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The Bad Boy and The Good Girl

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Growing up, Cora Johnson has always been the one to "play the shots." She always knew what was to come at each new foster home and had one thing set in her mind: Leaving and going to college. That was her plan until one day, she's shipped to a new foster home in the middle of New York City. Upon meeting her foster family, she realized that they were different: especially the handsome, but very annoying foster brother, Asher Dawson. She sucked into a world, where she didn't think she belonged in being the good girl, but Asher has a way to take her breath away. Running from police, having breathless kisses, and even knowing the truth, could damage a person. Asher Dawson is the schools bad boy and the city's drug dealer. He knows from the start that Cora is a girl he has to stay away from. Her ruby red lips and sarcastic comments, is one thing he can't get enough of. When the city's gang leader decides that Cora would make a good match, Asher had no thought but to protect her. Will they be able to survive the truth in order to find love and happiness or will this lead them to be broken and catch feelings no one has ever felt? This is book 1 in The Bad Boy Good Girl series

Romance / Drama
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Chapter One

"Hey you! Get back to work! I need the toilet scrubbed!" My foster mother yelled. I nodded going back to scrubbing the toilet. Sweat dripped down my face burning my eyes. It was hot in here, being the middle of summer in Central Florida.

"I need that toilet sparkling!" She yelled again, turning to chase another kid down the hall. I sighed scrubbing the toilet harder. My wrist and fingers hurt, tears coming to my eyes.
Please lord, help me, I thought. I wasn't a religious person. Really I wasn't. I just needed to take a break. More shouting came from the hall, signaling my foster fathers whereabouts. I cringed as his footsteps got louder leading to the bathroom door. My breath drew quicker, trying to pay attention to my cleaning, however, my brain was focused on counting his steps. 1, 2, 3. I moved closer to the toilet, praying to whoever was listening, they would help. But like always no one listened. I was alone. Mr. Robert, stood in the doorway, his eyes traveling my body. I fought the urge to throw up, his wicked smile, making it worse.

"Well, Well, Well! What do we have here? A little girl not cleaning?" He smirked moving closer. I moved back, begging him to stop. My back hit the wall behind me and I whimpered.

"Please! I'm sorry!" I gasped, tears wetting my cheeks. I cringed when he laughed.

"Ohh, you worthless girl! Can't you see I can do whatever I want with you! No one can stop me!" His hard voice boomed. I choked on my tears, as his hard hand fell across my cheeks. My head hit the wall, my tears falling faster.

"Please!" I begged. "I'll go back to cleaning!" No matter how much begging I did, Mr. Robert didn't stop. I watched as he unbuckled his belt, and huge smile on his face. The last thing I remember was the sharp sting of the belt and my life long dream: to go to college.

I stood at the airport with my case worker, Sally. She was explaining who my new foster parent was but I ignored her watching the planes land and take off. Each foster home I've been to, has been the same. Each one yelled, each one abused, and each one ignored the kids. Thank god I only had a year until I was 18 so I could leave. I hated living with people who didn't give a crap about me. I watched the airplanes land and take off, each minute counting down to my ride. Hands moved in front of my face and I flinched, noticing the guilt in Sally's eyes as she caught my attention.

"Did you hear me?" Her thick Spanish accent cut through my mind. I looked at her, shrugging me shoulders. "Look, I'm sorry I put you there, but I promise this house is better. Maybe you'll even like it." I looked around the airport, watching kids run from their parents, and people running to their planes, their suitcases trailing behind him. If I was the old me, I would've laughed so hard, and probably fall over. But that wasn't me anymore. I was scarred, inside and out.

"Plane 105 to New York is boarding in 20 minutes at Gate 12b." I heard the overhead voice say. I looked at Sally who seemed lost in thought.

"I'm am sorry Cora. I promise this family is the best." She said, her cheeks red from the heat.

"Thank you, for always looking out for me." I reply grabbing my suitcase. She looks at me tears filling her eyes. She smiles wrapping her thin arms around me.

"If you were my daughter I would have never let you go." She cried. I hug her back feeling awkward as hell. I never grew up with any mother or father figures. Sally was the closest I have ever gotten to a mother figure.

"Plane 105 to New York, is boarding in 5 minutes." The overhead speaker announced. Shit! Five minutes already! I pull back from Sally, whose tears where making her cheeks white, and smiled.

"Make sure you call when you arrive!" She said wiping her face.

"I'll make sure I do!" I call turning to run to my plane. I looked behind me, seeing Sally wave goodbye and I realized that my only mother figure will be far far away. And once again, I'm alone.

I arrived at the gate, the workers getting ready to shut it. I ran as fast as I could, my chest burning from the running. Yes, I'm not a runner! Never was and never would be. The Chinese lady looked me over as I handed her my ticket. She gave me a weird look as to say "what took you so long?"

She handed my my ticket opening the door to the gate. I smiled at her, my cheeks turning red when she didn't smile back. I rushed into the plane, my suitcase hitting a guy in first class.

"Hey watch it!" He yelled, facing me. I gave him an innocent smile and rushed to my seat, making sure I didn't bang anyone else. I was annoyed, when I got to my seat and saw a teenage boy sitting in my seat.

"Excuse me!" I snapped. He looked up a shock look on his face. "This is my seat." I showed him my ticket and he shrugged closing his eyes.

"Miss, can you please sit down? The plane is about to take off." The flight attendant smiled. I turned to the boy, who smiled as he leaned his head against my seat.

"Miss, please. We only have five minutes." The flight attendant spoke again.

"But he's in my seat!" I yelled, feeling like a little girl who couldn't get a toy. The flight attendant looked at the boy then back at me.

"There is a seat right over here for you." She said, pointing to a seat right by the restrooms. I cringed thinking about the smells.

"Okay, fine!" I glared at the boy who looked at me victoriously. I stormed to my seat, placing my bag in the overhead compartment. I throw myself into the chair and plugged my headphone in, blasting my favorite song Love Song, by Why Don't We. Soon after I dozed off, dreams of scary monsters creeped in my mind.

The flight attendants walked by offering people food and drinks. I woke up, pain exploding in my back. I got up and stretched, shaking any jet lag I felt. The flight attendant pulled the cart next to me and smiled.

"Would you like anything?" She smiled. I could tell she was faking it. She looked annoyed that she was here. If it weren't for the money, she would probably be gone.

"Uhh, I'll take some coffee with sugar and creamer." I beam. One thing to know about me, I'm the coffee monster. I never really grew up with it, but Sally took me to a place where she brought coffee. Once I tasted it, I knew I was in heaven.

"Sure. I'll be right back." She said, pulling the cart in the back. I thought she would forget about me, but smiled when she came back and handed me the coffee.

"Oh, thank you so much!" I beamed, and she smiled back, turning to disappear int the back.
My coffee was good, hot and sweet just the way I like it. I once had iced coffee and I almost spit it out. It wasn't good. It tasted like cold eggs. To be honest I don't know how people drink it.

By the time I finished my coffee, there was only an hour left on the plane. I peeked out the window, watching the white clouds float by. I wish I could reach out and touch them, but apparently being stuck in a plane meant you couldn't.

"Attention passengers, we will land in New York in 10 minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the last few minutes. I looked out the window, watching as the tall building came into view. I heard about New York before. One of my old foster brothers once lived there. I watched in amazement as the blue sky disappeared and the ground came into view. We were landing.

Once the doors opened, I grabbed my suitcase, following the other passengers out. I followed the signs, trying to find the way out. Finally, the cold breeze hit me as I reached the front doors. I look around trying to find someone who was here for me, but really, I didn't know who it was.

I mentally slapped myself. I should've listened to what Sally was saying. I have no idea who I'm suppose to meet. I walked along the walls, trying to catch someone's eyes, but everyone walked past, not a care in the world. After wandering, I finally found a bench hoping that whoever was picking me up, could find me here. I eyelids started to get heavy, and I dozed off, hoping someone will soon find me.

I woke up, someone shaking me. I mumbled "go away" and swatted the hand that was shaking me. The hand started shaking me again, and I jumped up, eyes wide open staring at a young women, maybe in her late 20s. Her jet black hair, matched with her tan skin. Her olive eyes sparkled with care?

"Cora?" She asked. I look around and nodded.

"I'm so sorry about this! I couldn't find you! I thought something happened to you!" She started rambling. I was confused she was worried about me? I didn't even know her. I guessed she must have seen my confused look because she smiles and opens her arms.

"I'm so sorry! My name is Lucy, your new foster mom." She explained, wrapping her arms around me. I wasn't used to hugs given by strangers, but something about her was different. I got the clue that she was lonely.

"Here honey! It's cold, let's walk to the car." I handed her my suitcase and followed her to the car, which was a nice looking van. It wasn't one of those old minivans moms use for their kids. No this one was a big fancy van, big enough to hold 20 kids.

Lucy helped my lift my bag into the back and told me I can sit in the front. I pulled open the heavy door and slid into my seat strapping my seatbelt around me. Lucy quickly followed, her seatbelt clicking. She looked at me and smiled.

"Ready!" I gripped my now sweaty hands and nodded. I guess I have no choice but to be ready.

I watched the tall buildings as we passed them, wondering why they were built so high. We kept stopping, due to people crossing the streets. Some people were crazy and stayed standing in the middle of the road. I could tell Lucy was getting annoyed, due to her rapid beeping and sometimes unflavored words. Each minute that passed the more, I was dreading to be here. I kept reminding myself of my goals: leave, go to college, never return. That's the only thing I want. To leave and never return.

My anxiety grew as Lucy pulled into her driveway, the tiny driveway filled with toys and sports toys. My whole body was stiff as I watched a shadow move by the window. I felt Lucy's eyes on me and I look at her.

"Don't worry about the kids. They are nice." She said. "They are all different ages. But they all love one another." I nodded, the nervous butterflies fluttered through my stomach.

"Come in when your ready. I'll bring your bag to your room." Lucy called, leaving me in the car. I watched her bring my bag up the long narrow steps and into the house. I stared after her, thinking about the way she spoke about the other children.

I wiped my sweaty hands on my jacket, praying that someone would watch out for me. Hopefully this time someone was watching. Making sure I looked decent, I opened the car door and traveled up the long narrow steps. Cars in the distance honked, scaring the jeepers out of me. I didn't want to rush, but I was scared with each car that passed and honked. I pulled the screen door open, staring at the face of a tall girl.

"Oh, hi there!" I stumble, looking into the nose of the girl. She smiles her eyes twinkling.

"You must be Cora. Your very popular! Your the only talk around here!" She gushed, a blush forming her cheeks. I was very confused. I was the talk around here?

"Oh my name is Sophia! I'm the second oldest, after you and my brother." I nodded trying to wrap my head around things. Another kid came in and I looked at him. His light blonde hair and brown eyes made him look like someone from a fairy tale. He smiled when he saw me, running for a hug.

"Another sister!! Yay!!" He yelled, bouncing up and down. "My name is Finely. I'm 15!" He said. I smiled down at him and turned to Sophia.

"Follow me, most of us are still eating dinner." She smiled. I followed her around the house as she pointed to each room.

"Your room will be upstairs, along with two of the others." She explained. I nodded trying to remember the way back. I heard voices talking and I followed Sophia into the brightly lit room. The other kids stopped talking and looked at me wide eyed.

"Wow! She's pretty!" A younger boy said, with hazel eyes and brown skin. I blushed as I looked around the room, a tall boy giving me the cold shoulder.

"Oh, now I have another sister to teach me makeup!" A younger girl asked. She looked like she was ten.

"Hate to disappoint, but I don't know much about makeup." I frown. Growing up in foster care, you don't have the chance to learn things.

"Ugh! There's nothing special about her! Just some new girl whose going to leave!" The tall boy said glaring at me. My cheeks heat up, as he looked me up and down and waltzed out of the room. My cheeks felt like they were burning and Sophia nudged me.

"Don't listen to him. He's just like that to everyone. Let me show you your room." I smiled grateful, the hazel eyes of the tall boy stayed in my head. I quickly followed Sophia out and followed her up the stairs. Quickly running out of breath, I lean against the wall, trying to calm my breath.

She turns a corner and I run after her afraid to lose her. She standing by a door, a smirk on her face.

"This door here is your room. The one down the hall is Ashers and this one over her is Finley's. Have a good night!" With that being said, I watch mouth wide open as she ran back down the stairs. I opened my door, finding a nice girly room waiting for me.

A brown guitar waited by the window, dying for someone to play it. A purple bedsheet covered my queen bed and the walls were painted a nice yellow. My suitcase laid on my bed and I walked over, pulling out my stuff.

I heard yelling coming from my wall and I walked over trying to figure out who it was.

"Just let me decide what I want to do!" A girl said.

"I am letting you decide! You want to pick and I'm letting you pick!" A boy yelled back.

"Your an a-hole, Asher! Your so lucky I love you or I would have left you!" She yelled back. Something was thrown against the wall and I heard moaning. I moved away, disgusted. Who would do that in a house full of people?

I grab my pajamas and walked to the bathroom, dying to take a shower. I closed the door behind me, finding the lock broken. Hopefully no one walks in on me naked. I removed my shirt, cringing at the scars lined up my body, some from suicide, and others from other people.

I jumped in the shower, the hot water relaxing my muscles. I washed my hair and body, quickly washing off. I jump back out, the cold air causing me to shiver. I pulled on my pants and shirt and quickly brushed my teeth.

Finally I walk out, someone blocking my path. I look up annoyed to see the tall boy from earlier.

"Excuse me!" I snap, trying to push past him. He blocks me with his arm. "Move!" I yell. He smirks, checking me over from head to toe.

"You'll never make it here." His deep voice made me dizzy, leaning against the door. "Your nothing here." With that he pushed away from me, my breath catching in my throat. I watched as he slammed his door shut, and I realized that he was Asher, the boy with the girl.

Annoyed, I stormed to my room slamming my door. I cuddled into my fluffy blanket, a nightmare about falling etched in my mind. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. A day I'm not looking forward too.
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