Sometimes It Happens

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Chapter Twelve


When we get into the apartment he removes his jacket and tosses it onto the couch before grinning at me. He pulls me into his arms to kiss me. And damn, is it a kiss. He’s still perfectly shaven and he’s got the mouth of an angel- or maybe the devil. When he breaks away, I smile shyly up at him, my hands on his shoulders and chest and his on my hips.

“Take me to bed, Alex.” His mouth splits into a grin and he stoops to pick me up, I laugh. “What are you doing?”

“I am carrying you over the threshold to our bedroom; seeing as I was too busy thinking of your lips to carry you through the front door.” When he sets me down in the room my smile fades as I look into his lust filled eyes. He reaches up and loosens his tie before turning me around to face the full body mirror on his- our- closet door.

He removes the two clips that hold my hair in its elegant twist and tosses them to the floor somewhere. Then he unclasps my necklace and sets it on the dresser. He smooths his hands down my arms and presses a chaste kiss to my neck.

“As much as I love you in this dress, I think I’m going to love taking it off,” He says as his hands trailed from my sides to my back and his fingers start playing with the zip. He bends his head a little and places another open mouthed kiss on my neck. I shiver from the warmth of his lips and the tickle of his knuckle as it slowly slides down my back, his eyes meeting mine in the mirror.

There is something extremely hot about letting a man remove your wedding dress. I don’t know what it is- the feel of the soft, silky material gliding down your skin and pooling on the floor or the reaction it brings out of your new husband- but fucking hell, Alex is looking at me like I’m a Goddess and he wishes to worship me.

“That was…” I trail off with a breathy laugh as I move to lay on my back. Alex falls to the side of me and rests his head against my chest. Instinctively, I reach up to cradle his head in my hand.

“I’m done for, Nat,” he informs me and I grin. “I need sleep and so do you.”

“Okay, can I take a shower though?” I’m covered in the remnants of four rounds of sex and six- No, seven orgasms of my own, not counting the five I’ve coaxed out of Alex. A glance at the digital alarm clock says it’s almost three in the morning. We’ve been going at it for almost five hours.

Alex raises is head and rests it on his arm to look at me. “Only if I can take one with you?” I raise an eye brow at him and he laughs. “I told you, I’m done for, I just want to touch you. Maybe clean you up. I’m intoxicated by you, Natalia.” Laughing, I raise myself off of the bed and start walking out of the room, at the door I glance back at him. He’s watching my ass.

“Aren’t you coming?” He throws his head back and groans before looking at me again.

“Yeah, you go ahead; I’ll get you some clothes.”

“Can I have one of your shirts?” I inquire, smiling sweetly.

“What’s mine is yours, Nat,” I grin.

“Same goes for you, but I draw the line at my clothing,” He laughs.

“What, you don’t think I’d look good in your skinny jeans and sweaters?” He asks and I shake my head, giggling before I turn back around and head to the bathroom where I set out two blue towels on the toilet and turn the shower on.

While I wait for the water to warm up, I brush my teeth really quick and then inspect myself in the mirror. I’m sweaty and gross, my eyes are bright, my tummy is slightly round and my ass is red- but I look happy. I hope I can stay happy with Alex.

I move the curtain back, step under the hot spray of water, and allow the water to hit my bare back for a while before moving my hair back to let the water soak the strands.

I’m rinsing shampoo from my hair when the bathroom door opens and a moment later, Alex steps into the shower with me. I peek an eye open and grin at him.

“Hi,” I say, closing my eyes again and wringing my hair out before massaging my scalp.

“Hi,” he responds and places his hands on my waist briefly. I wring my hair once more before letting it drop to my back and opening my eyes again. Lifting my arms and placing them around his shoulders, I grin as my hands play in his still dry hair.

“We’re married,” I say conversationally and he grins.

“We are,” He steps closer and slides his hands around to my back and locking his fingers together.

“We just had sex for five hours,” I continue, a smile playing at my lips.

“We did,” He concurs, rubbing his thumbs on my skin.

“I like having sex with you, Mr. Prize,” I finish with a giggle and he presses his head into my neck.

“Do you now?” He asks me and places a kiss to my neck. I tilt my head to the side and make an unintentional little sound of delight when he continues the assault on my neck, pushing myself closer to him. He pulls away laughing.

“Bloody hell, woman. You’re sex crazed,” he exclaims and I laugh.

“Did you just say ‘Bloody hell’? Are you British now?” He grins back at me.

“Yes I did, and no, but I like to hear you laugh,” Alex says sweetly and I smile.

“Can you condition my hair for me?” I ask and he nods.

“Yes, Mrs. Prize, I can condition your hair for you,” He says grabbing the conditioner and squeezing some into his palm. “Turn,” I do as I’m told and he gently starts massaging conditioner into my hair, pausing to kiss my shoulders and neck a couple of times. The calming movement of his hands in my hair relaxes me and my eyes start to droop. I realize I’ve now been up for almost twenty four hours having woken up yesterday morning from a stress dream. Not to mention, being pregnant makes you tired. I lean back against Alex and his arms wrap around me.

“Is it time for bed?” He asks me and I nod, standing straight again and turning so I can rinse my hair. While I do this Alex puts some soap on my hot pink loofa and starts running it along my body. When I’m all clean he taps my butt, reminding me of that last round- we must do that again sometime- and smiles sweetly at me.

“I laid out a pair of your underwear and one of my t shirts for you. Go. I’ll be out in few minutes.” He tells me and I smile my thanks, go up on my tip toes to kiss his cheek, and leave the shower. I dry off enough so I’m not dripping wet and wrap one of the towels I set out around my body and set off for the bedroom.

When I’m there I see why Alex took so long before joining me. He switched the comforters and picked up our wedding clothes. My dress is hanging on a hanger just barely visible from the slightly open closet. His suit jacket and pants are hanging, too, and everything else is in the hamper. On the new comforter is a pair of clean panties and a black Pink Floyd t shirt with a pair of track shorts. Next to that is a pair of folded plaid pajama pants (for him to wear, I’m assuming). Removing the towel from around my body, I flip my hair down and wrap it up in the dampened towel.

I pick the track shorts up and put them back, not wishing to wear pants. Next, I switch out the panties he chose for a comfortable silky thong and pull on the shirt then let my hair loose to brush it and braid it back. I put my towel in the hamper and stretch my arms up over my head, grinning as I look at the bed. If I’m honest, I could probably go for round five.

Just as I think that Alex walks in in just a towel and he takes one look at my face and groans. “I know I said I’d never turn you down, but that was before I realized you had the sex drive of a twelve year old boy.” I burst into laughter at that.

“Did you just compare me to a twelve year old boy?” I ask him and he grins.

“I believe I did, but I thought you’d like it less if I said porn star,” he says and I nod thoughtfully.

“Hmm, I’m not sure which one is more insulting,” I smile up at him.

“I’m not usually this… wanton,” I say and shrug. “It’s the hormones. I wasn’t joking when I said I’m always horny.” He pulls me into his arms and presses a kiss to my forehead.

“I’m sorry for making fun of your sex drive,” He says seriously and I nod just as seriously.

“I’m sorry for wanting to have sex with you all night,” I say, straight faced and his smile returns.

“When you say it like that it sounds ridiculous that I’m turning you down,” He says and I nod, giggling again.

“It’s okay, I’ll wake you up in the morning with more sex,” I promise, only half joking. Alex laughs.

“Okay, come on then, into bed. Let me just put my pants on and I’ll join you,” he says but I wait for him to pull his pants on anyways before going to climb into bed. He walks around to his side, tapping my butt a little harder than he did in the shower as he passes me, but the skin is sore and the action causes me to hiss in shock. His head jerks to look at me. “Are you okay?” He asks and I blush.

“I’m sore,” I answer honestly, continuing to retreat under the blanket. He laughs that nice laugh of his and pulls me back into his arms as we settle down, not bothering to turn off the bed side lamp.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be more careful next time. Have you ever been spanked before?” He asks me and I rest my head onto his chest.

“Not like that, no. Jackson did once but apologized after and I figured it wasn’t something he wanted to do so I didn’t bring it up again,” I say, already wishing I hadn’t. But Alex takes in the words with a straight face. “I liked it, though,” I say hesitantly, “when you did it.” He grins and presses a kiss to my neck.

“I know.” His voice isn’t unkind as he says this. “When was your first time?” He asks me and I blush again.

“About two years ago.” He nods thoughtfully and presses a kiss to my temple.

“You’re very responsive, you know? Not something I was expecting, but definitely not a bad thing,” He says cheekily. I slap his chest lightly.

“When was your first time?” I ask and he pulls me closer.

“I think I was seventeen, actually. It lasted thirty seconds-maybe- and the girl never talked to me again.” I giggle.

“I can’t imagine a girl not talking to you. You’re very charming.” I catch sight of the alarm clock and see that it is a little after four in the morning. I’m probably not going to sleep, I think and my mind floods with thoughts of more sex.

“Charming, eh?” I nod, giggling again.

“And sweet,” I turn around in his arms so I can look at him. “And cute,” I reach up a hand and cup his face. “And very, very sexy.” I say and he grins at me.

“Are you trying to seduce me Mrs. Prize?” He asks and I shrug, unashamed.

“Is it working?” I ask innocently and he kisses me, thinking I’m getting more sex I press closer but he gently pushes me away.

“No, but you get points for trying, dear,” I pout. And he leans forwards and kisses me again, sweetly.

“I don’t have the energy and we both need to sleep. You’re my pregnant wife and you have a class at nine. Turn around and go to sleep,” Alex orders and I do as I’m told.

“If I must, Mr. Prize.” I slowly feel myself calm down and my eyes droop. Vaguely, I recognize that Alex pulls me closer so we’re sharing a pillow and I’m wrapped snugly in his arms, one of his hands resting on my stomach.

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