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Anna lives her life from an old past life abyss , which gradually turn her life around to the unknown human being she is know for,a sexy, beautiful, Loving,but dangerous, in every aspect of her mission, she is know as the beautiful, gentle angel of her boss,"Sir Charles" a mysterious under ground master(dark world), she is know for her sweet killer curves and beauty, she joins an underground organization, which main aim is to bring down their opposing team and competitors, using their attraction. She falls in love with Greg Leonard, the son of her boss opposing team, which she was asked to kill, to bring down his father. Will she be able to do so, and please her boss Or will she sacrifice everything for her new found love. But they love conquers all obstacle, will hers be the same or not Since she know the consequences of leaving the organization, will Gray be able to accept who she really is. Read Anna cruell to know what made her go through this proposition of been an underground operative. Suddenly she shocked, as her mother who had left her was now the mother of Gray Leonard, To her she thought it was all a lie, after her first intercourse with him. Unknown to her, there were more to come. Sir Leonard, who she knew was the father of her lover, was the reason her mum left her dad, and also the murderer of her dad, and the reason she had to suffer through out her childhood.

Romance / Thriller
Victory osuji
Age Rating:

Chapter 1:Anna cruell

Hello my name is Anna cruell, a young graduate from high school girls college in California, and my parents are Mr a ND Mrs cruell,we live in an apartment suite, by this year I will be 22 years old, me and my parents lived a happy life until the unexpected happened.
One fateful day my dad gone out for his daily activities happily as always, but unfortunately on coming back, he was sad, unhappy, weak, distress, I could see his mood was bad, and I wondered what had happened to him, over that day, I was worried, I was six years old when all this started, but what stared me was my mum refusal to welcome my dad as usual, was something wrong I thought, I rushed to hug him like usual, but today he stared at me and walked passed me, and walked towards the dinning hall, while my mum stayed upstairs, like she never knew dad was home, if it were other days we will all gather round the dinning, and I will enlighten them on what happened while in school, we all laughed and smiled excitly after haver dinner,after that they both have me a cute perk before going to back, that was how we always spent the whole afternoon, but why was our house moody today.

Suddenly my dad got up from where he had been sitting for a while, and sluggishly walked upstairs towards their room, I followed him gradually, so as to not make any sound or suspicion from my dad,I needed to know what had gone wrong, he opened the door of there room, my mum was sitting quietly on the bed, and he closed the door behind him, was he serious, I tiptoe towards the door as I placed my ears closer to the doors, after some while my dad spoke up, with the few I had, I think someone was threatening my dad over my mum, was that he wanted my mum who was married?
Dad:“who is he"
Mum:“his just my friend"
“do you also know he is my boss"
“Chris, I married to you know, we don't have anything in common for goodness sake, I told you that over the phone, didn't I"
“you did, but do you also know we are about to leave on the street like beggars, how will our daughter feel about this, how do we take care of her, do you know he has threatening my of losing my job and my daughter, if I don't give you a divorce letter, why is he so interested in a married woman, for God sake, am fed up"
She was speechless, and also confused , I could see tears dropped down from her eyes, as I looked through the tiny hole in the door handle, who was this man, that was bent on destroying my life and future,
“chris, I love you and only you" she said as she went on her knees in front of him, crying holding the Hem of his trousers.
I felt pity, as they both exchange word, and after some minutes Every where was silent, I think they heard me crying silently, suddenly the door opened and they were both standing at the door entrance,
“sweet heart, you weren't supposed to hear what your parents are talking, and it is wrong to spy on two adults be while taking" my dad had said to me gently, does he know what am going through, finding out another is about to tear my family apart.
“sweetheart no one can separate us"
To me it was just a joke, as I sit beside the lonely beach, with my head between my knees, as I remember my past and what had become of me.
Life had become like a wave, as I suffer alot from the abssy, the once happy family gradually turned out to be an aboard for quarrels, fight, exchange of words and many more, I was going nut, while I watch them argue so carelessly, they never mind what I was passing through, while I watch them quarrel, to them, I was the last thing on their minds, but the man, who caused me this pain, I shall make WRATH with him, and I will make sure he never finds peace any where he is, I must find him, and he must tell me what I did wrong to him, and to his family and children, I will make them suffer for every pain I passed through while growing.
I got up from where I had been sitting for the past four hours, it was time to return to my family, The Charles, he took me from the street, I had been staying for months,as my parents went their separate ways living only me to face life battles, and struggles, my only obligation to that family was to obey and serve them with the last drop of my blood, and even in my last breath I will still save his family from all harm.
My next mission starts from here, as my phone ringed.
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