A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 7

Nina refused to give up on her dreams. She roamed the streets of Kingston. Searching for any old building she could find, that was suitable and going at a reasonable price, that she could purchase to renovate into a lovely apartment for rental. She knew she didn’t have enough cash in hand, only a mega four million, and a little plan, to put in place, if she comes in contact with the right person. Searching around will give her a rough idea of how much cash she was going to be needing.

She came across a few buildings but they were of no interest to her. Renovating them would cost her an arm and a leg. She presumed from just looking at them. And after hours of countless disappointment, and just as she was considering giving up for the day. She saw one on the other side of the street with a sign hung outside that said.

“Building for sale, enquire inside for information.” Nina hastily went across to the building, and entered into a small section looking like an office. An elder lady presumed to be the receptionist in a floral dress greeted her as she walked in.

“Can I help you Miss.?”

“I’d like to talk to the person responsible for this building.”

“The lady picked up the phone and spoke to the person at the other end.

” There’s a lady here to see you, Mr. Smith.” She waited a moment then looked up at Nina.

“What’s it about?”

“I am interested in purchasing this building.”

“She spoke into the phone again. She said she’s interested in purchasing the building.” Ok. She replaced the phone. indicated to a closed door a few steps away. “Knock then, go right in please.” she said.

Mr. Smith was a very skinny man, middle -age and bald headed. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and jeans and was seated around a small desk, busily typing away on his computer. He looked up as Nina entered his office.

“My secretary said you wanted to purchase my building. ” He looked at her.

“You seemed pretty young.”

“Looks are deceiving Mr. Smith.”

“I agree with you, but do you mind me asking your age?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, but age is just a number, I’m old enough to purchase a building if I wish to.”

“Oh really; How much do you have to purchase it?”

“It’s not how much money I have, it’s how much do you want for it?”

“Well young lady, the cost for this building is twelve million dollars.”

She smiled. “Seriously, Mr. Smith, you must be joking?”

“It’s no joke honey, do you think buying a building is chicken feed? Real Estate business is expensive.”

She thought to herself, “I might not be an expert in this field but isn’t this price a little bit too high for an old dilapidate building like this? He must think I’m an idiot, because I’m a woman and may look young and inexperienced well I might be young yes, but I’m no fool.”

On her way in she had noticed a lot of damage to the walls and most of the windows were broken and boarded up with ply boards. The tiles on the floors were different colours and sizes and looked as if they had gone through World War two.

“If this old broken-down building is going for that kind of cash. Then how I’m I going to afford something better? There is no way I can borrow six million dollars. I’m going to need a lot more than that.” she thought, then got up out of the seat.

“Thank you for your time, Mr. Smith, I’m going to have to think about the price and get back to you.” Mr. Smith leaned back in his seats, tapping at his chin lightly, as one in deep thoughts, he then said.

“Wait a minute, there’s no need for that, I think we can work out an agreement together.” Nina was pleased, she sat back down in the chair instantly.

“Go ahead, you have my full attention.” said Nina.

“I was thinking that seeing the cash was a bit out of your reach, you and I could help each other out.”

“We can?” she asked.

“Yes. You’re a very beautiful woman, with lovely boobs and ass, any man would be willing to pay a lot to have a little piece, just for a few minutes.

“How about, as from now you and I spend the weekends together? I’m willing to pay a hefty sum, nobody needs to know about our little arrangement. It will be just between you and I.” His face was covered all over with a broad smile.

Nina was in shock, mouth opened wide but was unable to speak for a while, different thoughts going through her mind. “This damn despicable bastard, do I look like a desperate whore to him? He has to be a freaking lunatic, to believe for one mega second that I would sleep with him, not even if I were blind folded, and need him to save my life. My God, Goodness gracious me, what did I just hear? The quicker I get out of here the better it is for me.” She stood up.

“Thank you for your time sir.” she then stormed out of there. Feeling extremely hurt and shocked. Why in heaven’s name do these men think that every beautiful woman is a whore? Who is willing to sell herself short?” If it was all up to me. I would teach every god damn one of them a lesson.

She went back home that afternoon feeling worse than before. She locked and bolted the door behind her. She went into her bedroom, sat down in front of the mirror examining herself. She was profoundly disturbed. She took several deep breaths and then she got up and walked quickly across to the big French window next to her bed.

She stood there filled with thoughts, and couldn’t help but wonder if her looks were a curse. It was as if every man she came across wanted desperately to get in her underwear, instead of showing genuineness towards her, but of all the disrespect she had experienced. Mr. Smith was the most disrespectful of them all. And he has the audacity to be smiling as if he was being funny

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