A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 17

Approximately ten minutes later the phone rang, Nina picked it up instantly.

“Yes Lisa.”

“Have you heard the 1 o’clock news?” asked Lisa

“Why? No I haven’t, is something wrong?”

“Nina just stayed put. I’ll be there shortly.”

On hearing those words Nina’s heart sang and she sat down immediately on a sofa close by. Countless thoughts going over in her head.

“Did Michael meet in an accident? Is he dead? Is he in the hospital? What’s happening? Unable to keep her ease, she got up and started pacing the floor, Anxious as hell she looked at the clock, she passed her hand through her hair, “God, dammit man, where the hell is Lisa?” It seemed to her like a very long time since she had last spoken to Lisa but it was only a minute ago. She was unable to keep still, her nerves were racking helplessly out of control and her head felt as if it would explode any second.

Two minutes later Lisa arrived breathlessly at Nina’s front door. Nina opened the door.

“Come in please.”

Immediately after Lisa entered the house she said.

“I don’t know how to say this Nina. Give me a hug girl.”

She held Nina tightly around her waist with tears rolling down her face, she was overwhelmed with grief and she was finding it difficult to speak.

“You are freaking me out Lisa, what is it?

“Nina, Michael has been in an accident.”

“Accident she echoes, where is he, Is he ok.”

“No he’s not.” Nina grabbed up her hand bag and put it over her shoulder.

“Which hospital is he in, I need to go and see him.”

“Nina I’m so sorry, Michael’s plane crashed ten minutes into his flight.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Michael, died in the crash.” Nina fainted instantly.

“Nina, Nina” Lisa was hysterical shaking and calling her name

After some agonizing minutes, Nina finally opened her eyes. She was lying down on the floor. Lisa was bending over her, slightly slapping her face.

“What happened?” She got up with the help of Lisa and sat on the coach.

“You fainted.”

“I did, why?”

“Don’t you remember?”

“Remember what?”

“Okay Nina, the accident.”

“What accident?” Lisa shakes her head and whispers.

“You really don’t remember?”

Nina looked at Lisa in horror, went quiet for a moment, she placed her hands over her mouth as the first howl came from her throat, hot tears fell down her face, like water rushing through a pipe. She wrapped her arms around her body, rocking back and forth crying out, “Oh my God, no oh my God, it’s not true, ’this is just not real, it didn’t happen, tell me I’m dreaming please, Lisa.”

Lisa looked at her pity fully, shaking her head still in disbelief

“Oh my God! Lo No! No! No! not Michael,” she shouted, half rising from her seat. “Laura, everyone?”

“Yes Nina, I’m so sorry everyone perished in the blaze.” Her legs collapsing under her she sat back down on the coach and screamed out in pain again, seized by a terrible weeping as the horror of Michael and Laura agonizing death struck her, she felt motionless in a state of shock for more than an hour unable to move or think straight.

Lisa sat down beside Nina with her arms around Nina’s shoulders, endeavoring to comfort her while knowing there was nothing much she could say or do that would make a difference.

Nina was too numbed by the horror of what had happened, still Lisa remained by her until she understood her pain. Lisa poured her a glass of wine and after swallowing a mouth full. She closed her eyes tightly, her face riddled with grief, still speechless, there was nothing to say, eventually after a long time she calmed down and took control of herself.

Lisa spent the rest of the day with Nina continuing to console her and accepted all messages including condolences on Nina’s behalf.

She watched the 7:30 news on Television Jamaica about the crash. It was reported that about 6:30 A.M today, a Cessna 206 single engine aircraft domestic carrier departed the Tinson Pen Aerodrome in Kingston enrooted to Montego Bay with Castle as the captain, and Charles and Phillips as passengers when contact was lost with the aircraft, while it was in airspace over Trelawney. A search was subsequently launched and the aircraft was found destroyed in a densely wooded section of Georgia, there were no survivors.

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