A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 16

Over the next two weeks Nina waited anxiously for the day Michael will be seen by doctor Levy. She kept imagining how her life was going to be once again perfect. Michael would be healed, and they can now start their family. At the beginning of the third week the call finally came. There were lots of things happening with the businesses that needed her urgent attention. She arranged for Laura to accompany Michael down to see the doctor Early Monday morning, Nina took Michael and Laura to Tinson Pen aerodrome in Kingston, kissed him goodbye and watched them go through the entrance to the departure lounge. “Make sure you call me as soon as you reach.” She said.

“Sure honey.” He responded

She stood there and watched as the plane prepared for take-off, going slowly then faster down the driveway and then within a few minutes it was up in the air. Nina gave a sigh of relief.

" I can’t wait for him to be ok again, he’s such a gentleman.”

As soon as she returned home, she made herself something to eat after which she went straight into her office to get some work done. Forty-five minutes passed and she became anxious, desperately wanting to hear from her husband. She kept looking at the old antique clock hanging on the wall across from her work station. counting down the time when Michael would call and inform her of what doctor Levy’s diagnosis and decision were.

An hour went by nothing, another ten minutes still nothing

“They should be in Montego Bay by now, that’s a forty minute flight. where are they?” she said, then she tried his cell phone, it went straight to voicemail, she assumed his phone was out of reach, another ten minutes, she tried again it went straight to voicemail, she assumed the phone needed to be charged, let’s give him another ten minutes and try again. She did again it’s mail, she dial Doctor Levy’s number he answered on the third ring “Hello.”

“Hi Doc Mrs. Charles here, I’m just checking to see if my husband has checked in with you as yet?”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Charles, he did not show up for his appointment.”

“He should have been there already; he left here early this morning to come and see you and I haven’t heard from him since.

“When was the last time you called him?”

I’ve tried his cell several times in the last few minutes but it kept going to voicemail.”

“Don’t worry too much his phone might be down and it’s possible he got held up in traffic somewhere on his way here, I wouldn’t think too much about it.”

“Thanks Doc.”

Nina tried calling Laura, three times after she failed to reach Michael.

She wasn’t answering either.

" Dammit, what in heaven’s name is happening?” she dialed Michael again, he still didn’t pick up. Panic started soaring through her.

She dialed Lisa’s phone immediately she picked up.

” Hello Nina, what’s up girl?”

“I haven’t heard from Michael and I’m a bit concerned.”

“Easy, Lisa said. “Michael and Laura are ok.”

“Then why aren’t any of them answering? Gosh so much for technology.” She dialed Michael again. Her hand clenched tightly on the phone.

“It’s off just voice mail. The damn phone is turned off’.”

“That doesn’t mean something terrible is wrong, maybe they just lost connectivity, the service is horrible in some places.” said Lisa

“I know that’s true but suppose there is?”

“They are ok, stop worrying.”

“Sure I need to calm myself down and get something to eat. I might just be making a fuss over nothing.”

“Yes, please do, I’ll keep trying myself and if anything I’ll call you. but I’m sure they are ok.”

The conversation ended. Nina went to prepare herself something to eat but deep down she was in a frenzy of impatience, waiting and yearning desperately to hear some positive news concerning Michael.

She sighed wearily as she paced the floor anxiously in dead silence. Confused, she plopped down into a chair and looked at the ruby on her finger she bit down on her lips as she lay down on her back staring up at the ceiling in deep concern.

“Oh, Michael darling, where are you? What’s going on?”

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