A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 15

It was close to eleven p.m. Michael was in Clarendon getting ready to head home from a meeting he had attended earlier. He stepped outside into the pouring rain. There was a cold wind blowing and he could hear the distant rumble of thunder. The street was dark. Just then he realized he had left his briefcase inside. He asked his driver Ken to get it for him and as he continued to walk towards his car, a very large person in a raincoat approached him.

“Excuse me,” he said, “How do I get to Main Street?” Michael pointed to a street further down.

“It’s right across there.” As he turned towards his car the man shoved him hard against it. In his hand was a razor-sharp knife.

“Give me your wallet.” he shouted.

Michael’s heart was pounding heavily. He looked around for help but the street was deserted.

“All right Michael said. don’t hurt me, you can have it.”

He pressed the knife hard against his neck. Michael reached down into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. The man grabbed it hastily and put it in his pocket. He then looked at Michael’s wedding ring. He tried to pull it off but it was difficult to remove.

Michael tried nervously to remove the ring but the man became angry and slashed him across his wrist, exposing the bones. Michael screamed aloud with excruciating pain; blood began to gush out. The man fled leaving Michael screaming in agony, he then collapsed to the ground.

Nina was at home when she received the news about Michael.

Ken was hysterical on the phone.

“Is he badly hurt?” Nina enquired”.

“I don’t have the full details yet. He was rushed to the hospital, in the emergency room, I’ll keep in touch.”

When Nina arrived at the hospital four hours later, Ken Michael’s driver was there waiting.

“What happened?” she asked.

“How bad is it?”

“His right wrist was severely slashed. He’s heavily sedated, but he’s conscious.”

They went into the hospital room. Michael was on a bed with IV tubes feeding liquid into his body.

“Michael…Michael.” It was Nina’s voice calling him a short distance away. He opened his eyes trying to focus. Nina and Ken were there. His mouth was dry, and he felt groggy.

“What happened?” Michael whispered.

“You were hurt” Nina said. “Don’t worry, you are going to be fine.”

Michael looked down and saw that his right wrist was heavily bandaged. Memory came rushing back. “I was mugged…how bad is it?”

“I don’t know dear,” Nina said.” I’m sure all will be well, the doctor is coming in soon to see you.”

“Ken assured him, “These days’ doctors can do just about anything.”

“I hope so.” Michael mummer

Ken and Nina looked at each other and smiled.”

“Honey you will be ok.” Nina assured him.

Michael started dozing off. “I wasn’t resisting him, instead I was helping him to get the damn ring so he could just take what he wanted and leave.”

An hour later a doctor named Thompson came into the room and as soon as Michael saw his expression. He immediately knew something was wrong, Michael took a deep breath. “Tell me please.”

Doctor Thompson signed. “I’m afraid I don’t have good news for you Mr Charles.”

“How bad is it?”

“The flexor tendons have been severed, so you will have no movements in your hand. He explained that it was like a rubber band. Tendons are under tension as they connect the muscle to the bone. If a tendon is torn or cut, the ends of the tendon will pull far apart making it impossible for the tendon to heal on its own, because the nerves to the fingers are also very close to the tendons, a cut may damage them as well.

Michael closed his eyes tightly in anguish that came suddenly upon him. He just could not believe what he was hearing, he tried desperately to move his wrist but was unable to. after a while he asked. “What are you really saying doc?”

“You are lucky to be still alive. The person who did this cut the artery. You could have bled to death.”

Michael, still in sorrow, asked.

“Good God, isn’t there anything that can be done?”

“Yes, we could do an implant in your right hand so you can have some movements but it would still be limited.”

“He should have just done away with me.” Michael thought.

“In the beginning there will be pain to a great extent as the wrist begins to heal but you will be getting some pain tablets to help you ease the discomfort and after a while the pain will subside.

A week later Michael was released from the hospital. Nina took him home, he looked very nervous and shaky. Soon after he had settled in, Laura, who was home anxiously waiting to inform him of the numerous outpouring of sympathy from his friends, acquaintances and business associates, was eager to commence.

There were postcards, letters and telephone calls. The newspaper, radios, and television stations have carried the story, condemning the violent act.

When Nina awoke the next morning, she sat up in the bed, her mind trying to focus on what was truly happening. She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand as if trying to clear away some fog from them.

She squinted and looked about feeling tense and exhausted and then she thought of Michael who was unable to come to terms with what happened. She looked at him with sorrowful eyes. She scrambled out of the bed and headed for the bathroom, she took a long cold shower to relieve some of the tension.

One of them has to be strong no matter the end result, she thought. They can and will get through it. The following day Dr. Thompson paid a visit to Michael, he removed the bandage.

“Can you move your wrist at all?”

Michael tried eagerly but to no avail.

“Never mind how painful it is?”

“Terrible doc, as a matter of fact those tablets don’t seem to be much of a help.

“The pain will ease in a few days; you will be feeling much better.”

“That would be wonderful”.

“I’ll check back with you in another two days, take care now.”

“Thanks doc see you then.”

Before Dr. Thompson leaves, knowing quite well the situation, he made a suggestion to Nina, about getting a therapist to come and work with Mr. Charles?”

She accepted his suggestion immediately. “I would love that.” she responded

Nina anxiously shared the idea with Michael, he disagreed, Nina looked at him and with a calm low voice she asked. “How can you give up on yourself?”

“Darling, I’m sorry but the doctor says “Nina did not allow him to complete his sentence she spoke.

“Doctors can’t work miracles but GOD can. However, if you choose to quit before you even start that will be your problem but I’m getting you one I’, m not a quitter.” She was going to do all she can to get help for him.

Within three days a therapist showed up at the house ready to start. A mature woman in her early forties. Nina introduced her to Michael. “Meet Marie, she works at the University Hospital and she’s here to help you. He greeted her and asked.

, “You believed you could help me?

“That’s why I’m here.” He looked at her and shook his head.

“I don’t think so, but since you believe you can create miracles let’s see.”

“I’ll do my best Mr. Charles, and when I’m finished your problem will be a thing of the past.”

“I’m looking forward to that. You are going to be the first human in my lifetime who will work a miracle. I can’t wait to experience it.” She found it hilarious and had to burst out laughing and when she finally took a hold of herself, she spoke.

“If I remember correctly Mr. Charles, the bible says that all things are possible not somethings, please have a little faith. It also says that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain move and it will”

“Damn man, are you a therapist or a preacher?” .

“Nope but belief kills and belief cures. Let me take a look at your hand please.”

Without any further hesitation Michael uses his left hand to balance out the affected hand.

“There isn’t any movement in it, is there?”

“just a little.”

“Ok, let’s try some exercise.”

For the next fifteen minutes they exercise the hand. The pain in his hand ramped up from stiffness all the way to searing agony faster than he could blink. He has never in all his life felt such intense suffering, he was really struggling and Nina felt very sorrowful but he won’t be in such pain for long, she will try just about anything to have him smiling again.

Two weeks later, the telephone rang. Laura picked it up. “It’s for you Nina, it’s Dr. Thompson.”

“Thank you, Laura. Hello Doc, how are you doing?”

“Good I believe and how’s Mr. Charles doing?

“Not too bad but I’m eager to have him see a specialist.”

" Well Mrs. Charles, I’m pleased to inform you that I’ve spoken with Dr. Levy, and he’ll be pleased to assist, within two weeks he’ll be back in Office, you can make arrangements for your husband to go down and meet with him.

“That sounds awesome thank you doc.” And the conversation ended.

Michael curled up in bed twisting and turning from one side of the bed to another struggling with excruciating pain, trying desperately to find some comfort. The pain tablets don’t seem to be helping him the least bit. Nina sat by his bed side feeling helpless, attempting to bring some sort of comfort to him. She looked at him, smiled and muttered a few comforting words.

“You’re going to be fine honey.” Her right hand rubbed his leg lightly.

“Honey don’t worry I’m getting you the best doctor there is, to fix your wrist, I’ve already contacted one of the best in the country. I want us to meet with him to make the necessary arrangements.”

Charles shook his head, looked at his paralyzed hand and frowned gravely, showing much despair. “I’m disable, this can’t fix darling, it’s time you accept reality.” Nina felt his pain, it has to be difficult for him to have lost his independence and have to be relying on others. This cannot be an easy task to accept especially when you are used to being in a managerial position but worse when you’re in denial.

“Please don’t say that you are going to be alright dear.”

“I honestly wish I had your faith.” said Michael.

“I have no doubt honey you will be fine I promise, if I were the one in your situation perhaps, I would be acting out the same way you are but seeing I’m not you I can think straight and see more clearly.” Michael went silent for a moment then responded.

“You have a point dear, we can discuss it later.” As soon as Nina heard those words, she breathed a sigh of relief. “

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