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Raising Reece

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The birth of a child and a love that blossoms so wildly it will make you want to read to completion. It is the type of book I want to read but nobody has written it. Please feel free to comment 😊

Romance / Other
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A birth

My eyes burned and back ached. My body felt like lead but I had a smile across my face as I stared down into my arms.

My daughter is the cutest thing when she naps. Her little hands always tucked into her chest and her little thumb tucked into her mouth with the slightest bit of drool was absurdly adorable in my eyes. She was born in the midst of a storm that hit the town ever so suddenly. I remember 27 mph wind and rain like knives against our home. My friend, Emery, had come over to help me do chores since I was as big as a cow. The only thing I managed to do was fold the laundry and take a nap while he was in the kitchen cleaning up. Then, ever so abruptly I woke up to the worst cramp in my side ever.

The sharp pains came one after the other. My body was heavy and my breathing was even heavier. I yelled for Emery to come and help me. He dropped a few mugs before kneeling before me trying to ask me what was happening. I found it hard to talk with out whimpering. My belly was twitching, sweat was pouring down my face, and my legs had officially gave in the a way Emery's well intended cakes fall soon after he pull them out the oven. I ended up writhing on the floor on my way to the phone but collapse almost instantly. I felt a massive pressure in my groin before I had the most uncontrollable urge to push but my attempt was feeble. Nothing happened but the pain was getting worse.

Screaming was all I could do. Emery pushed my hair out of my face and gave me some instruction to breath. I tried to heed his advice the best I could but I was starting to get lightheaded. My contractions seemed to get impossibly close together and my involuntary pushing gave Emery the cue to check out what exactly was going on because lord know I was not in any mindset to know what to do. He made a swift decision to carry me to my bed and help me through hell the best he could. I remembered blood, felt a need to push and push, then a small cry graced my ears as I looked up at Emery tearful eyes before I got really sleepy and saw nothing but darkness.

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