A Bikers Ruby Amongst Tools

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When a local motorcycle clubs Enforcer Damion has a chance meeting struggling mechanic by the name of Ruby he can't help falling for her. With her body image issues she thinks she is unworthy of love. Especially when the guy looks like Damion. Can Damion show her she is?

Romance / Drama
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Ruby -- Saturday at the bookstore

I always thought of myself as someone plain if not grotesque. I had always been the fat girl with glasses. I never saw myself as anything more then someone's daughter or older sister.

My parents are two attractive people by social standards. My mom an Irish beauty with her porcelain skin, bright hazel green eyes and naturally straight honey brown hair. My father on the other hand was the exact opposite. He has olive skin big brown cow eyes high cheekbones with wavy dark brown hair.

My sister was a perfect combination of the two. Dads eyes skin tone and cheekbones with moms hair and build. She is gorgeous and I had been jealous of her for as long as I could remeber. Everyone always saying how pretty she is and never issues with confidence. She never even had to try to get anyone's attention.

Then there is me. I have Mom's Irish skin with like 100 times more freckles. I also have her eyes but I have Dad's hair cheekbones and unfortunately also his build. Meaning I have my dads plus size frame along with all of the men on my mom's side. I also got my moms short stature. We still don't know where the horrible eyesight came from.

Everyone viewed me as one of the guys and nothing more. It probably didn't help that my sister was the fashion forward preppy type and I was the nerdy geek tomboy who worked on cars and read everything from textbooks to comic books.

So here I am in a bookstore on a Saturday afternoon looking for an automotive book. I was standing there glancing over several books on the mechanics of the newer builds when I catch a glimpse of man who looks sinfully delicious looking biker and another who was much older wearing the same patch. Knowing I'm not any guys type let alone this Adonis looking man.

"Excuse me sweetheart do you know where the section on mythology would be?"

Not realizing the man was talking with me I continued to read through the book.

"Must be some book you don't notice someone talking to you." He said as he lifts my books slightly. Now catching my attention that it was I that he had been speaking to.

"Isn't this a little advanced for you girlie?" His friend says looking at me perplexed.

Being used to this type of thing I wasn't upset. On the contrary, I always took these types of situations as a teaching moment for the person. "Actually I would say it isn't. Seeing I'm trying to learn about how my neighbors new electric motor works compared to his previous car, so I can retain him as a customer at my shop. You see there is a difference in how all three types of vehicles run."

"Sweetheart I doubt you know how to work on an engine."

" Actually the conventional internal combustion engine that is powered by gasoline or diesel fuel. Where you’d normally see the engine block and all the associated parts of a gas engine, in an electric vehicle you’ll find fewer moving parts. The main components of an EV are: Batteries, Controller – which is what takes power from the batteries, coverts the power and passes the current to the motor. And the Electric motor. Then you have a hybrid which of course is a combination of the two. Now of course there are different kinds of motors under each of these."

The older man stood there with his jaw open looking at me once I start explaining how there are also different tools for each kind as well. The younger man letting out a light chuckle before I turn on him.

"Oh and the section you are looking for is the back wall all the way to the left. Have a good day gentlemen." Proceeding to go back to my book. The older man stormed away while the other stayed standing looking at me. "Are you needing something else?"

"I'd actually like to learn your name."

"Why? It's not like you're ever going to see me again."

"My name is Damien. I would just like to know a pretty girls name."

"Oh please like I'd believe that. Go find your friend Damien. I'm sure he's off sulking somewhere." I then walked to the front to buy my books.
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