A Touch of Passion

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Chapter 9

The following morning just as Nina got out of the shower and was about to have her breakfast. A package was hand delivered to her with a note attached.

“Nina, please accept my kind gesture”. It was neat and beautifully wrapped and when she opened it, she was surprised, it was from Michael Charles. It was a Calvin Klein black designer handbag. Nina’s heart Smiled through her eyes.

“So, Michael thinks he is going to impress me. Well, he has a big disappointment coming his way, whatever he sent I’ll be sending it back to him.”

Instead, she wrote him a thank you note, just to be courteous. Two days later another package arrived, a large bouquet of flowers and a note that read. “For the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

From that day on, there were gifts of all kinds from expensive jewellery, colognes to designers’ clothes.

After weeks of non -stop gifts from Mr Charles Nina decided to give him a call to thank him. his response was.

“That’s nothing my dear, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for a lovely lady like you.” Nina couldn’t help but smiled “

“Really Michael?”

“Very much so and how about having dinner with me this evening?” She hesitated for a moment. It can’t hurt to have dinner with him. He’s been very polite since their last meeting.

“I would love to.” she replied.

That evening when Nina arrived, she was dressed in a Giorgio Armani silk knee length black dress, looking very gorgeous. Michael was waiting patiently for her and as she approached the table, he got up and pulled out a chair.

“My, don’t you look stunning?” he greeted her.

“Thank you and I’m sorry for being late”

“Honestly I was kind of getting worried though you’ve stood me up.” He said smiling,

Liar”, she thought. “I’m sure if I didn’t show up, if at all he was disappointed, it wouldn’t be anything else than one of an ego bruise. It’s clearly something he’s not used to.”

“I never go back on my words Michael.”

“I like that.” Michael said.

Glancing around the room, the tables were covered with white and green tablecloths along with white plastic chairs. There were lit candles in special containers hanging from the ceiling over each table. The setting was breathtakingly very romantic. The tantalizing smile of fresh flowers linger throughout the air.

“How about something to drink?” Michael asked straight away

“That sounds wonderful.” Michael beckoned to a waiter who came instantly.

“A Drambuie please, over ice.” said Nina.

Michael gave his drink preferences to the waiter who sprinted off as soon as he had completed the order. Within a short time, the waiter returned with their drinks, Nina took a quick swallow of the sweet rich drink then set her glass down on the table. Michael sat there as someone by chance admiring her.

“Is something wrong she asked?”

“No sweetie, just curious.”

“Would you like to share?”

“If you can promise me, you will stay as beautiful as you are.” she smiled relaxingly under Michael’s warm-hearted attention.

“Nina why are you interested in starting a real estate business? What do you know about it?”

She hesitated only momentarily and then said jokingly.

“You see Michael, there isn’t much to say except that I’m a broke woman and I believe that’s the easiest way to get rich. I honestly don’t want to die poor.”

He leaned back in his seat and made himself more comfortable, his brow raised.

“Very funny, my dear if it was that easy to get rich, I’m afraid everyone in this country would be a millionaire.” Nina grasped.

“Oh my, really now, what was I thinking? It seems I’m going to have to get back to my thinking cap.”

He grinned at her; his expression was one of genuine delight. he responded

“I think that would be a wise idea sweetie.”

“Really Michael?”

“That does make sense to me.” They both looked at each other and smiled quietly. She felt safe.

“Now tell me your real story.” He said gently.

“As I said before there isn’t much to say.”

“Everyone has a story about Nina no matter the situation.” With that said, Nina felt much more comfortable to apprise him of how she was encouraged to. She took another sip of her drink, leaned back in the chair, making herself more comfortable than she began.

“As far as I can remember, from an early age I’ve harboured the notion that one day I’m going to own my own business, in the beginning I didn’t have one in mind until sometime ago, I met this nice gentleman who told me all about the real estate business.

He suggested that it was a good business to invest in and assured me that there was a great need for it presently and that’s were my dream started developing and now to bring it into reality that’s where you will come in.”

She smiled at him. It was the prettiest smile lifting the corners of her beautiful mouth in a tantalizing slope bringing laughter to her sparkling eyes.

Michael felt very happy and listened keenly with his eyes glued to her face steadily.

“That’s easy, it’s all up to you Nina, ″ he said accompanied with a beaming smile. The kind that seemed to radiate happiness.

Nina did not respond to that, instead she took a long drink from her glass, at precisely that moment the waiter arrived to share their dinner and Nina was able to concentrate on the plate in front of her rather than concentrate on Michael’s intentions.

“This looks absolutely awesome.” Nina spurted out as the waiter served the plate of delicious Shrimp Pasta. Michael agreed with her and the both of them consumed the meal in total silence. As they were finishing their meal, the band began to play from the small stage at one corner of the room.

Couples walked briskly towards the dance floor, holding onto their partners hands, smiling, young and old, everyone enjoying the moments. Fresh breeze flows softly through the room, mixing with the scent of the lavender air-freshener, it was breath-taking.

“Nina, how about a dance? Michael asked as he got to his feet.

“Oh, no,” Nina stammered in panic, “ it has been a long while.

“Gibberish, it’s as easy as abc.” Michael dismissed her objection pleasantly.

“One never forgets. I have a feeling though that you are a great dancer.”

She knew she was; she was always told that by friends and family. With a resigned sign she allowed Michael to assist her to her feet and guide her toward the dance floor. On reaching he took her gently in his arms and swept her away in a surprisingly gentle embrace.

“Wow! see this isn’t so bad,” he said as they moved along with the other couples. “I knew you’d be great.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.” she returned the compliments. He was such a great dancer, but Nina found it impossible to relax in his arms. She looked at him through her lashes. The man was ridiculously attractive and she was having a warm time fighting to keep her true feelings hidden. They danced to several songs before they decided to retire for the night.

He accompanied her to her car. They said good night. Nina slipped into the driver’s seat. Immediately Michael entered into the passenger’s seat, reached over to Nina, placed his hand on her chin massaging it gently in a hypnotic way.

Nina tried to turn away but he pulled her uncomfortably closer, Nina found it difficult to speak. The man was damnably attractive, his hand gently left her face and glided smoothly down her arm, caressing her in a calm irresistible motion. She looked at him with indecision, she could see the desire gleaming in his eyes. It caused her heart to instantly skip a beat. His face moving directly closer towards hers. she shifted sideways and straight-away his hand tightened on her arms. He attempted to kiss her.

“Please don’t” she said as his mouth moved towards hers.

“I have to, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity all evening” he whispered gently.

She heard the quickening of his breath as his lips finally touched hers. It was a gentle kiss as his lips softly caressed hers. Involuntarily she opened her mouth and his kiss intensified. His mouth took advantage of her unintentional invites she had extended. His fingers moved along the curve of her back. Sending a short serge of desire in her. The sweetness of his kiss energized her as she felt a slow wave of fire spread through her entire body.

The taste and feel of him, has ignited a flame inside her, leaving her desperately wanting him, she was overwhelmingly exhilarating. His arms tightly wrapped around her leaving her breathless.

Her arms threw tightly around Michaels’s neck as she leaned against his chest for support. His mouth teased the softness of her neck and she wanted nothing more than those pleasurable feelings to continue.

She wondered if she should allow him to touch her in that way? Can she trust him? She doesn’t know but she has to admit that she has developed strong feelings for him.

When she returned home that evening, she sat on her veranda watching the stars lighting the sky like snow-flakes. She wondered deep in thoughts about Michael. How generous he has been to her over the past several weeks, the feelings she gets when he touches her and his reaction towards her. There is no guessing that she enjoys his company and attention tremendously. Her heart melt at the thoughts of Michael

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