A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 24

At approximately seven o’clock Mike drove up to Nina’s apartment. She was ready and waiting patiently. She went out immediately after he announced his arrival. She got into the vehicle. The cloudless sky above them shimmered with fresh air, as they sped along the open road. Minutes after they arrived at the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club in Kingston, she spotted the yacht instantly

“The Oasis” From the look of the Oasis; Nina surmised it could easily measure at least sixty feet as she keenly skimmed it appraisingly from bow to stem, she gazed admiringly at the cruisers sleek, clean quietly and was amazed at its magnificence.;

It was a perfect day for a boat ride. Mike glanced at her. His face relaxed, but she could still see the faint outlines of wrinkles around his eyes. She held onto his hand as they climbed onto the boat.

She found a spot-on deck where they sat down. She stretched out her slender legs comfortably in front of her. “Together we can view the expanse of the blue waters that stretch out in every direction to the horizon”. She thought.

Approximately at 8 o’clock the boat got on the way. It wheezed and spluttered out of the harbor. Nina sat down looking at her, excitement mounting as she views the beautiful ocean stretched out in front of her, it looks cool and inviting. And Just breathing in the fresh air and exploring the sea was thrilling. She stared in silence at the lovely salty, formless body of waters as Kingston receded in the distance.

Less than an hour later the boat came to a stop, Mike held Nina by the hand and the both of them exited the boat. They strolled through the streets of Montego Bay, ending up at the craft and cultural village on Harbor Street, where they were greeted warmly, by the many vendors their waiting to sell an item.

Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica, it is located in the parish of St. James. Very beautiful place, unspoiled by tourists. It is a popular tourist’s destination. It features duty-free shopping, cruise line terminal, several white-sand beaches and resorts. Montego Bay looked ridiculously beautiful. The ocean has a dazzling blue that sparkled in the present of the sunlight that encircled the beautiful city. It is serene, idyllic, picturesque, scenic, great destination for the romantic at heart.

They visited the Martha Brae River, and spent time Rafting, before they returned to the boat.

. Hours later when they returned to the boat. The sun was still out. Its rays cascade onto the world, bringing the beautiful picturesque scenery into view. They stood for sometimes and stared in silence at the lovely blue waters that stretched out in front of them. Finally, they boarded the boat and headed back to Kingston. The whole view was breathtakingly beautiful, the gentle wind billowed, the deck warmed in the afternoon light, and the fresh air felt good beating against their faces. It was the most relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Filled with curiosity, as soon as the boat dock. She asked.

“Where to next?” as she eagerly anticipated Mike’s response, after a few minutes he calmly said.

“I thought it would be great for us to go by Fort Charles.” Nina looked at him quizzically.

“Don’t you want to go?” he asked.

“Of course, I would love to go. Our history is important, it’s what helps to shape us as a country and I always believed that if we don’t know where we are coming from, we sure won’t know where we are going.

Mike tapped his hands lightly, “I absolutely agree with you.”

Port Royal, is a village founded in 1518 by the Spanish. It was once the largest city in the Caribbean, functioning as the centre of shipping and commerce in the latter half of the 17th century. It was called the richest and wickedest city in the world, now Port Royal is the quietest and safest place in the country.

She took up her hand bag. Mike led the path. They spent roughly half an hour touring the place. Then once again they got on their way to their final destination for the evening.

The streets leading to the house were shaded and lined with preserved old homes. The village was of great enthusiasm for architecture. Every building was different, borrowing a little piece from another era. It made the place as glorious as a beloved grandmother’s quilt, with every patch unique and eye -catching as the one before. After trotting through Narrow Street and numerous vendors lining the path.

Mike’s house eventually converged majestically; it looks like it was cut out from one of this Architectural Magazine. The brick-blue tiled roof looked new and neat in their rows. The windows were large, they allowed the sun to stream in like a flamboyant guest, the front door she observed was big and made from metal and glass, it’s beautiful she exclaimed as she looked around in amazement.

Mike’s mouth twisted into a pleasant smile, he opened the door, “I’m flattered, be my guest please come in and enjoy your examination.” The entrance was opened into a large living area that expanded into a dining room and huge kitchen. They were completed with high beamed ceilings, big glass doors and modern furniture. Lovely vases of flowers, placed neatly around the room, on the walls were huge paintings done by famous artists.

“This is impressive.” she shouted out with excitement. “How long have you been living here?”

“Not exactly sure, but I would say about two years, why?” If he’s been here only two years, where was he living all along? She thought.

“Nothing really, just curious.”

“Perhaps you’d care for a drink?

“That would be great,” she murmured, still fascinated by the settings and puzzled as to who Mike truly was. Then out of nowhere, an elderly gentleman appeared at the doorway leading from the kitchen. The gentleman held his head high, As if in respect to his employer. He was tall, slim built, with a thin face and very short salt and pepper hair, combed back behind him and neatly attired in his long black pants and long sleeves white shirt,

“Hello John,” Mike said to the gentleman, who continued to poised in the doorway. “This is Ms. Nina, a friend of mine, could you show her to a room, please, where she can rest for a while?”

’I thought you might want to freshen up a bit before dinner is served, and don’t worry. A wardrobe of clothes is there, different sizes, colours and style. you may choose whatever you please. She looked at him very much surprised, at what she had just learnt. “Who the hell is this man? What is he operating here? Is he a pimp? And I’m being recruited as one of his newly prostitutes?”

“Yes, I would love to.” Nina agreed.

She then followed John up the curving staircase. He opened the door to a bedroom and Nina stepped inside. The room had a queen size bed neatly made, and beautiful murals on the wall, hand painted by someone who knew exactly what he was doing. There was a huge closet, filled with the most expensive name brand clothes, shoes and handbags to match any outfit. The man had style. She inspected the room. Keenly.

On the night table were several pictures of whom she quickly assumed were Mike family members. One of the photos of a little boy not more than around six months old, on the back was written, my precious prince. It signed love you forever. She placed it back in its position and wandered about the room for several minutes, admiring the furniture. They were lovely antique pieces and from the looks of things they were expensive.

On a side table was a Tiffany glass lamp, worth a fortune. There was also a Ming Vase. Seeing that only made her more curious and left her wondering, what was the real reason for him taking her there.

She located the bathroom and took a shower, as he had said anything she needed, would be there. He wasn’t exaggerating. It was purely fact. She brushed her hair, got dressed and upon completion, she walked downstairs. Mike was sitting on the patio drinking a beer, and she stepped out and joined him.

“Wow, there you are,” he greeted her as he stood on his feet.

“Did you find your room satisfactory?” His brow lifted slightly as he gazed at her seemingly unconcerned.

“Yes, I have,” Nina responded, then said.

“I’m glad I came; you’re quite a collector. I’ve been admiring those expensive pieces in the room.”

“They are beautiful, aren’t they? Majority of those things belong to my grandmother. They were handed down to me. I’m glad you like them.”

“They are very beautiful.” Nina said softly.

“How about a drink now?” he asked.

“Sure, she said softly.”

“What would you like?”

“I think something cold and non-alcoholic.” John appeared suddenly, and Mike said briefly, ``two glasses of lemonade, and we will have dinner immediately following.”

After they had completed dinner, which consisted of. A three-course meal. Nina had decided to spend the night upon the request of Mike. Besides she was exhausted from the day’s activities, she was also sure he was too and it would be inconsiderate of her to ask him to take her home. He walked her to the room she was taken to earlier.

I’m glad you accepted my invitation; I had a great time.”

“Thank you I had a great time myself as well.” With that said he bid her goodnight and left for his room. As Nina was feeling extremely tired, she changed into something comfortable, went on lay down and immediately she fell asleep.

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