A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 21

Her cell phone rang, she answered, the voice on the other end said. “You need to get to the hospital now. Nina heart sank and she took a deep breath, the cup she had in her hand fell to the ground instantly,

“My God, what is this now. I can’t take another bad news. God, you have to help me, I’m not asking you to raise him from the dead, he’s not yet at that stage. I’m only asking you for a kidney, to extend his little life, please God.”

All filled with mixed emotions she made her way to the doctor’s office, the nurse indicated for her to go right in. She did with a heavy heart, curious as to what’s next.

“Good afternoon doctor,” she muttered out as she entered his office.

“Please have a seat Mrs. Charles. I have some good news for you. We have found a match.”

Nina’s heart throbbed with happiness and radiated through her.

" And if all goes well, we can do the transplant in a few days. There’s no time to delay. His situation has declined tremendously over the past months. We have to make use of every minute we have available.”

Nina was overwhelmed with both joy and tension, but had to hold on to the promise of hope.

“Nothing is impossible with God.”

She pushed away every negative thought and made her way to her son’s room, where he was sleeping. She knelt down right there beside Byron’s bed, she held on tightly to his left hand and held her other hand high up in the air, above her head, thanking God for providing a kidney for her son and praying for God guidance along with a successful surgery. That night for the first time in months she could sleep a little easier.

On the day of the surgery Nina accompanied her son to the operating room. He was administered anesthesia medication and she stayed with him until he fell asleep. When the procedure was ready to begin. She was taken to the waiting room.

After three hours of waiting, Nina felt thirsty. she went to get herself a bottle of water and when she returned. She was informed that the surgery went well, there was no complication and Byron was in ICU resting comfortable. She was filled with countless joy.

She rushed to her son’s bedside immediately. He was sleeping peacefully just as they had told her. She sat down filled with joyful energy, and savored the feeling of contentment, admiring him.

Within a few weeks, Byron was released and sent home. Three months later, one night Nina was awakened from a deep sleep by a harsh ragged breathing sound. she rushed to Byron’s room.

His face flushed deep red; he was in pain. She rushed him to the hospital instantly. A short time later after a quick diagnosis only to be informed that Byron’s body was rejecting the kidney. Dear God, Nina thought as she tried to make sense of what the doctor was saying.

In the middle of the night Nina woke up to a reality she wished never existed. The thought of Byron in the hospital attached to a machine, fighting for his life with every breath he takes was a grim reality but to Nina it was actually her nightmare.

At the hospital, a young woman walked hastily up the narrow corridor. She stopped suddenly, looked behind her then proceeded to the ICU unit. She went over to Byron’s bed and stood looking down at him lying motionless. Few minutes later she placed her hand on his head and passed her fingers slowly through his hair. She then took a stuffed animal from her handbag, placed it beside him, kissed him on the forehead. “You won’t die little one, father will not let that happen. I promised you that. You will live. With that said she turned around and walked slowly towards the entrance, on reaching the door, she exited the room.

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