Sometimes It Happens

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Chapter Four

“Natalia Rosalina Deveaux, I want an explanation and I want one now,” my mom strides across the room to me and places both hands on my face and starts moving it, inspecting me for gaping wounds or something.

“I got drunk and ended up sleeping at a friends,” It’s mostly the truth, but the cops don’t need the entire dramatic story. Avery stares at me in shock, Cassie looks skeptical, Sara looks disappointed, my mom looks like she wants to shoot things. I briefly imagine her shooting Jackson, it makes me feel slightly better.

“Wait, so, why did you stop at the pharmacy?” Sara asks. I clear my throat.

“Um, I needed tampons,” Cassie looks at me weird, probably realizing that we have an unopened box in our bathroom, I give her a look and she nods slightly.

“I totally forgot I asked you to get those for me! Thanks. Though I wish you would have come home first,” she comes forwards and grabs the bag from me.

“Alex needed to stop to get ibuprofen and I decided that since we were there I might as well grab a box,” one of the police officers stands from the couch.

“We are going to go now, Miss Deveaux, next time you want to go party, tell someone first,” his voice is condescending and the look on his face is one of someone who has better things to do than listen to this, his partner on the other hand looks amused, like she is trying to fight a smile. With that final reprimand, the two officers leave, closing the door behind them. Everything is quiet.

“I’m going to call off work and sleep for the rest of the day. Mom, I’ll come by tomorrow, okay?” Mom lives in a penthouse here in NY; she is less than an hour away. “I’m sorry for this,” she hugs me, tells me not to worry about it and that she loves me, then leaves.

“So, what’s really in the bag?” Cassie asks, handing it back to me and all three look at me curiously. I sigh, might as well tell them, they’ll find out eventually.

“Pregnancy tests,”

“You’re late?” Cassie is the calm, collected one, Avery and Sara? Not so much. Avery stares at me and Sara looks, well she looks horrified.

“Not exactly,” I sit down in between Cassie and Avery, leaning my head back and groaning.

“What do you mean ‘not exactly’ you are either are on your period or you aren’t,”

“We didn’t use a condom, these are just in case I don’t get my period,” Cassie rubs my shoulder sympathetically and Sara relaxes, but Avery, yeah, Avery gets it.

“Why are you just worried about it now? You told me that Jackson and you haven’t had sex in a few weeks.... Oh, Nat, tell me you didn’t,”

“I was drunk! I was drunk and I had sex with Alex. Alex who dumped his cheating girlfriend last night, too. Alex who’s ex-girlfriend is the reason my two year relationship just exploded. Alex who may be my baby daddy!” I’m crying and Cassie pulls me into her arms and Avery grabs my hand and Sara is trying to be supportive, but I can tell she is judging me. When I stop, Cassie swipes the loose hair out of my eyes.

“Was it at least good sex?” I laugh and then grin.

“I can barely walk.”

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