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The Man In My Dreams

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" I Love You....... " She shouted at the top of her voice. The 22-year-old Kushi Gupta woke up, sweating profusely, early in the morning. She knew the time- It's sharp 4 am and as usual, she couldn't identify his face. Will that dream ever come true? **Dream is not that you see in sleep, dream is something that does not let you sleep.** It's one of those feel good stories with no villain.... Read on to enjoy some craziness and love blooming.

Romance / Fantasy
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1. I'm in Love

I was standing in the middle of a street at midnight, shivering partly due to the frigid air. I was anxious due to the darkness surrounding me, and being alone didn’t help. I was scared of the dark from childhood, but this feeling is different. I’m nervous but not apprehensive. My hair tickled me, bringing me back to my senses.

I looked around, trying to recognise anything if possible, but it’s of no use. I can’t seem to identify where I am.

I gathered courage and started strolling. After a few steps, I could see light rays coming from a far-off place. I paced excitedly to the location and blinked my eyes due to the unexpected dazzling light. I slowly opened them only to gasp upon its beauty.

The place is magnificent. It’s surrounded by trees of multiple colored leaves ranging from yellow to dark red. There is a lake in between filled with beautiful swans and pink lotuses. The full moon shone, spreading its aura. The fireflies, with their golden rays, added to its allure. It seemed to be the most attractive place on earth. I instantly fell in love with the place with my fears long forgotten.

I was smitten by the view. I took two steps further towards the lake. I was about to fall, hitting a stone, when a pair of hands held my waist, preventing me from hitting the ground. My one hand went around his neck, supporting myself, and I rested my right hand on his chest, feeling his heartbeat in sync with mine. Both our hearts beat erratically at a much higher rate.

His thumb slowly grazed across my cheek and tucked a few fringes falling onto my face behind my ear. He focused on my face studying it. My hand that rested on his heart slowly moved to his cheek, feeling his light stubble. I looked deep into his eyes and whispered, “I Love You...”

I shouted at the top of my voice, “I Love You,” letting it reverberate through every corner.

“I Love You!”

“I Love You!!”

I woke up falling from my bed with a thud hitting the ground. It’s the same dream I see every night for numerous months. I could feel the tingling sensation of his stubble even now. The dream feels close to reality.

I feel grateful to my soft comforter I am enveloped in for not being hurt. My room is soundproof, luckily, and my parents have no clue about my dreams.

I couldn’t see his face as usual due to the bright lighting. I have this gut feeling that this dream might turn to reality someday. I’m not sure of it, but I chose to wait for The Man In My Dreams. I fell in love with him eventually day by day.

You fall in love the way you fall asleep -- slowly and then all at once. I remember reading it from a friend’s notebook, and it feels true. I began developing feelings for him, and I love him more than myself now. I don’t care about his facial features or anything. I know he’s my penguin. I read Penguins keep searching for their perfect mate till they find the one and never part till death.

I am curious to take a glimpse of his beautiful face, but I am patient to wait. Some things are more charming when they reveal themselves. There’s not much I can do either.

I wonder what he would do once I propose -- Maybe he would kiss me gently or passionately, or he might whisper his love for me back... I hope he won’t disappoint me. I can feel my cheeks picking their color warming up, recalling him.

I stood up, supporting myself, hearing a sound, and grabbed my water bottle feeling thirsty. I found it empty to my luck, and I listened to the clock just struck 4 am. The dream always wakes me up by 4 am.

I climbed downstairs, with my eyes partially closed, fighting back the sleep. I rubbed my eyes, hitting something hard yet soft. I was astonished by its sight.

I hit a man and was confused. He’s tall with a slightly dark golden skin tone, sharp facial features, and short hair. I stare into his caramel eyes, drowning deep into them. Suddenly, realisation dawns upon me.

“I don’t know him.”

“He must be a thief.”

I screamed at the top of my voice, “Amma, Paapa, Bhai.... Chor! Chor!” waking up my family, and I was shut by his hands moments later. He seemed shocked at my sudden call.

He pinned me against the handrail with his hand still covering my mouth. I tried to free myself, but his hold was stronger. He was dangerously close to me -- his breath fanning my face giving me goosebumps.

“I’m not a thief! Alright?” He muttered in a low voice, and I nodded, gesturing to him to release me. I cannot deny the fact that his deep husky voice is enough to make me insane.

As soon as he gave me space, I started screaming again, “Amma, Papa, Come fast! .......” He shook his head as if judging me as the most foolish girl he’d ever met.

Lights were switched on, and My father, Shankar Gupta, walked downstairs worried, followed by my mother and brother.

Rahul, my brother, spotted me along with the thief and strode to me in quick steps. He shrieked out of concern, finding me awake and exclaimed in a concerned voice, “Pari, What happened?”

I looked behind to find the mysterious thief glimpse at me amused, and I presume it’s due to my brother’s way of addressing me, Pari. I like the name, though! “Bhai, There’s a thief in our house. See, I caught him.” I announced my success of the mission with pride, mentally praising myself for being brave - Mission Thief Successful.

My brother’s sight moved across the hall before I heard him, “Where?” I pointed to the man behind me and immediately caught him muttering ‘What the!’ a little louder this time. I instantly turned around, facing him, and insisted in one go, “What? I know you’re a thief. You can keep the money you stole but admit that you’re one.”

I waited a few moments, and upon not receiving his response, I began again, “Are you deaf? I ordered you to admit you’re a thief.” I could hear him clenching his teeth. I was suddenly scared of his anger and chose to take a few steps back.

I hid behind my brother, who brought me forward moments later, and I now faced him. My brother hit my head after a few moments of confusion and declared, holding my ear lightly, “Pari, This is my friend, Arnav Singh Raizada. I talked to you about him. Don’t you remember?”

I gasped in shock at the revelation. I replied in a mocking tone crossing my hands with my fear long gone, “Yes, Of course. The Mr.Smart you proclaim.”

Arnav, The man who isn’t a thief anymore apparently, snarled, “That’s me. Any problem?” fisting his hand.

I kept quiet, shooting daggers at him, not caring to apologize. If he is short-tempered and is the reason for my embarrassment early in the morning, there’s nothing I should feel sorry for.

My brother continued, “Sorry, Arnav. This is my crazy sister, Kushi. You must’ve heard me whining about her naughty acts during our graduation days at Harvard.” Arnav nodded curtly and walked upstairs, excusing himself, not even looking behind once after mumbling “Pagal (Mad)” clearly enough only for me to hear.

My father and mother, who watched everything in silence, walked to me. My father explained with a smile, resting his hand on my head,” Arnav is here on some work. You slept by the time he came yesterday, and we forgot to tell you. He’ll stay for a while. Be nice to him, Pari.” My mother brought me some water which I gulped down, and all of us retired to our rooms.

He stayed in the room adjacent to mine. I took a glance at the closed doors before strolling into my space. My heart skipped a beat as I hurried from there like a frightened kid.

It’s past 7 am, and I walked out of my washroom after a long shower. I picked a peach-colored top paired with white jeans for my first day at college. I got dressed and tied my hair in a ponytail. I put on a little kajal and lip balm and walked out, taking a glance at my reflection in the mirror one last time, appreciating my choice of clothes.

My stomach growled in hunger, and I paced to the dining table, grabbing my backpack after cross-checking everything needed.

I sat down beside my brother after getting myself a glass of milk. That’s when I heard the sound of shoes clicking against the steps, and my gaze shifted involuntarily to the man descending. Arnav was dressed in a three-piece black suit with no stubble and looked perfect. I admired his way of carrying the attire perfectly well.

He walked to us and sat opposite me. My brother greeted him, and I heard him reply. That’s when my mother brought him breakfast and coffee.

My brother started conversing with him, and I silently focused on my plate. All of a sudden, my brother exclaimed, turning to me, “How could you imagine him to be a thief, Pari? Look, He’s very handsome.”

I was frustrated at this point and sneered before grabbing a bite with my fork. “Who? This friend of yours? Not my level.... I’ve seen better.” Arnav stared at me with raised eyebrows as if I’m not even worth a discussion.

My brother remarked, chuckling, “Sure. It must be in your dreams!” I blushed a deep shade of red at this comment recalling The Man In My Dreams. He’s the most handsome man I’ve felt.

I finally finished my breakfast and was about to get up when my brother queried me with a weird smile strangely, “You have a class with ASR today. Don’t you?”

I hit my head lightly for forgetting before whining to my brother about everything I heard of him. “Yes! I have that Laad Governor’s class today. He’s the owner of AR Fashion house and is visiting our college to take a few guest lectures on continuous pleading. It seems he’s arrogant and bad-tempered! His looks of a Greek God is what excites my friends. He has anger at the tip of his nose all the time, it seems... But he’s achieved so much, and I respect his accomplishments at such a young age. Girls in my college are crazy about him...”

I finished telling everything about my new professorr for about a month to my brother, earning a chuckle oddly. All the while, I could feel Arnav’s gaze on me. I occasionally glanced at him, noticing his expressions change from curiosity to anger to a lop-sided smirk.

After I finished my rant about the mighty ASR, my brother questioned me, wiping his mouth with a napkin, “You never saw him, right?” to which I nodded in negative.

My brother chuckled and exclaimed with a tease, “You aren’t crazy about him, probably cause you haven’t seen him. ” I refused straight away and finished before getting up. “I already told you, he can never be more handsome than the people I saw, and I don’t think he is that good-looking. Girls throw themselves on him due to his wealth. Money rules right....”

I noticed my brother winking at Arnav, but I dismissed it. I heard my brother shouting from behind while I paced to the main door, carrying my footwear in my hand, “Have a Blast!”


That’s the first part!


Will Kushi find her dream man?🥰🥰

Arnav and Thief😂😅😇

How will their day in college go? 😉

Thank you for reading,


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