A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 18

It’s been two months since the passing of Michael and Nina still has difficulty sleeping. Still lying-in bed, she looked across the room over at the dresser at their wedding pictures, in different sizes and colorful neatly placed in picture frames; tears filled her eyes as she blamed herself continuously for his death. She was still sick with grief. The only sound could be heard was the robust ticking of the clock on the wall. The aroma of the scented candles infused her deeply, as she lay quietly in the darkness, which has become her sanctuary.

“It’s all her fault, Michael would still be alive if she had only listened to him but no, she had to insist on getting her way, and now look what happened. It would be far better to have him crippled and alive than to have him dead and not even a body to bury. It was as if he never existed. Tears streamed down her face. “When is all this going to end? she murmured to herself as she tossed and turned miserably.

Then she suddenly realizes that although the fan was on, she was perspiring at an alarming rate. The day before it was far more comfortable; but tonight, it seemed especially hot and stuffy. She tossed and turned, straining for sleep which wouldn’t come. Finally, she relinquished all hope of rest and threw back the sheet impatiently.

On bare feet she silently padded across the tile floor to open the French doors and proceeded silently onto the veranda and leaned her elbows on the railing.

In the distance she caught brief glimpses of the neighbouring mountain ranges just before the place was covered over with complete darkness. She closed her eyes and tipped her face to the small amount of fresh breeze coming from the few trees surrounding the house. She felt exhausted and very alone. She felt as if civilization were light –years away. She shivered slightly in the night air and grieved suddenly for the gentle touch of Michael, and the softness of his body rubbing against hers.

The following day she still wasn’t feeling well. She was experiencing dizziness, and slight headaches, days following she was still feeling the uncomfortableness, she needed to visit her doctor but she was out of town and won’t be back for weeks. Finally, on the advice of her concerned friend Lisa, she went to see a doctor.

She pushed the door open. The bell tinkles, with a soft but shrill ring. A wave of air freshener masked with a soothing scent washed over her. Chairs were neatly spaced in the waiting room.

A number of magazines lie neatly on the wooden frame glass top coffee table. A little way forward from where she stood was a desk, where a small lady receptionist sat, busily sorting out a pile of files on the desk in front of her. Nina walked over to her and registered. Upon completion, the receptionist, indicates to her, to have a seat in an unoccupied chair close by.

A few nervous patients were already there; trying to avert their eyes from the closed threatening doors leading to a dentist’s surgery room, close by. Where an ominous high-pitched whirring sound could be heard coming from. Occasionally, one by one the receptionist calls out the patient’s name.

Nina’s time came for her to go in to see doctor Walters. She anxiously took up her bag and briskly walked towards the closed door. She knocked, a low voice said.

“Please come in.”

she entered the room and explained to the doctor what was happening to her, and after ruling out a few things, he recommended a pregnancy test. Nina was like.

“Seriously doc” that’s not possible.”

Reluctantly she did the test and within a short period of time she got the result. the doctor said.

“Mrs. Charles, you’re two months pregnant. Nina sat there for a moment, shocked by the news. When she found the strength, she responded, “But this can’t be.”

“Why not?”

’Are you absolutely positive? Is there any chance the test can be wrong?”

Ï don’t think so Mrs. Charles.” He then explained to her what she should expect over the coming months.

Nina assumed the doctor must have made a mistake. She went to the pharmacy, purchased a kit, went home and did the test again, it was positive. This time her reaction was totally different. She was ecstatic, different thoughts started going through her mind. The doctor said for two months, she sat down slowly trying to digest the reality. But how could she be that far ahead and didn’t feel anything until then?”

“Holy infant, she couldn’t contain her excitement. She couldn’t wait to be a mother and to hold that baby for the first time. God, Michael would have love this

Michael wanted this baby so much, and he didn’t even get the opportunity to know she was pregnant.

“Oh my God, I can’t wait to share this wonderful news with Lisa and Samuel. They are going to be flabbergasted.

When she told them, they were both elated, especially Lisa, she can’t wait to be an aunt, she pledges to be right by Nina’s side, no matter what. One evening Nina fell asleep and woke up around three hours later. There were shopping bags all over the room. “What’s all this?” While she was sleeping, Lisa slipped out to do some shopping.

Her mouth dropped open when she realized that the shopping bags were filled with baby items.

A few days following, Nina was looking a bit sad, her friend Lisa questioned her.

“Nina, why do you look so sad? Aren’t you happy about the baby?”

“It’s not the baby exactly Lisa, It’s just that Michael never got to know about the baby, and I don’t want my child to be raised by a nanny, and I don’t know if I can raise this child alone.”

“You won’t have to Nina, I promised, I intend to be right there with you. I’ve always wanted to be a big aunt and I don’t take that responsibility lightly.”

Ï hear what you’re saying Lisa, and I know you mean it but your hands are already filled,”

“I’ll slow down when the baby comes, I won’t let you do it alone.”

’Okay, I believe you.”

Both ladies hugged each other. “Thank you so much Lisa, If you only knew how happy you’ve made me feel right now.”

“I know you needed to hear it from me. Don’t worry, I know you’re going to be a great mother.”

“Nina wanted to believe her, but deep down, she sometimes felt a bit insecure. There were days when she felt like she could take on a mountain, but other times she was as scared as a little puppy.

“Are you up to having lunch with me? Lisa asked.

“Sure, I would love to.”

For the rest of the time leading up to the final days. Lisa kept her words. She would always be there, to assist if needs be.

Two weeks before Nina’s due date. She was at home along with Lisa, when her water burst. There wasn’t enough time for her to get to the hospital. She sent for a midwife who lived next door, within minutes the midwife was there. She took one look at Nina, wintered her eyes and said “This isn’t good.”

“It looks like something isn’t right, she did a close examination of her, it’s the umbilical cord……. It’s wrapped around his neck.”

“Shit” Nina grabbed her chest and started heaving.

“What does that mean? Nina yelled through her pushing and pain stiffens body. “If we don’t get the baby out fast, he is going to die.”

“Do a C-section,” Lisa said.

“By the time she gets to the hospital. It will be too late; the baby will be dead. I’m sorry. Just then her doctor arrived and was filled in with the situation, He did a quick examination.

“Sorry we have no choice here. We are going to have to rely on faith.”

A doctor, someone who studied science and only believed in the facts, had to now rely on something that science alone could not solve. Can you believe this?

When Nina heard those words, she was eager to do anything to have her baby. She whispered softly.

“Please my little one. It’s time to come out and see the world alongside me. It will be the two of us. I need you. You’re all I have left of him. Please babes.

” Instantly his head popped out. The doctor gets a good grip on it. Nina took another long push and the job was done. Immediately after the doctor removed the cord from his neck. The crying baby boy was placed on Nin’s chest. Everyone in the room stood smiling.

“I love you.”

Nina said, staring deep into the baby’s face. The baby became silent. A moment later the midwife took the baby to clean him up and do a few tests. Meanwhile Nina and Lisa were filled with excitement. They immediately started discussing which name was suitable for the child. A short while later the nurse returned with the baby and placed him beside her on the bed.

“Oh Nina, he looks like a little angel.” said Lisa.

“Oh yes,″ said Nina, ″ he’s a beautiful little boy, I wish his father was around to see him.” She added sadly.

“I understand, sweetie, but this is a happy occasion. Let’s just enjoy the moment.”

Nina’s eyes became bright with a smile as she picked him up into her trembling hands. Her heart was overwhelmed with joy.

Three weeks later. Nina was home in her son’s room, filled with joy.” She gently brushed his cheek, with hers,” hello my little cutie, I love you so much.”

He was the product created by that awesome love shared between Michael and her. She was elated. She named him Byron Charles. He weighed six and a half pounds at birth and was fast growing into a beautiful, happy and energetic child. He was the joy of her life.

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