A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 26

Another month went by. Nina was preparing herself breakfast, when she heard a knock on the front door. She enquired who it was and the person responded’

“Please open the door.”

Nina instantly recognized the familiar voice.

“Holy shit, how did he find me?” she whispered. “Go away, I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Nina stops wasting our time, I’m not leaving here until you hear me out, even If I have to sleep out here.

“Well, that’s your problem not mind, I didn’t invite you here and you’re sure not welcome, so please leave.”

“Sorry to burst your bubbles, but I’m not leaving here until you hear me out.”

“we’ll see, it’s your decision.”

Half an hour passed, no sound. Nina looked through the peephole, he was still out-front sitting on the bonnet of his car, drinking a beer. She went back to continue what she was doing. Hoping he would finally give up and leave.

Another hour passed, she checked to see if he was still there. There was no sign of either him or his car. Nina breathes a sigh of relief. She has a dentist appointment that afternoon, and she can’t afford to miss it. She hurried to the bathroom, got dressed and headed towards the door. On reaching, she stopped, listened tentatively. It was total silence. She cracked the door opened, and immediately, Michael stepped inside.

She took one look at Michael and stepped backward; her face became pale. And below her feet, the floor gave way. She lost her balance, fainted and stumbled forward. Michael grabbed her around the waist to prevent her from falling to the ground.

Minutes later she regained consciousness. When she opened her eyes, she was laying down on her bed, and Michael was sitting on the edge beside her. She rubbed her eyes as she scanned the room in confusion. Had she dreamt it all? Is Michael really there? She turned her face towards him and he took her hands in his.

“You’re here she breathed, It wasn’t a dream?” Her face showing signs of confusion.

“Yes Nina, it’s me, I’m right here”.

“What happened to me, why am I in bed?”

“You fainted.”

“I did?”

“Yes dear.”

She couldn’t help but notice. How handsome he was looking just as the day he proposed to her. she touched his face tentatively. A smile circles the corner of his mouth. It was one that was worth a million dollars. He went closer and kissed her warmly on her neck then whispered in her ears. I’m here perfectly alive darling and you have no choice whether I stay or leave.

Suddenly, as if something struck her. She turned her face away from him. Her thoughts stepped in.

“How can you trust this man? Remember what he did? You can’t accept him back into your life.”

Confused, she searched her heart desperately for an answer, but all she could think about was the pain he had put her through, for the past three years. Before she could respond, Michael leaned down, bringing his head within inches of her face.

“Shall I tell you a story?”

She stared at him, took a long slow breath, and then said.

“On one condition only.”

“What’s that.?” he enquired.

She used a tentative finger to gently trace the outline of his chin.

“Promise me, that after I hear you out, you will leave and never try to see either me or Byron again. As long as we are alive.”

Disappointed, he arched his brow and said.

“Ok, since this is what you truly want. I won’t bother to waste any more of your precious time. Got to go, take care of yourself and the little one, good bye.”

With that said he got up from off the bed and walked swiftly through the door, without looking back not once.

Nina turned to look at him, and as he walked towards the door, the tears fell down from her eyes. She can’t deny the fact that she still loved him deeply. Swamped with fierce and overpowering feelings. She very much wanted to be with him, but the hurt was too much. when she looked at him, and thought of how inconsiderate he was, what he had put her through, the anguish, it’s too hard. She pounded her fist against the pillow in frustration. What Michael did just doesn’t make any sense at all. “why?” she groaned as she lay there buried in her grief.

The past couple of days has been a whirlwind of regrets for her. Burden with grief, she sighed wearily. She can’t continue this way. She has to do something. Next day with the hope of relieving herself of the burden she was carrying, Nina got dressed and headed out the door. She climbed into her car and sped off down the road. Soon after, she drove up in front of Lisa’s house.

“I was just about to call you.” Lisa said excitedly.

“Come sit here.” She poured two glasses of wine and handed Nina one, filled with excitement she continued.

“You need to hear this girl.”

“Hear what Lisa?” Nina, asked.

“About Michael.”

“Stop right there, please, I’m not interested, I think I’ve had enough of him”.

“Girl, you are going to want to hear this one.”

“Lisa I honestly don’t want to hear anything concerning Michael. I’ve had enough, I’m trying to clear my mind, not here to burden it.”

“Take it from me Nina, you will want to hear what I have to say.”

“I doubt it Lisa, just forget it please.”

“But Nina, this is something, I think you will want to hear.”

“Didn’t you hear what I said Lisa?”

After almost twenty minutes of refusing to listen. Nina finally had no choice but to hear her out. When Lisa disclosed the information, she had Michael. Nina tried to ignore the sudden rush of blood circulating through her veins. As she listened keenly, her heart thudded painfully in her chest, reminding her of her last contact with Michael and her final words.

“Are you sure, all that you’ve said is correct?”

“For all these years, we’ve been friends, have you ever heard me spreading rumors?”

” I’m afraid not, but that doesn’t say it won’t ever happen.”

“I’m sure of my information, I got it from a good source.” Nina seemed all unconcerned.

Lisa looked at her, she thought Nina would be jumping for joy but instead, her reaction was more the opposite.

“Nina, What’s the matter? didn’t you hear what I’ve said? Don’t just sit there, get up and……...”

Nina held her hand up to silence her.

“I’m in shock right now. Lisa. I think I need some time to ……to think.” She placed the wine glass on the coffee table beside her. Got to her feet and headed towards the door.

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