A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 6

It was pleasantly cool as the wind passed through her soft brown caramel hair, and from the surrounded greenery. The scent of the different flowers filled her nostrils as it flowed through the air.

“I don’t want to be here Michael, and I definitely don’t relish the idea of being insulted let alone in this crowded garden with you.”

“What do you think is going to happen? What kind of man do you think I am?”

“I’m afraid, when it comes to a man like you, I’m a bit confused as to who or what you are.”

His hand suddenly freed hers, and just for an instant Nina could have sworn she saw a flicker of pain in those cute dark brown eyes of his. Moments following, he held onto her arms and pulled her close to him.

“You might not relish the idea of being here with me but I just want very badly to kiss those lovely full lips of yours.” he murmured as his lips sort hers in a gentle but desperate way. For a few seconds Nina responded unconsciously, but then her senses returned and she instantly pulled away.

“How dare you!” she said. Her teeth pressed tightly together.

He seemed to be most amused by Nina’s outrage. He just looked at her, lifted his brow and smiled. His reaction only made her anger aroused more. She puts her hand over her mouth trying to quell her emotions, and in a calmer tone she said.

“Goodbye Mr. Charles. It’s a pity I can’t say it was good to be here.” He moved towards her but she flinched.

” Don’t you dare!” she shouted fiercely. She then turned and walked in the direction towards her car. There she slipped into the driver’s seat, she put the car in reverse, pulled out of the parking space and drove off, leaving a trail of dust behind. She drove quietly home, feeling completely disappointed after being let down a second time by the same individual.

She couldn’t help but smile though. The man is so damnably attractive. And he seemed to be a very good kisser as well. If she didn’t know her worth, she would be all over him at his first word.

Later in the evening, freshly showered and changed. Nina lay on her back with her arm behind her head staring at the ceiling, going over in her head, every instant of time that had elapsed since she was with Michael and had listened to his unorthodox request. She stirred restlessly in her bed and peered into the darkness of her room. The light from outside cast a soft glow but she lay in the dark and wondered fleetingly, if she had made the right decision to not accept Mr. Charles’ proposal.

Back home, Michael was lying down staring at the ceiling. Deep in thoughts about that day when Nina walked into his office. She had since that day made a great impression on him but there was also something about her, deeply familiar, which he couldn’t seem to get out of his head.

There was this nagging feeling. It felt as if he had met her before, but he just couldn’t recall where, when, and how? But it doesn’t matter anyway. The past is the past, now is the present and he wants her. He turned to face the opened window and thought about it. He gazed upon the stars which filled the sky with speckles of light.

A night-light on the bedside table, glowed faintly in the dim and shadowy room. There was complete silence except for the muffled whirring of the ceiling fan. For the first time in all his life, he has felt such insurmountable love for someone. And it was frightening. He has fallen terribly in love with Nina and he has fallen very hard. Her face was one of infinite beauty, engraved in his mind, and filled his thoughts daily.

For years he has kept up the dazzling façade of charm and magnetism that the world had come to expect of him but on the inside, at the very core of his being. He was conscious of the emptiness he felt each day. He tried to think back when was the last time he had felt happy and a cynical laugh arose. But now all that bleakness has disappeared and has been replaced with a surmount of love. A feeling he has never ever felt this strongly before, and one he has no intention of letting go.

That said night, sleep was impossible and when it finally came. Miraculously he was with Nina. They were in bed and he was nuzzling his face against her neck. His hand was on one of her breasts, stroking it tenderly, until the nipples stood firm and the breasts were taut. His mouth moved slowly down to her stomach, working his tongue gently downwards caressing her. It rested between her thighs. He braced himself above her on his hands. she opened up to him, and he gently entered into her. He felt her stiffen, then she wrapped her legs around him and called out his name passionately. He thrust deeper and deeper into her as he climaxed and let out a long sigh.

“At last, she’s mine.” he echoed. But she turned away from him. Shortly after she turned back around to face him. The eyes that stared up at him were unrecognizable. They were as cold as ice. The face that was smiling at him a few minutes earlier was now curled upward in a sneer, as hard as a rock. He moved his lips towards her again and she pulled away and let out a long scream which seemed to echo throughout the house.

He awoke with a fright, breathing and sweating profusely. He sat up in the bed, and rested his body against the headboard. He was feeling somewhat nervous but he reminded himself that it was only a dream.

He had a long tiring day the day before and his mind was just working overtime. He tried to assure himself but it seemed so real. An hour later, he still was unable to get the dream out of his mind. With an effort he pulled himself out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. He shaved, took a shower, got dressed, grabbed his briefcase and headed through the door.

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