A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 22

A few days before Byron was released from the hospital. Filled with gratitude Nina requested information on the person who had donated the kidney, she wanted to thank the person personally; but she was denied the information. The person wanted to remain anonymous. She was disappointed but still grateful.

Six months following the surgery, Byron’s new kidney was working perfectly. Due to his speedy recovery, Nina took him to the park, to spend some time, and allow him to mingle with other kids. The air was exceptionally warm, and the beams of sunlight glow beautifully, there was freshly cut green grass, raked up and placed in bags for removal, and the park was well tidy. In the sky, birds could be seen floating in the air, sometimes bearing down on the trees, able to rest their tired wings and grab a bite.

It was absolutely amazing. The children were playing and parents were talking among each other. Nina greeted a few parents close by, then spread out a towel on the ground next to a small group of four women, and sat down. observing Byron playing, with a group of small boys, he had instantly formed friends with. As Nina sat there well attune to Byron, and feeling absolutely amazed. It has been a very long time since she had felt this happy.

A gentle tone broke into her thoughts. “Are you alright.” she turned around in the direction the sound came from. Mike was standing over her. She stands to her feet, “I’m ok, just relaxing. taking in some of this lovely fresh breeze.

“Hope I’m not disturbing you?”

“Not at all, how are you?”

" I’m Good I think”

she looked at him curiously, then inquired

" Are you living around here?

“No, I’m not.”

“I see, so what brought you here this time of day?”

“You, of course.” Nina was lost for words, for a short moment.

“Excuse me?” she was surprised at his response, but a smile played on his face and he immediately said.

“Don’t be alarmed, I’m just kidding; I was in the line of traffic, when I saw you walking towards the park, and thought I would come across and say hi, didn’t mean to intrude, hope you don’t mind?”

“Absolutely not.”

“So, what brought the beautiful lady here this time of day?” She turned her face back towards the direction of her son.

“I ’m here with my son, to relax, and give him the opportunity to mingle with other children.”

“That’s wonderful, which one is he?” A few steps from where she was sitting, a group of four little boys playing excitedly, throwing balls at each other.

“The cute little boy; wearing the green baseball cap.” Immediately she shouts out to him.

“Byron, come here sweetie.” He stopped what he was doing instantly and ran over to her. She said to him,

“Byron, this is Mr. Mike, please say hi to him.” Byron raised his head upward and looked at him, smile and with his soft low voice he happily said,

“Hi Mr. Mike.”

Mike smiles politely, stretched out his hand and with two fingers he pulled down the cap slightly on Byron ’s forehead.

“Hi Byron, nice to meet you too buddy. I saw you playing CATCH. Do you like it?” His face lit up with a lovely smile.

“I caught four balls and Tom only caught two.” Seeing the excitement on his little face and how proud he was of leading the others, Mike felt the right thing to do was to boost his little ego

“Yes Bryon, show them you are a champion.” Byron’s smile grew wider, he released his hand from his mother’s arms and ran back over to join the other boys, with the intention of showing off some more of his winning skill.

“He’s such a sport, is he always that excited?”

“I would say so.?

“He’s a star, take good care of him.”

“Thank you very much, I’ll do my best.”

“Great, I have no doubt you will.” They spoke for another few minutes then Mike decided to leave.

He turned around and walked in the opposite direction. Nina watched him as he walked briskly along the sidewalk, until he was out of sight. She sat back down.

And tried going back to her peaceful thoughts, but it was impossible. Her overactive imagination about Mike has taken over her brain fully. She rested her back against the small palm tree immediately behind her. and tried not to think any more about Mike but she had to.

Who was he? Where exactly is he from? Why in heaven’s name, he has that deep resemblance of Michael?”

Her nerves took over and a tiny shiver crawled up her spine. For the two times they were together he hasn’t shown any sign of recognizing her the least bit. Not once. “Maybe Michael has an identical twin brother I didn’t know about. Or maybe he does recognize me, but pretending because he just doesn’t want to marry to me anymore.” She thought,

“Oh shit, what’s wrong with me, Michael is dead, people resemble people all the time and they are strangers, besides Michael’s right hand was paralyzed, and this man’s hand is perfect. I must be going out of my mind.”

Nina immediately stood up, gathering her things together. She reached for her handbag, grabbed Byron by the hand and walked briskly towards her car. She secured him in his seat at the back and pulled out onto the main road, drumming her thumbs against the steering wheel, as she slowly drove through the heavy traffic.

Soon after she reached home and put Byron in his bed, she got herself a cold bottle of red stripe beer and sipped at it, as she paced the floor nervously. She brought her hand to her forehead, and pushed back a strand of hair that fell down her face. She walked back to the sitting room.

On the wall of her living-room, affixed are framed beautiful pictures of her and Michael’s wedding. She went up close to them, moving from one picture to another slowly jogging her fingers across Michael’s face, while deeply in thought.

“How on earth can two persons have such a deep resemblance to each other, and not be related?” This was puzzling to her; she can’t see how that can be possible.

. Some minutes later she walked onto the veranda, the sun had set and the dust had settled, the air was considerably cooler compared to earlier when she had returned home.

She leaned back in her grandmother’s old rocking chair, the only physical thing she had left from her. She stretched out her feet In Front of her, made herself more comfortable and watched the leaves on the trees waved and dipped gracefully sending some refreshing breeze her way.

felt wonderful against her heated skin. She held her face upward to the coolness and closed her eyes enjoying the moment, the delightful thoughts about Michael. Oh, how she wishes he was there, it’s almost six years, yet it felt like just yesterday they were together, planning their wedding. The look of excitement on his handsome face when she said yes, she would marry him. The thought of that moment transforms her face with a delightful smile.

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