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the new kid

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Maddison finds herself with the new kid. they go on a first date and find themself stargazing. will fate decide? or will Maddison think otherwise

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I'm sitting here in my English class bored out of my mind when I see a very hot boy sitting next to me. he must be new because I've never seen him before. I ask him ''what's your name.'' he says in a very deep voice '' max. What's yours, also why you asking? '' I'm a little taken aback by this considering I was just being friendly that's all. right. '' just curious. my name is madison, we should hang out sometime after school.'' I suggest trying to hide me practically drooling over his chiseled abbs that you can clearly see through his shirt. I mean seriously what was that boy thinking. '' sure where would you like to go.'' he says in a tone that almost makes me melt. '' uh- how about the -uh ice cream shop downtown.'' I say stuttering. '' sure I'll pick you up at six-thirty, how does that sound. ''p-perfect.'' I say as he chuckles and then gets up as the bell rings.

it's around six-thirty when I hear the doorbell ring. I open the door to find max dressed in a black t-shirt and ripped jeans. his hair is slicked back and he looks just a little bit hotter than he did this morning. '' shall we.'' he says, in a way that almost makes me die inside. '' we shall. '' I say in a flirtation way. he walks me out to his car and he opens the passenger side door and motions for me to get in. I get in and he shuts the door and walks to his side of the car and gets in and we drive off. he says '' you know Maddison I just moved here and I appreciate you hanging out with me. nobody really likes to hang out with the new kid.'' ''well, I think I kinda like the new kid.'' I say punching his firm bicep. '' hmm is that so, because I think you're starting to grow on me.'' he says. I hope that won't be the only thing that grows tonight if you catch what I'm putting down.
we get to the ice cream shop and he opens the door for me and we take our orders. he orders a mint chocolate chip cone with sprinkles. I order a vanilla cone with mnm's and Oreos. we walk outside and get back in the car. we are halfway done with our ice cream when he reached over and licks my cone. ''hey that's not nice!'' I exclaim. '' well then you might not like this'' he says. he smashes his remaining ice cream into my nose. I let out a laugh and say '' two can play it that way.'' it's a downright war we step out of the car covered in ice cream and he says '' I guess were are going to have to go down to the lake and wash off. when we should watch as the sunsets and then stargazing.'' he wants to stargaze with me! I think for a moment and then say ''that would be great.''
I watch him very closely as he takes his shirt off and jumps in the lake and motions for me to come to join him. I step into the cold lake and swim towards him, and jump into his arms and screen '' it's freezing!''
we get out of the lake and we walk back over to his truck and dry off with his spare gym towels. we set the bed of his truck up for stargazing and lie there and talk about just how pretty the stars are.
around twelve am we get back in the car and he drops me off. before he lets me out he kisses me deeply sending butterflies to my stomach. I kiss back. he says '' well Maddison I really enjoyed tonight. ''me too. thank you.'' I walk inside and stare dreamily out the window, thinking was this all a dream?

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