A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 20

Nina spends every minute she gets with her son, even when he’s sleeping, she’s by his side. She can’t afford to miss out as much as a second with him. He has become her life.

Nina stepped up to the door next to hers, pushed it open and went inside. A night-lamp on the bedside table shone faintly in the dim and shadowy room. She walked quietly over to the bed and gazed down at the baby sleeping so peacefully. With one of his small tiny hands thrown across his teddy bear. She bent over him, stroked his soft black hair and kissed him lightly on the forehead.

Byron stirred still deep in sleep murmured, mo--m---my, and turned onto his other side. A rush of surging warmth passed through her and she smiled. She experienced such infinite joy just being with him, she bends over another time placing another kiss on his cheek. you are so adorable she whispered. His eyes glittered with much love, all she has left of Michael.

Days following, he’s now three years old, she took him to the pediatrician for his check-up. On examination the doctor found a lump on his abdomen. Immediately the doctor started running different tests. Byron Charles was diagnosed with a malignant rhomboid tumour in his Kidney.

Nina was shocked. The child showed no symptoms or signs of distress of any sickness. Weeks following her discovery, they did a nonsurgical procedure with the hope of shrinking the kidney and it worked.

Now approximately two years later the problem resurfaces. This time they will have to start dialysis soon until they are able to replace the kidney. She has decided to do a quick kidney transplant but her option presents challenges, when it comes to finding a kidney that is a blood and tissue match. This new development only adds more pressure to her already burden soul.

Nina’s life was once again in turmoil. Her world looked as if it was about to crumble again. What was she going to do? Death has taken her husband away from her and now the one thing she has left of him, she is about to lose him too. Nina was devastated. Her grief was like the ocean, it came in waves, engulfs and overwhelmed. She was so lost in time, blinded by the tears and pain in her heart, relief, comfort and peace refused her but she still couldn’t let go.

With eyes closed, squeezing shut, lips pressing tightly, one could not guess the wincing pain she was experiencing. She lay stretched out on her back with her arms folded across each other and rested on her stomach. She stared up at the ceiling through watery eyes, wondering desperately what’s next. she was desperately afraid for Byron. Her soul and life.

She placed advertisements in the gleaner, over the radio and television stations. She uses every medium she could think of, and after almost three months still nothing. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing her son, but what can she do next? except wait.

Weeks later at home still feeling discouraged she tried pushing back the troubled thoughts which she had to live daily, she took a deep breath as she paced the floor of her room nervously. She had to get out of there, she told herself in panic, she needed some fresh air and she needed it fast. She was alone and lonely.

She tried to think when was the last time she had felt happy. ‘Happy?’

What a word, that word was more foreign than anything she could think of at that moment. She went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of spring water, took a long swallow, breathing deeply, then she walked with the glass into the living room and sat down. Her brain is still busy, reminding her of every negative mishap that occurred in her past life. The good, bad and indifference, mainly bad outnumbered them all, but she’s not going to let it have its way with her.

Eventually she was able to calm herself sufficiently to look at things more clearly, and to regroup her thoughts. “I know exactly just what I need,” she said enthusiastically.

Minutes later she got in her car and drove to the National Gallery of Jamaica. It was established in 1974, and houses several works mostly by artists from Jamaica. Her drive there was a pleasant one. She wandered through the galleries filled with the lovely treasures of the past. She views pieces done by several Jamaican artists such as Edna Manley and some others, she felt a sense of relief, after which she visited the Bob Marley Museum, which she found fascinating. She left the Museum feeling at peace,

On her way home, she stopped at Emancipation Park to pass some more time, seeing that the sun was still out in its glory, and the sky above was cloudless. She sat on an old concrete bench inhaling the fresh air, observing the beautiful flowers, each one a delicate bloom and their petals a delicate works of art. Suddenly, one of her old sweet memories came floating to her consciousness. Her wedding was beautiful, It was like a fairy tale. Every woman’s dream. And the icing on the cake was their honeymoon. Approximately twenty minutes later she got up about to head home. Just then someone spoke.

Nina turned around immediately, and right away the colours completely drained from her face. she catches her breath. Her hand instantly went over her mouth in an unthinking reaction. She attempted to say something, but her throat was paralyzed. She tried to sit down as her legs helplessly started to give way underneath her. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “What in God’s…… name… is happening,”

He saw the shock register on her face, what was happening and quickly held onto her arms to keep her from losing her balance, and assisted her in sitting down. Nina was breathing heavily; Not due to heat or fatigue, but the person standing in front of her.

“Are you alright? can I get you something?” he spoke in a deep, baritone voice. She roused herself with on airless effort and managed to say. “I’m ok. Just a bit tired.

“I didn’t mean to startle you, I was only trying to give you back your handkerchief, it fell onto the ground.” He stretched his hand towards her, she smiled, lifted her hands towards him. Thank you.

“I’m Nina Curtis” he shook her hands gently.

“Nice to meet you Ms Curtis, I’m Mike, and don’t worry I’m used to that kind of reaction.” He said jokingly. Nina felt embarrassed over her reaction, she apologizes, while searching the gentleman’s face.

“I’m so sorry Mike.”

“Na na, no need to.”

“He was well built. His shoulders looked broad and strong, beneath his immaculate white t-shirt, his waistline and hips look trim, his hair was shoulder length, black and curly. from his eyes comes an intensity, an honesty, and a gentleness.

His most striking feature was his high cheekbones. As she scrutinizes him thoroughly. The only thing different about him, compared to Michael’s was those big firm muscles, Michael bailey has any and his long shiny hair. Michael has the opposite.

A conversation immediately developed between them and during then, Nina’s phone rang, she took it from her bag, it was from Lisa.

“You need to come to the hospital right away.” she inhaled deeply; her face expression changed suddenly to one of urgency. She looked at Mike regrettably.

“I’m so sorry, but I have to leave. I need to get to the hospital like now.”

She hurried to her car, but when she got there, one of the tires was flat, it needed air. There was no time for that. She looked back in the direction she came from. Mike was still there but sitting down. She hurried towards him. He glanced in her direction and saw her strolling towards him. He stood to his feet instantly and met her partway.

“Are you alright?” he inquired. “No, I’m not, one of my tires is flat.” Before she could say another word, he spoke again.

“Maybe I can be of some help.”

“Sure, I would greatly appreciate it.”

“Ok, let’s get to the car.” As soon as they reached the car and saw it, he knew instantly, it was going to take some time to remove and replace the tire, which Nina doesn’t have.

“I’m sorry Nina but I think it would be much easier if I give you a ride, since you’re in a hurry.”

. Nina quickly without hesitation accepted his assistance.

“Yes, please I’ll be more than grateful?”

Instantly they headed towards his vehicle, on reaching they got in. His driver got into the driver’s seat, while Mike and Nina occupied the back seat. He turned the key in the ignition, clutched the steering wheel, checked the road for clearance and then drove off speedily, Nina glanced out the window as the limousine sped down the busy road.

She reached the hospital in record time, she opened the door and eased herself out of the vehicle, thanked him and hurried towards the entrance. She burst the door and rushed towards the ICU. Lisa met her on her way up.

“Nina slows down, all is well, just take your time. I didn’t mean to alarm you. He is sleeping peacefully now.”

“I thought you said….” Lisa broke in.

“I was frightened. I thought we were going to lose him, after he started seizing and I saw the doctor and nurses ran to his bed and drew the curtains. I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening. I just wanted you to be here just in case.

“I understand your concern Lisa, don’t worry yourself, you haven’t done anything wrong. I would have done the same.” Lisa knew the deep anguish and the profound sorrow that had befallen her friend.

A feeling of compassion and loving friendship washed over Lisa and she reached out to touch Nina’s arm, they both shared a look that was direct, and full of compassion.

“I honestly don’t want anything to happen to either you or Byron.

” Nina reached out and hugged her tightly, “I know, and I’m so grateful for your help, don’t know if I would have made it this far without you.”’ Lisa responded,

“Thank you, my friend, you would’ve done the same for me.

” Few minutes later, Nina consulted with Byron’s doctor. He enlightened her on what took place earlier, and as Byron was sleeping quietly, both ladies decided to go home,

That night as Nina lay there in bed caught in a carousel of thoughts. Every idea, notion and event from her past would replay in her mind, demanding analysis before she could be allowed to fall asleep. It wasn’t until late in the early morning, when she finally experienced a brief silence that brings a soothing calmness to mind, that allows her to drift into a blessed moment of serenity.

Early in the morning she was awakened to bright sunshine bearing down in its glory. She slowly sat up in bed.

“Wonder what time it was?” she said out loud as she turned to look at the clock on the wall. “Wow it’s time to get up and have a shower.” her feet ached with pain as it touched the floor.

She entered the bathroom, removed her night clothes, stepped under the shower and let the warm water flow over her for a few minutes before she shampoos her hair. Minutes later she dressed in blue Jeans and a white t-shirt, combed her hair into a ponytail and headed down to the kitchen.

There she made herself a plate of bacon and eggs with a cup of coffee, after which she reached for the gleaner and as she was skipping through it, She heard a knock on her front door. She hurried to get it.

“Samuel, oh dear, what a nice surprise! Come to take me to lunch?”

Nina hasn’t seen Samuel in over a month. His sudden appearance has caught her by surprise.

“Afraid not this time around sweetie. Have something that needs your urgent attention, but first thing, How are you coping?”

“What can I say I’m alive.”

“Oh sweetie, I tell you to stop worrying, everything is going to be fine. Byron is going to be fine, save your energy. You are going to need it when he gets home, he’s a strong boy, just like his lovely mommy.”

“Ok Sam, what is it you have for me?” Samuel placed the document on a desk in front of Nina. She immediately opened the folder and started reading them but they made no sense to her.

She pushed the papers to the side and leaned back in her seat. Samuel looked at her and asked softly

“Do you want me to explain?”

“Sure, go ahead, you have my full attention.”

“You remember that big Grey and white building further down from that restaurant we had lunch the last time?”

“Yes, what about it?”

“It’s going up for sale, in the next two days it will be on the market.” Nina looked at Samuel quizzically.

“I’ve already made discreet inquiries and learnt that the property was owned by a couple a few blocks from here.

Nina was excited “Do you think I’ll be able to acquire it?”

“Maybe, what do you think of Nina?”

“Honestly, I would love you to check it out for me.?

“Well consider it done. I knew you were thinking of opening a B&B. When I heard about it, I went ahead and spoke with the owners. The cost will be eight million dollars, but you will pay down five million in cash up front. I have already got the paperwork done.” Nina knows she can trust Samuel with anything, if he says it’s a good buy. There’s no need for her to question him. He pushed the documents towards her and she took them.

“It’s only for you to read through and sign?” She went through it and after she had completed reading it and was satisfied, she placed her signature and dated it, then returned it to Samuel.

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