A Touch of Passion

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Nina’s parents were a middle class family. They lived in a rural area where values and attitudes played an important role in their daily lives.

Michael on the other hand was born in a wealthy family, and had everything to fill his needs.

Dr. Phillips’s wife was unable to conceive a child and she needed a family badly, and after many disappointments she had encouraged her husband to make one which he agreed to do. Soon after she started searching for persons to accommodate their wishes.

Weeks later Nina had an accident and was transported to the hospital where Dr. Phillips and his wife, a nurse, were working at the time. The moment the wife saw Nina immediately she decided Nina would be the one to carry her child. Michael showed up a week later for his appointment and the rest is history.

It was a beautiful evening with dark clouds engulfing the sky and the hue of the setting sun spread out on the horizon. A gentle breeze was blowing and everyone was in high spirits.

Nina looked at the gathering. There were over two hundred people, family members, good friends, business associates and co-workers, all celebrating Nina and Michael’s family reunion and new addition. They have so many things to catch up on. Everyone was elated and this goes with the saying.

“After a storm, there is calm.”

Filled with excitement and coming together in that way, was just the beginning of what was to come. Nina, overwhelmed with happiness, looked at her husband and whispered.

“This is unbelievable honey.” He took a drink from his glass, and exhaled.

“Darling, I’m so elated I don’t know what to say.”’

“Let us just cement it in slowly, honey and have fun. This is our happy time after the storm.” Nina then gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“Totally agree with you darling.” Michael agreed.

Laura was hanging out in the garden when John approached her.

“Hello, Laura, how are you doing? Would you like another drink?

“No, thank you John, but I would love your company, we need to talk.”

“What would you like to talk about?” She smiled, took a sip from her glass. Seriously, I would think everything that took place.”

“I thought you didn’t want to talk about it.”

“Not at first but I’m curious.”

“Ok, where do we start?”

“At the beginning I would imagine.”

John smiled at Laura and asked “So, what made you do it Laura?” Her response was quick. It was as if she knew he was going to ask.

“Phillips lied to me about my biological parents and when I found out that Michael was my father. He sent someone to kill him and when it didn’t work out, he sabotaged his plane.

“Are you saying that Mr. Phillips was the one responsible for the attack on Michael, that night he was wounded and almost died? I thought it was all about robbery.”

“No, it wasn’t, that was Phillips doing, and it didn’t stop there. That morning, at the airport, I went to use the restroom. I only felt it when something hit me on the back of my head. I woke up some minutes later and the plane was gone. I immediately knew that my father was up to no good again. Later I found out the plane had developed an engine problem. I assumed it would go down in the area it did, so I made arrangements to have men there, just in case and it worked out. They informed me shortly after the crash that they found Michael and I had him taken here and you know the rest.

“ I don’t understand, what was his reason for wanting to get rid of Michael?”

“It’s simple, he didn’t want Michael to know about me, because his little secret would come to light and there was no way in hell, he was going to let that happen. His reputation means the world to him.

I’m glad you did contact me, but how did you know about me? Not even Mrs. Charles didn’t know I existed.”

“My so-called father recorded everything about you since you’ve been with the family. I guess he thought you would come in handy one day, and he was absolutely right in his sick mind.”

“You know he did some good things though?”

“Yes, but it doesn’t cover for the bad things he did. Now tell me exactly what happened when you went to the hospital, did he recognize you?

“No, he didn’t but he wanted to know why his chauffeur wasn’t the one there to pick him up.”

“Well, I guess where he was heading, it didn’t matter at all who drove him, because he wouldn’t be returning. Now tell me what happened from the moment you picked him up”

“After he was released. We walked out together, I put his bag in the backseat, helped him into the front passenger seat. I then got into the driver’s seat beside him. I put the car in gear and started to drive. minutes after I drove passed his turn-off, he asked

“Where are we going? My house is in the opposite direction.” I took a deep breath and told him, you were waiting on him at a restaurant, 10 minutes’ drive away,

I’m not sure if he had believed me or if he thought I had kidnapped him, because he turned and glanced at me. I asked him if he was ok but he didn’t respond. I ease up off the gas for about two minutes. Then pressed down, then another few minutes, I pressed again, harder, the car starting to move faster along, cutting the corner narrowly.

“Slow down,” he said, “You’re going too fast. At this speed you’re going to cause an accident and ...........”

“I pressed some more gas, he turned and stared at me horrified.”

“What are you doing? Slow down. You’ll kill us both.”

“I almost felt sorry for him, but then I remembered what he did to Michael. I pressed down a little more on the gas.”

“Stop the car.” he screamed. He tried to wrestle the steering from me but it wasn’t possible.

“I’ ll give you anything you want, just name it.” He shouted. “Just stop the car.”

I turned the car towards a blind curve, cracked my door and jumped out and rolled towards the bank. When I finally hold my head up. The car was going over the steep cliff, it tumbled over and over until it reached the bottom. Then there was a big explosion, followed by total silence.

Laura was extremely quiet for a good length of time. John knew she was thinking deeply about something, he was curious as to what she could possibly be thinking about, then finally a smile tugged on the edge of her lips, and she spoke. “Thank you, John. I’ll be joining the others now, want to accompany me?” John said yes and the both of them held hands and walked together back inside.

The End

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