A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 23

It was the end of another busy week. Friday afternoon both ladies put themselves beautifully together and head downstairs. Nina was dressed in an elegant black fitted pants suit that showed off her silhouette, complemented with a pearl necklace and earrings along with a small clutch bag. Samuel was hosting another one of his expensive Charity dinners and they couldn’t wait to get there. When they got into the car a few minutes later Lisa gave a sigh of relief, they were finally on their way.

Upon their arrival they were met at the entrance and directed to their seats at a table set for four occupants. As soon as they sat down Nina glanced around the room and murmured. “Wow this is lovely.”

The ballroom was decorated with delicate ornaments, tables were covered with gold and white linen tablecloths and the chairs were all white. The fragrances of flowers float through the night air, the scent was delicate. Lisa hastily agreed with her and immediately changed the conversation to girl’s chat. She was more interested in hearing all about the mysterious man Nina met a few weeks ago. But as Nina was explaining to her. There wasn’t much information out about him, so she was limited where that was concerned.

Lisa who was sitting with her face towards the entrance, straight away, her face expression changes, it’s like she has just seen a ghost. her eyes widened and her mouth hung open loosely for a brief moment.

“Holy Mary, talking about the devil. This man must be the mysterious gentleman Nina told me about; she’s definitely right, he really does have a deep resemblance of Michael; as a matter of fact; if she asks my opinion, I would say with ninety-nine-point five percent surety, from what I’m seeing, this man is Michael Charles, no questioning.”

Nina, saw her face expression and right away looked in the direction Lisa was staring and seeing Mike her eyebrows raised in an expression of stunned surprise, just then he looked in her direction and their eyes met, instantly a wrinkle appears at the corner of his eyes and his mouth twisted into a wry smile as she watched him being ushered directly towards their table.

“Could he possibly be one of the other occupants for this table.” she whispered.

“From my observation, I think he is.” responded Lisa, this time with a broad smile, exposing her perfectly aligned teeth, and her two cute dimples.

“You seemed exceedingly happy.”

Lisa looked at Nina surprisingly, and sprouted out.

“Uh huh, isn’t this your perfect opportunity to get all the information you can, first hand.?” Nina agreed.

“You’re so right, what was I thinking?”

“Don’t know sweetie but if I were to guess, I would say your brain went for a walk.”

“Oh Lisa,” she said out “Do you think I……”and Lisa cut her off.

“I would have thought so, you should be pleased, nature has brought him straight to you, get all the information you can, even if you have to throw yourself at him. Besides, he’s very cute and you need a lifetime to let the dead stay dead.”

“Really Lisa? I can’t believe you’ve just said that.

" So, what’s wrong with what I’ve said? well, it doesn’t matter, just, bathe in whatever information you can get, I’m going to the restroom” and so said. she stormed out leaving Nina.

As soon as Mike approached the table. He extended his hand towards Nina; she did the same and he greeted her with a kiss on the back of her hand. His face was one of happiness, glowing much like a spring flower freshly opened.

“Hi Nina, nice to see you again, you’re looking lovely,

Thank you, and you are looking handsome yourself.”

Mike sat down immediately, in the seat facing Nina; his eyes filled with admiration.

“I’m surprised to see you.”

“why so?”

“Just didn’t cross my mind I would run into you here.”

“Well, this makes two of us because I wasn’t expecting to see you here either,” said Nina.

“Is that a bad thing or a good thing?” responded Mike

“You tell me, I honestly don’t know.”

“I see.” he muttered, followed with a pleasant smile on his face. He leaned back into his seat, legs folded, eyes fastened directly on Nina, the intensity of his gaze made her uneasy. She turned to look away, just then he spoke.

“How is Byron. doing? I’ve been thinking about him.”

“You have?” Nina asked with a bit of excitement,

“Yes, I have. I would love to get to know him, if you don’t mind” And then, came the announcement for everyone to be seated.

The ballroom was crowded with many guests. And the function was about to get on the way. The host welcomed everyone, gave a short speech, which was promptly followed by the serving of drinks. For a while the both of them sat admiring each other quietly, listening to announcements and sipping their drinks.

Then Mike was the first to speak, breaking the silence. They talked about Current situations, sports, and music. Then finally she asked casually.

“What do you do for a living, Mike?” he hesitated for a moment, then said.

“I’m a businessman. How about you, what do you do, apart from taking care of your son?”

Just saying he’s a businessman doesn’t explain anything, it can be just about anything, from operating a taxi to owning an accounting firm. He avoided her question in a smooth way and it only built up more questions in Nina’s mind. She sighs and decides to change the topic, when he asks.

“How did you and your husband meet?” She looked at him startled. He saw the way she hesitated and quickly added, “Perhaps you would rather not talk about it?”

“No, it’s okay,” responded Nina softly, she was eager to have some kind of conversation with him with the hope of learning some key things about him.

“Seven years ago, I wanted a loan to start my own business, I went to Michael’s bank to get some information on their requirements. I needed to obtain one, he later invited me out to dinner and that’s where everything started.”

“That must have been some dinner.” he responded smiling

“It sure was, Nina threw back smiling.

“So I guess it was love at first sight?”

“I would say for him not me.”

Mike leaned back in his seat, took a sip from his glass. “You married him, did you really love him?

“Not at first but after I have gotten to know him, he has become dear to me.”

“So, was it a good marriage?”

“Nina looked at him curiously. And wonder where all that questions is going. His face looks weary, his dark brown eyes stared at her unemotional as he waited for an answer from her.

“Yes, it was.”

“If my mind serves me right it’s almost four years since the accident, how are you feeling now? Are you ready to move on?”

“Honestly, I still think about him dearly, but not to the extent that if I meet someone I’m drawn to, I would make memories of him get in the way of my happiness. I’m sure Michael would want me to be happy.” On hearing that, he took another sipped of his wine.

“That sounds good, I like that, positive attitude?” A sumptuous meal was served, and they ate in silence.

“This was lovely.” said Nina. He looked up, their eyes met, and he threw her a flirtatious smiled. Approximately fifteen minutes later the music started playing and couples were one by one moving slowly onto the dance floor.

“How about a dance.? “Mike asked as he removed himself from around the table. “Oh no, not tonight, not tonight, it has been a while.”

“Come on, it doesn’t matter.” he insisted. “I won’t let you fall; besides I’m sure you are a good dancer.” Without further hesitation, she got up out of the seat, with his help and together they walked onto the dance floor. Once there he took her gently by the hand and they moved to the beat of the music.

“wow, see you’ve got all the moves.” he said. As they move along with the beats, “you’re just as perfect as everyone else.” His body felt lean and hard, his arms strong and possessive. She felt his warm breath against her neck and suddenly a tiny electric sensation ran down her spine.

She was alarmed. “What was going on?” she thought.” How could she be feeling such sensations in response to a man she doesn’t know much about? A man who was undeniably attractive, mysteriously alluring and dangerously sexy. They danced to several pieces of music before they decided to retire for the night.

After which, Mike offered to drive her home and she accepted his offer. The both of them sat in his black BMW cruising silently towards St. Catherine. All the way he was uncommunicative to her destination and Nina herself was just as hushed. Except when giving directions. Finally, on reaching their destination Mike turned around in the seat to face her and said, “Id like to see you again Nina, will you go out with me tomorrow? She looked at him.

“Yes, I’d like to go out with you.”

“Good, I’m glad.” He said, his deep baritone voice full of warmth.

“How about tomorrow?” she took a deep breath and hesitated.

“If that’s not a good time, feel free to say so, we can do so another time.” He said,

“I can’t, I promised to meet up with a friend and it wouldn’t be nice to disappoint him.”

“I understand. Unfortunately, I’m busy on Sunday.”

“So am I.”

“I hope you’re free on Friday.”

“Oh sure, Friday will be fine.”

“Good,” he responded; his eyes sparkled and his deep voice full of warmth. Over the next several days they visited Dunn’s River Falls, The Shaw Park Gardens & Waterfalls and the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary. They seemed to have a lot in common.

The day came to a close, their car puffed as the street became clogged with lines of clamoring motorists. and that night he drove her home. He stood for a while outside her door, as if reluctant to leave.

“You must be tired; you’d better get some rest.”

“Thank you,” They both bid each other good night and he left.

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