A Touch of Passion

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Chapyer 19

Back inside his room at a private home, he paced the floor nervously. He needs to get out of there, he told himself in panic. “He has to go home, but where is home? Who am I, why I’m I here? Doesn’t anyone care?” all those questions but no one to answer.

“He couldn’t bear the thought of not knowing what really happened, why he ended up there. He was a stranger trapped in a strange place. He needed explanation and he needed answers fast, but there was no one to help him.

“Maybe a psychiatrist could help.” he thought. He was a desperate man in need of an urgent solution. There was no one to help him, and something he desperately needed, being so traumatized, he had unknowingly blocked out everything related to his past.

He wandered listlessly onto the balcony. As he stood there looking out, He could feel the rays from the afternoon sun bearing down. The air was unbelievably hot. The terrace below was completely empty except for a young man, making his way up the stairs, towards the office where he handed them an envelope.

As days went by, he would ask numerous questions. The nurses were kind and understanding. They would be more than happy to help but the answers to his questions, they did not know.

“Does anyone know who I am?”

Their answers would always remain the same.

“No sir, we don’t.”

“How did I get here?”

“We’re not sure.”

He was frustrated and miserable day after day. He was absolutely a stranger living among strangers. There was no one to help him. Then finally one day, out of nowhere a gentleman showed up at the home, and introduced himself as John, said he was a family member and that he was there to take him home. John searched his face for a sign of recognition on his face, but there was none.

“What is my name?″ he asked.

“Your name is Mike.” He was overwhelmed with happiness. He could feel his heart leap.

“He’s here to help me” he whispered. The words sent a sudden, unexpected chill through him.

“Who I am, and where I’m from?” John smiled.

“I know you are anxious to learn the truth about you, but just be patient, you will have all your information in due time, you only need to take it one day at a time. It took the big man six days to complete this earth.”

“He was disappointed a little but understood.

It’s a miracle, he thought. A dream is about to come through. I can now have a real life.” he thought. A few minutes later he was in the limousine on his way to what he will now call his home at least for the time being. he presumed.

During the drive he was filled with a series of emotions. He was excited to be going to a place he could call home, yet he was ominous about the future. Was he going to learn that he had committed some kind of terrible act in his past?

“Oh, finally.” he sighed.

he will now be able to get some answers to his questions and he has a ton of them. When he arrived home that day, he was led into a huge fantastic room, furnished with oversized white furniture, antique tables and an antique lamp. The atmosphere was serene and calm.

Sometimes later after learning his real name and a few other things about himself. His mind could finally rest a little, not much but it was a start.Its better to have a small amount than nothing at all.

He walked over to a window and stared out at the well -done manicured garden at the side of the building, he could feel the cool breeze coming up from the ocean beating softly against his face. He felt good and alive, for the first time in a year.

In the night, unable to sleep, he sat on his bed trying to pick his brain. He needs to remember but no matter how hard he tries, nothing changes. Finally, at 3 A. M., he fell asleep. He had a dream that he was at sea, when he saw a lady and two children in a boat, which capsized and when he tried to save them, they referred to him as daddy. He woke up more confused than he was before he went to his bed.

“What does the dream mean? Could it possibly mean that he’s a husband and perhaps a father as well?” confused, confused, confused he was, he went to have a talk with John.

To ease his mind John has suggested that he take a walk down by the sea side to release the tension, he readily agreed. Not long after he got there, and was sitting down on a piece of log along the sea shore away from the crowd, he noticed a woman was hurrying along the stretch, walking towards him, staring at him. She slowed, a look of recognition on her face. Mike was sure he had never seen her before. And yet......

“Hello there.” She seemed very pleased to see him. her face all cover over with smile

“Hello.” Mike inhaled a deep breath. “Do you know me?”

“Sure, I know you.”

Mike felt his heart race. He has to talk with her.

“But how do you say to someone, I’m sorry, I really don’t recognize you, can you remind me of who you are?”

“Can I join you?” she asked. He was happy to say yes, that’s a clear opportunity for him, and he’s not going to give it up.

“Sure, please do.” She stretched out her hand towards him, he did in return and they both greeted each other.

“I’m Laura Phillips.”

“Well Laura, it’s good to see you.”

“I’m glad I ran into you Mike.”

“Mike swallowed. So do I.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her for one second. There were so many questions to ask. Where should he begin?

Over the next hour and a half, they spent the rest of the time together. He found their conversation interesting and would very much like to continue talking with her as long as he can.

Sometimes later, when Mike returned home, John could sense instantly a change in him. It was as though some dark cloud had been lifted and the blazing sun was out.

“John, I met a woman,” who knows me.” he was filled with excitement.

“Really. What’s her name?”

“Laura Phillips”

John hesitated a moment after he heard the name. “That was quick, she’s not wasting any time,” he thought.

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