A Touch of Passion

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chapter 30

We were approximately ten minutes into the flight, when the plane developed engine problems. The pilot became concerned and made the decision to crash land, but before he could. The airplane had gotten out of control, it began to sway, we felt as though we were riding on a roller coaster. we were so low heading into the mountain and there was no time to avoid crashing into it. Within seconds there was a clash, and the plane tore into the side of the mountain, ripping apart the scattering chunks of the burning body and wings of the plane.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying some feet away in a ditch. When I realized I was still alive, I sat up, feeling dizzy. My body felt as if it was about to crumble, my head throbbing. I was feeling unbearable pain, every muscle in my body aching, I looked around at what was left of the wreckage, everyone was dead. Stiffen with pain. There wasn’t much I could do, I closed my eyes in agony, finding it hard to think clearly. I observed the flames were getting higher. I had to get away. Just moments later there was an explosion. I could see plumes of black Grey smoke explode into the island of the trees.

I made my way through the high wooded area in agony feeling and staggering down the mountain side in the smog of the sun. It was some hours later I came upon a cabin, where I sought help. I must have fallen unconscious, because when I woke up months later, I was in the hospital, had no recollection.

John received an anonymous call that I was not dead. He was to go to Andrews Memorial Hospital; there he will find me in Ward 3A. He did as was instructed and immediately he recognized me, but I did not. He consulted with the doctor and he was told that I was suffering from Amnesia. He took me home after I was discharged in his care. For a long time, it was chaos in my head.

I couldn’t recall who I was, How I got in the hospital, I didn’t even know my own name. It was extremely hard for me in the first year, to just sit at home watching my life wasting away daily, with no idea of things ever changing in the future.

“Michael, I don’t understand, John knew where to find me, even though I didn’t know him then, so why didn’t he contact me when he found you?”

“He had decided to let me stay dead. Seeing that you’ve accepted my death and you seemed to have been coping perfectly. Instead of building up your hopes and then possibly put you through hell another time, he thought this would be best.”

“I understand his concern but he should have given me the opportunity to make that critical decision, that was my choice to decide. However, I’m still grateful and owe him my gratitude.”

“So, do I my love, when he found out you were pregnant, he made it his business to keep a close check of you and the baby.

. He visited you in the hospital, when you gave birth to Byron, showed me a picture of the both of you, hoping to drag my memory, but nothing.

“That man cares so much for you.

“I know, and honey, I would have done almost anything to have my life back. That day when you opened the door and I looked at you. It was one of the happiest moments of my life, I was all ready to fill you in, but then you asked me to make you a promise, I knew I couldn’t, the only thing I could do was to give you some space, which I dreaded.”

“Oh my God Michael, that must have been very tough, you have been suffering all this time, going through all that pain by yourself? I’m so sorry, I don’t know how you did it, I’m sure I couldn’t.”

“Yes, honey in the shadows for months, couldn’t think straight, it was an awful experience, I was on the verge of giving up. Then finally one day I thought to myself there must be something out there that can help to jog my memory. I got up one morning and decided I was going to go out into the town. I told John and immediately he agreed. A few minutes later I was seated in the passenger seat of my car heading for the street of Kingston.

Haven’t been on the road for a while, but somewhat I was not surprised by the noisy, bustling street, and the poignant succession of ruins of buildings appeared all around. My driver, knowing quite well my situation and wanted to help, pointed to a building and said, “That’s the ‘Ward Theatre’ I said immediately, It’s the largest and most historic theatre in the English-speaking Caribbean. He looked at me in the rear-view mirror approvingly and smiled.

Then as he was passing another historic building, I said “Devon House.” Then our next stop was ‘Emancipation Park’, he had dropped me off and went to park the motor vehicle, then as I was walking towards the bench when I saw you turned and your handkerchief fell. when I tried to return it, and you turned around, the impression I saw on your face tells me instantly, you recognized me, and possibly you could be a friend as well as an enemy, but somehow, I had to remain calm, no telling the type of person you were.”

“Michael, really?”

“Nina darling, you can’t blame me for being cautious. You could very well be a kidnapper, who knows, looks are sometimes deceiving, and I’m such a handsome dude.” he said, placing small kisses all over her face.

“Honey I truly can’t believe you’ve just said that.”

He puts a figure to her lips, “should I finish what I started?” They were beaming at each other.

“Why don’t I need to hear the complete story.” He gave her another on the lips and continued.

’The evening when I got home all filled with excitement, I told John what happened, and he was ecstatic of my new development. He asked me to describe you and apprise him of exactly what took place, which I was more than happy to do.

That night I went to my bed hoping that my experience with you would bring back some kind of memory but nothing. The following morning, eager to recollect. I got dressed and this time I drove back to the park myself. I spend the entire day sitting on the bench and looking everywhere hoping to see you.

I believed that, if I were to see you another time and talk with you, it might just trigger my memory. I knew it was a long shot but I was desperate. Besides, I could feel there was something special about you. And anything to make me recall would be good.

You didn’t show up, and I went home feeling disappointed. Drank myself to sleep that night.

I was awakened at approximately 2 A. M. I sat up in the bed, then suddenly a voice in my head spoke. It was like a floodgate burst opened. Several brightly lighted scenes suddenly poured into my head, a recollection of several past events.

We were at our wedding; I could see your beautiful face smiling at me. My next image was of us on our honeymoon. The day when you took me to the airport. Then finally that terrible plane crash, which threw me off balance, and had me suffering all this time.

“Oh Michael,” Nina said slowly, “All these years, you’ve been going through hell, and I thought……..” He reached out his hand and touched her face gently.

“So, did you, darling.”

“He drew her closer to him, I’m truly sorry for everything you’ve gone through, I promise, I’ll make it up to you my dear.” He kissed her hand and released them.

“Don’t worry honey, it wasn’t any fault of ours.”

They were laying down quietly on the bed. when he whispered her name lovingly,

She gazed at him filled with affection and smiled with compassion, he breathed softly as his long awaiting mouth immediately overshadowed hers. Locked tight together, she passed her hand slowly down his back followed down to his butt, then around to his manhood she held onto it and squeezed lightly. He closed his eyes and groaned “Ooooh”, at the delightfulness of her touch. Nina felt herself frenzy as a wave of desire passed over her.

“Michael.” she whispered as he kissed her face all over passionately.” Please” she groans excitingly. She felt the touch of his hand lightly, painfully teasing and exquisitely sensitive, as it travelled down her body.

He pulled her closer to him and moved urgently over her. He gently parted her legs, searching for her most vulnerable spots. Nina couldn’t never control her emotions against him, not even if she wanted desperately to. she held onto him tightly as he slowly entered into her. He then pleasures himself in her delicious softness.

She clung to him even tighter pulling him closer as the feel of his body felt firm rubbing against hers and working gently inside. His arm is strong and possessive, as their bodies move together wonderfully. The feel of his breath against her ears, sent a tingling sensation down her spine, forcing her to give out a long happy sound. Once again, the miracle of love had appeared back into her life, so powerful and complete, that it engulfs her in its intensity.

After which they lay in each other’s arms, quietly relaxing, she felt peaceful and happy as she snuggled against him and slept. When she awoke the next morning, Michael was right there beside her. It wasn’t a dream. She rolled over on her side and kissed him softly on the chin. Last night brought back sweet memories to her. She remembered the first time he made love to her, it was amazing and last night she felt the same


“Yes honey.”

“Can you believe that after all this time, the first person we became attracted to are each other? This has to be a sign.” She turned around to face him smiling, he looked at her with a brief grin and pulled her closer to him, she lay in his arms silently for a while then she spoke.

“Babe, I don’t understand. Why did you not tell me about John after we were married?”

“Honey, I wanted to but John wanted to remain in secret”

“Why, Michael?”

“John is like a second father to me, he has been in the family before I was born, I’m like a son to him. When my parents passed away, we had only each other. I guess he had his reason, so I didn’t question him. I had to respect his wish.”

“Maybe he didn’t trust me?”

“Honey I don’t know about them but now, I can tell you , he loves down to the ground you walk on.”

“He’s a good man, Michael. I think his reason was making sure you were safe. Thinking back, I remembered seeing him at our wedding. He was sitting all the way at the back of the church, looking all unconcerned but I guess that was his way of not drawing attention to himself.”

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