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Their Heartbeat

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‼️It's a cross-over but also a Stand-Alone with "His Mermaid".. In "His Mermaid" are some spoilers about this Story already! Read at your own risk!(: ‼️ This story is a Threesome! Two dudes one girl! TW: Abuse, Breeding, impregnation, raw sex, attempted rape, drug abuse, violence, double penetration, breath play, watersports, anal, degrading/praising, orgasm control ------- Ama Rivera, 19, grew up in Mexico City with 2 older brothers, a younger sister and her parents. Both of them drug addicts and abusive. She took most of the violence for her little sister. One day 5 men stood in their doorframe and wanted the money her parents didn't pay for their drugs. What if they take her as an exchange? Is she going to survive that life? Are they going to be better or worse? What will it be like being the only woman in a house full of men? What if she falls in love with not only one of them but with two of the intruders?

Romance / Erotica
Angel ✨
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Prologue: -PAST 5 years ago-

“Ama!” a little voice whispered my name right next to my ear. I slowly opened them and my head started pounding right away. My head turned and I saw Anissa, my little sister, with big eyes staring at me “What is it Ani?” - “Dad is back.. he’s mad because no one cleaned the kitchen..” she was definitely scared as hell. “It’s fine sweetie. He won’t do anything to you. I promise you that.” she slowly nodded and her small hands clamped around my arms as I got up. “You stay here okay?” I patted her head, pulled an oversized pullover over my head and headed towards the kitchen. The loud and cracked voice echoed along the small hallway. A few thuds and clinks of glasses or plates that hit the floor filled the whole flat.

“Oh the princess decided to get the fuck up too!” my dads voice was angry and you could tell that he hasn’t had his shot yet. My brothers were standing in a row right in front of him and just let it get over them. They tried to protect me from the hits that my dad shared with us but as soon as they were unconscious or bleeding too much to get up, our dad just moved over to hit me. We never saw him when he got his drugs but we saw and felt him whenever there was nothing left of them. “What is it again?” I whispered after clearing my throat. It was dry since I haven’t had anything to drink yet and I just woke up.

“Nothing. He just forgot how to clean with his own hands.” My oldest brother said and my dad slapped him across the face. The way the slap echoed through the flat made me shiver. “That’s all you got? The drugs are really making a pussy out of you.” instead of his flat hand that collided with Leonardo’s face it was his fist this time. “Leonardo! Please stop provoking him..!” a few tears
escaped the corner of my eye without me realizing it. “He is a fucking pussy Ama.” he spit some blood on the floor, some vessels in his mouth apparently popped open after that hit. Luca made his way towards me while Leonardo provoked our dad with words. Luca started caressing my cheeks and his thumb got rid of the tears. “Ama.. you need to stay strong. Remember when I told you we will get you out of here and you will head towards a better life than this one?” I nodded and looked him right into the eyes.

“Good because I still hold up to that promise. We will get you out of here somehow.” - “And I’ll come and save all three of you...” Luca smiled at me while Leo grunted behind him. He blocked my vision towards Leo. Luca knew I would cry more and harder but he was right I needed to stay strong. I can’t let him kill me yet. I really tried to stay strong for myself and especially for Ani but after not hearing Leonardo’s grunts anymore.. Luca turned around and looked down towards something. Probably Leonardo laying on the floor, unconscious. New tears rolled down my face and Luca stood there unfazed. “You wanna disrespect me too Luca?!” the old cranky voice sounded through the room. Luca didn’t say a word “What about you princess?” he talked to me and Luca started turning towards me. His eyes literally said “Shut the fuck up.“

I was afraid of the consequences my words would have so I just kept my mouth closed, turned around and headed towards the bathroom to get Leo some bandages and other stuff. While I
gathered the first aid kit which had it’s best years like ten years ago.. There weren’t any bandages in it anymore but I found some clean towels I hung up yesterday. So these went under one of my arms while I searched for some pure alcohol. This would be needed to clean Leo’s wounds. Probably wouldn’t even find any because our dad drank every fucking drop he could get. He doesn’t even care if he get’s blind or not. It just needs to be alcohol or drugs obviously. I heard some footsteps approach the room I am in and I immediately went into defends when I put my hands above my head.

“Ama? Are you in here?” Luca’s voice whispered against the door after his knocks faded. “Yes I am.. I’m looking for bandages and stuff to clean Leonardo’s blood..” – “He probably has it in his room if you can’t find any here. But I have something in my room too and we can go buy something new today if you want. You can leave it in your room. He never looks there.” - “Okay.. but we need to help Leo now please.. I don’t want him to look bad or bleed to death..” - “He’s not really bleeding. He maybe has a broken nose but I guess that’s everything bad.” A broken nose was nothing new, I handled that at least twice every few months and I have to say.. maybe I’m going to be a doctor someday! It doesn’t look bad. Sometimes it is a little upwards or down, sometimes it has a little nub on top but since our dad will break it again and again I have some more time to practice on it.

The boys aren’t mad at me for not protecting them.. well how am I supposed to protect them..? All I can do is save them.. and someday I will do that! Maybe that saving day will arrive sooner than we all expected it. And maybe it is the best saving that could’ve happened to me and my siblings....

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