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5 Years Later

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Damon Pierce and Jodi Miller prove that love always finds a way. They reconnect after 5 years and their live and attraction have only grown stronger and hotter. Jodi has a secret that may make or break Damon. What could the big secret be?

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Prom is over-rated and clichéd also boring as fuck. That's what Damon said to me when he told me we won't attending our prom. Instead he insisted on taking me out on a date. Personally I think he's trying to make up for his distant behavior. He's been very distant these last two weeks, even left on Friday on an unknown trip. Even though money is tight mom worked very hard to buy me a prom dress. I didn't tell her that Damon and I would be skipping prom and I don't plan for her to know. Since she's working tonight she'll be non the wiser. The dress was a surprise but I actually love, it has long of the shoulder lace sleeves, with a tulle skirt that has a thigh high slit. I giggle to myself when I think about how crazy the slit is going to drive Damon. The dress is demure but sexy at the same time. With my Haier uptop my head in a bun and a few trendiest floating about my face I go outside to wait for Damon. We have a night picnic with the headlights of Damon's beat up truck illuminating us. After eating, Damon suggest we dance even though there is no music and I gladly agree. As we dance goosebumps start littering my body and my breath hitches and at that moment Damon and I lock eyes. Soon he leans down to kiss me and my heart starts beating a frantic tattoo, and I swear I've never tasted anything sweeter than his lips. Soon his kiss turns ferocious making my nipples turn into hard pebbles and drenching my lace panties with arousal. I can feel the heat of his cock through his slacks and I start grinding on him. Getting into the car and driving to the motel passes in a blur and all.of a sudden we are ripping each other's clothes off. The next morning when I wake there is no Damon and there isn't a sign that he was ever there. Going to his parent's trailer is fruitless because he isn't there and his good for nothing parent's don't know where he is. Sadly that isn't the least of my heartbreak because a month later I find out that I'm pregnant. How lucky am I, first time having sex and boom I get a miracle. Even my sarcasm doesn't help the despair I feel deep in my heart.
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