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Alicia is a 18 year old girl whose just out of high school, during this period she will have to go through alot like the loss of her friends and her boyfriend. Which leads to her suffering from depression that no one knows of. Will she overcome this or will she fall pree to sadness and loneliness.

Romance / Drama
Alicia Tanga Katuta
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The last year of high school

Walking through the halls of the school lockers is Alicia and her three best friends Sabrina, June and prudy. They have been friends since kindagarden they are a lot like sisters to Alicia because she's the only child of her parents.
"Hey are you guys going to the party tonight", says Sabrina. Sabrina was always the outgoing one in the group was known by everyone at school. While prudy was the smartest among them all, a book person but she was fun nevertheless and lastly June and Alicia were pretty much the same smart and most closest.
Yes!!!!!! The three girls answered in usion. The girls then started talking amongst themselves. Omg guys this party is gonna be epic, only a fool would miss this party I heard from a very reliable source that there will be college boys there too,Sabrina said.
That's the more reason we should go , June said.
Really omg yes, prudy said.
Alicia was quiet for a bit trying to disgust everything she just heard, her mom refused her never to go to any parties but she didn't want to let her friends down so she ended up saying yes. The girls chatted along about other things concerning school and whatnot. The bell rung and the run to class, after school Alicia went home. Alicia's parents where middle class people and she never really got everything she wanted but from the looks of things she was content with what she had and her parents adored her for that. They had dinner together, watched a bit of TV and later both her parents went to bed.
Alicia got up from the sofa went into the kitchen cleaned up and went upstairs to repair herself and locked her door then snicked out through the window where her friends were waiting for her. They were just in time up for the party though alot of people where already there it was definitely a fun party people making out everywhere and at first all the girls except Sabrina was uncomfortable but then they got the hung of it and got loose on the dance floor.
As the time went by Alicia got tired and went straight at the beverage stand to have a drink. She got her drink and sat on one of the chairs there, she greeted the guy that was giving out drinks and turned to the position of her drunk friends dancing on the dance floor. Suddenly, she felt as though someone was looking at her she looked around until she noticed a guy on her far left looking at her hungryly.
She looked away for a minute and just thought that he was just a fuckboy, a guy whose intentions is to sleep with different girls without any emotionals attached. However the guy came to where Alicia was sited and took a sit, Alicia felt real uncomfortable but looked confident. Hey my name is Davin, I have been looking at you for some time now and damn I gatta say you are hot. What's your name pretty face?
Hey come on tell me your name, I don't Bite.

Well Mr Davin or whatever your name is am not interested, so go back to your friends and stop wasting both of our time and excuse me I have to get back to my friends. Alicia left the table went back to her friends on the dance floor prudy was so drunk that immediately Alicia came on the dance floor she left to go sit down.
The party was epic Alicia and her friends danced till there feet hurt and drunk a little then left the party.
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