A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 4

The summer sun beats upon Nina’s back relentlessly, forcing beads of sweats down her forehead. She strolled through the park, enjoying the fresh breeze. It helped lighten the heavy burden she was carrying of not being able to obtain a loan. How was she going to succeed in turning her dreams to reality, if everything she tried turned out to be disappointment?

She felt tired, and the blazing heat from the sun felt like a ball of fire striking down. It was no longer gently warming her body but burning her unprotected skin in minutes. She sighed and wiped sweat from her forehead, quickening her pace. She should have gone for a swim instead of taking a walk. As she walked, she thought about how wonderful it would be to achieve success.

When she got home, she poured herself a long glass of lemonade, turned on the fan at high speed and sat down on the couch. In that instant her phone rang.

Samuel Maxwell was calling, even though he had left, he still keeps in touch with her regularly.

She answered the phone and gently said,

“Hello Samuel”

“How are you doing my dear?” he asked.

“Not too wonderful.” she said

“What’s bothering you?” he could sense immediately, that something was bothering her. she responded.

“I have been trying to obtain a loan to start the business but I haven’t had much success.”

“So sorry my dear, it’s not easy to obtain one these days without much collateral.”

“I’m beginning to understand that pretty well Samuel. it’s hard but still I can’t give up just yet.”

“I know sweetie, I really do miss your company though, why don’t you come and see me this weekend so we can catch up but that is, if you are not too busy?”

“Sure, I’ll be happy to.” said Nina.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you, until then take care.” responded Samuel.

“See you soon, Samuel.”

The conversation ended and they both hung up their phone.

Nina spent the remainder of the afternoon in her room reading a romance novel, and at times she would stop at a certain scene and imagine herself being out some place romantically involved. With one of the most handsome attractive bachelors in the universe. Having the time of her life, making hot passionate love.

She craved the love of a man. It’s about time she got someone to call her own. There’s no denying that Mr. Charles was a very attractive man. His dark skin and looks were intriguing and compelling but she can’t help but wonder about the string of broken hearts he had left behind daily. She has no intention of joining them.

Michael’s too much of a handsome soul not to be changing women frequently. From her instincts he seemed a little bit too much of a charmer, he strikes her as the type of man who changes women faster than how he changes his underpants.

While she was still caught up in her thoughts, she must have fallen asleep because a few hours later. When she opened her eyes, the night had fallen and the stars were already shining brightly in the sky. She could feel the cool fresh breeze coming in through the opened French windows.

She was in the bed lying down on her side and the book was wide open beside her. She closed it, stretched and pulled herself slowly from off the bed and made her way to the kitchen. There she prepared herself something to eat, after which she took a warm shower and returned to her empty soft cosy bed.

That night the shadow came back. She thought she had expelled them years ago. It all started shortly after she was released from the hospital. The night visitors would come regularly, images floating around in the air and voices echoing in her ears. She would be awakened, her heart racing, but there would be nothing there.

She kept everything to herself, afraid to tell her mother. She would be quick to assume something was wrong with her mentally. Which could result in her mother doing something foolish, like placing her into a mental facility. With that in mind she had determined that her night visitors would be her little secret until she found a way to get rid of them permanently.

She lay back against the pillow and wrapped the sheet tightly around her body. It was only a dream she reminded herself. For sometimes, the images continued to haunt her, she desperately wanted it to stop but it continued lingering on her mind for a while, until finally she fell asleep.

Eight o’clock in the morning, with a groan Nina slid out of bed. She felt the soft warmth of the carpet under her feet as she lurched over to the bathroom, minutes later she made herself something to eat and got on her way to the beach. It was a beautiful day and she didn’t want to spend it worrying about anything. It was a lovely morning for a swim. She had the perfect plan and she was not going to let anything ruin it.

The sun was already out and her spirit’s continued to soar. She had gotten up early and packed, she put on a two-piece bath suit and over it she pulled on a t-shirt and shorts for her trip. The beach was only twenty minutes’ drive away from her home, so she got into her car and drove off.

Nina scouted the beach with her eyes, and found a quiet spot where she could sit out of the way of the busy activities taking place there. She spread out a huge towel, placed her belongings on it, sat down and stretched her legs comfortably in front of her, inhaling the fresh air, and the warm sea breeze felt wonderful bouncing against her lovely face.

Her eyes moved from sand to rocks as she observed the salty waves beating against the large rocks with vengeance. If only those rocks could talk, they would scream like hell. Just then she turned toward the opposite direction, her face caught a figure walking hurriedly towards her.

“What’s in God’s name was he doing here?” she thought Michael Charles was walking swiftly towards her, like happy leaves floating upon a river. On reaching her he stood over her looking down now smiling. Immediately she felt a sense of uneasiness that she had felt in his presence once at their encounters. Suddenly her body shivered for a few seconds.

“Are you cold?” He spoke as one with genuine concern.

“I’m fine thank you,” she answered softly,

“As you can see, I’m just relaxing and enjoying this peaceful atmosphere.” He raised his eyebrows at her rudeness, and scarred one arched upward, and the corner of his mouth twitched mockingly.

“I apologize for my intrusion.” she jumped to her feet, feeling embarrassed.

“Please don’t.” she said awkwardly. “I didn’t mean to sound so unkind. I’m not that type of person.”

“From my recollection I would have thought so.” Nina looked away from him feeling awkward.

“I didn’t follow you here Nina.” He said gently.

“This is one of my favourite places, when I want to be alone. It’s soothing and relaxing here as I’m sure you have recognized that.”

She didn’t respond, she just stood staring out at the distance, she could feel those dark brown eyes of his scrutinizing her all over and for some insane reason she stooped down and started collecting her things together.

“Well Mr. Charles I think it’s time for me to leave, it’s all yours”

She attempted to walk but he held onto her arm. She looked at him wonderingly.

“You don’t need to.” he said in a soft, gentle tone. “I’m the one intruding, I will be the one to leave, enjoy your stay. I’ll see you around.” In a flash he was gone.

Nina unpacked her things once again and lay down on her side looking out at sea. Curious as to whether Mr. Charles had deliberately followed her there or was it just purely coincidence, but how could he have known she would be there? She turned in the direction of Mr. Charles and stared at him in the distance until his body slowly disappeared in the beach crowd.

Once again, she was alone enjoying the beautiful weather. The morning was filled with the sweetness of tropical fragrances, she rested her head down on the towel, the soft breeze felt wonderful as it beat against her body, she turned her face towards the welcoming coolness and closed her eyes.

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