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A Lovestory To Remember

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The wait for June's love is taking longer than I expected. I feel sorry for her, living everyday by waiting.

Romance / Drama
Arjun Surendran
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The Wait

Aaaaah, what a wonderful way to spend the Sunday evening, with a cup of coffee watching the sunset sitting at the front door stairs. With each sip of coffee, the sun slowly goes down so does the coffee but as the sun moves away June will slowly melt. Her eyes will slowly fill with tears and her heart with disappointment. Aaaah, I ruined the wonderful evening, didn't I? But that's the reality, you can dream and pretend your life is beautiful and hope one day your prince will come with the glass of shoe which only fits you and happily ever after. It's only a good bedtime story but reality, aaaaah reality is a crazy bitch.

Every evening, June will sit on her front door's stairs looking down the old stone path expecting her dearest. The sun, tired of the hot day, will finally take a break and will hand over the evening to the moon. While watching the sun going away June will take a deep breath and will murmur something in disappointment and pain. June, waiting at her front door, starts to melt as the shades of the moon start to fall on her feet. As the night begins its cycle June will take a shower. While bathing June always cries in pain in her heart, the water will wash away her tears like a mother. When June comes back Sophie will fly and land on her shoulders. Who is Sophie? if you ask there's a story to hear.
One and half-year before when the loneliness became hard to bear, June tried to end her life by cutting the vein in the left hand. Anyway, she succeeded in cutting the vein but failed to die. After two or three months of treatments and counseling, June found her life back. The doctor suggested a pet for avoiding the feeling of loneliness. Then came the question of which to buy, dog? Dogs are always barking, licking, running, always want attention, and are full of drama, she says. Then try cats, cats are always purring, scratching and cats think they are the boss she replied.
"I think a parrot will solve the crisis," she said.
PARROT!!! How can she choose a parrot over a cat or dog? Anyway, it's her choice.
June bought a white long feathered parrot and named her Sophie. So now you know who Sophie is. Then let's move to the next one on the list, Alfred. Alfred is an old man who lives right next to June, retired from a young life, and now lives with Jack. Jack, who is Jack? don't think too much Jack is Alfred's dog. Jack is also in his old age. Both are in a contest of who dies first, Alferd says that he will die first but Jack barks that he will. Anyway, both of them are not going to die for long sorry for the spoilers. Alfred is short, with grey hair walks like he is going to fall. Alfred doesn't have any teeth in his mouth. Imagine his smile without teeth, but June thinks it's the most beautiful smile in the world.

After the bath, June and Sophie will have dinner together. It's bedtime. With kisses on the cheek, June said good night to Sophie and went to her room. The lights will stay for a long time. From the shelf, she took her diary and the half-empty pen and started to write. The day always starts with the sentence "Another day passed without you" and the day will end with " Miss you dear". Sometimes she will fall asleep on her chair with the diary opened but most of the time after writing the diary she will pick one of the old diaries and will read to live in those old days again. When sleep is near she will put the diary back on the shelf and go to bed to sleep and dream.
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