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Best Friends F̶o̶r̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ Moreover

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Meet Johann & Cecile, best friends since ever. But nothing stays the same with a lottery prize of a trip for two at Bikini Beach. (from Mon ami to Mon chéri real slow story)

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Chapter 1

“We won a ticket for two!”, she squealed loud enough to reach the guardhouse of the subdivision. “OMG! I’m so so excited!! It’s gonna be the best days of my life~”, she said in a hum, dancing and jumping simultaneously on top of his mattress.

It’s Saturday and they’d always hang out at each other’s place on weekends.

“Enjoy your trip”, he stated nonchalantly.

“Hey, don’tcha dare say that”, she said in a pout, “you know I can’t leave without you Hon~”

“You can. You have a perfectly fine pair of legs, and a brain to go with those.”

“But my heart, Hon, is left with you”, she went out of the bed and drew closer and pulled him by the arm, “Honey~” she pouts with her brows creased.

“I'm not talking to a 6-year old girl in a tantrum, am I?”

Her pout turns into a devilish grin as if she thought of a very bright idea. “You see”, she said sensually touching his well-toned biceps, “I heard that that beach has every hot foreign girl you can name. Blondes, brunettes, busty ones, with a fine pair of peach booty, and oooh pink cun" and he smacked her. “Aww!”

“What do you take me for? Am I sexually frustrated? Tsk. I have a list of girls on line up”, he said smugly.

“Of course Hon, you’re a good man and a very good one who graciously accompanies his best friend in all her expeditions”, she winks with a knowing smile.

He pushes her face away with just a palm and retorts, “I might as well agree, but why do you have to gush about a ticket you won online? You’re not broke, are you?"

“I sure am not~ It’s just that, it’s Andi’s family’s. He’d surely be there, and he might think I’m such a loser if I go there alone, by myself, with no one to behold in moments when I’m cold. So pretty please?”, she pouts again with large puppy-dog eyes.

“It’s summer, Cece. There couldn’t be ‘moments that I’m cold’ imitating her dramatic line with the same dramatic voice, only that his was said in sarcasm as he rolled his eyes at her. “But, fine. I'll go with you, but I won't have to lift a single penny from my pocket."

“It's all on me." she grinned from ear to ear. "Thank you so mush, Hon!” she hugged him tightly, “I knew you couldn’t resist my charm”, she said giggling. “I’ll be right back. I’ve got a lot to prepare”, she sent him a flying kiss and made her way out.

“I’d go there just for the hot girls!” he yelled just right when she was by the door.

She shouted back without looking back, “If you say so, Hon”.

And he did not miss her knowing laugh at the end, so he just shook his head with a smile and readied his stuff.

Andi was her ex-best co-worker who is now her ex-boyfriend’s boyfriend.

Johann ′Yohan’ is nicknamed “Han” which is pronounced the same as ′Hon’. Only Cecile “Cece” ‘Ses’ can (or has the audacity to) call him “Hanny” pronounced the same as ‘Honey’ just to tease him.

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