa for her assistance and long -time friend to arrange for someone to be interviewed.

The second person Nina talked to was Laura Philips, an attractive young lady seventeen years old and very intelligent with a warm personality, despite her young age she was well recommended and qualified. Nina puts her on a one-week trial and by the end of that week. Nina knew she was the one and a routine was established.

Overtime Laura has become more like a member of the family than an employee. She was reliable and very independent. Nina had no need to be worried about tasks not being completed on time. When it comes to Michael, it is like Laura could read his mind she knew everything about him, his favorite food, drinks, colors and even what piece of clothes he would match with what. She did her job perfectly well.

The whole place was bright with natural light when Laura woke up, she glanced at the clock. It was six-thirty. She jumped up. “My God what happened? I’m late, how did this happen? I overslept my body must be really tired. I cannot afford to be late, no way no not now when things seemed to be going just fine. She wasted little time getting herself together.

When she went downstairs, Nina and Michael had already left but she knew her usual routine, she didn’t need to be reminded or baby fed. Nina trusted her. Instead of going straight into the office she went into the living room. On the wall affixed were framed beautiful pictures of Michael and Nina’s wedding.

She moved from one picture to another slowly jogging her fingers across Michael’s face, as if meditating heavily. Her eyes teared suddenly as she thought in despair. Why her? Why? She needed an answer. Why did it have to happen to her? She murmured, throwing herself down into a nearby coach still having a pity party by herself. Her nerves going haywire

“Every damn bit of this belongs to me, this life is mine. God damn it I believe I deserve to be happy like everyone. This is all mine, yes mine. Why should I be the one to have to pay the price?

Michael reached home a bit earlier than usual. Laura was happy to see him; she wanted to spend some extra time with him before Nina reached home. She greeted Michael excitedly, offered him a cool glass of lemonade and asked if he would like to challenge her in a game of Ludo, it’s a game he enjoys playing, it helps him to relax and forget about all his problems he may be experiencing and Laura knows that very well. So, she used it to spend whatever extra time she could get with him.

“I’ would love Laura, give me two minutes, I’ll be down.”

“Okay Mr. Charles, I’ll go and prepare the things.”

“Wonderful but don’t be too happy, it won’t be the same as usual, this evening will be mine. I’m going to beat that forever little smile off that cute face of yours.”

“We’ll see Mr. Charles in your dreams; I know what I’m going to do.”

Laura allowed Michael to beat her that evening and he was exhilarated, you wouldn’t believe an adult would be that excited over winning just a friendly game of Ludo.

When Nina arrived home that evening, she could hear Michael and Laura laughing and making fun of each other. Nina felt a bit jealous but she was going to have to trust Michael, Laura was not a treat she assured herself. She was more like a family than an employee and she has proven herself trustworthy. She can’t let her foolish thoughts get in the way of their lovely friendship. She needs it. She is a very independent and hardworking person. She’s not sure if she will ever find someone else like her and Michael seemed to be drawn to her like a magnet, they communicate so well.

That night Laura lay on her bed wide awake thinking what would happen if Nina were to be confronted with the truth? She was always watching them closely but appeared not to. Her heart was hammering daily but she kept herself casual with no hint to cause suspicion. It’s not time yet. She fell asleep some two hours later.

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