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Until The Very End

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Until The Very End is a story of two young men who went and experienced bullying. Though their lives were unalike – one is a billionaire while the other isn’t financially stable at his home – it did not stop them from being friends. But somehow, that simple friendship turned into something that their heart cannot hide. Struggles, pain, and suffering made their way while two beating hearts were about to join as one. Unfold and see if a happy ending is possible for the two.

Romance / Drama
P. B. Adamson
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: His Worst First Day

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The noise of the digital alarm clock wakes him up from his deep sleep as he stretched out his hands to turn it off. It was a fine Monday of the second week, the month of September. He opened his eyes, place his arms in his sides and muttered himself five words with a three-second pause each. “This. Day’s. Gonna. Kill. Me.

A few minutes later after lying abed, he got up and walk in the direction of the window. He widely opens the curtain and took a glimpse outside. The sun flew high along with the white fluffy clouds. He feels the breeze run passed through his face.

He faced back to his room. It was handsome as ever. Though most of the things and items he has are in colour black and white, which is very dull to others perception and taste, that makes his room beautiful and unique. Two or so feet away stands his computer desk and on top was, of course, a dual monitor computer. A white bedside table where his digital alarm clock and other things he usually uses, such as a phone, located on the other side of his bed. On the front of the bed hanged a large smart television and under it was a little wood cabinet. On its left was a big open shelf where his favourite figures located. Beside it stands a black wardrobe. The large room was divided into two by a large aquarium. On the other side, there were three doors. One leads to the bathroom, one leads to his huge closet room, and one heading out of the room. Paintings were seen hanged up.

Inside his very tranquil and hushed room, the rang of his phone placed on the bedside table broke his solitude. After minutes of ringing, he answered it and lied once more in bed. Irritation and laziness filled inside him.

“Hello, uncle,” he said in a lazy tone, and continued “Yeah, I know. Today is the start of my horrifying school year. Please, one last time, don’t make me.”

“You have too. I told you millions of times you have to. For your educational background and the company’s present information. Once done in college, you can spend your time here or go travel the world. At this time, I’ll be the Chairman and the CEO of our company,” replied an old voice of his uncle.

Can I skip today’s school? I promise to start tomorrow,” he asked, placing his left hand on his forehead.

“No. Today’s the first day. Surely I can’t let you miss it,” his uncle said. “Wash yourself, eat up and meet me at your favourite restaurant. I’ll drive you off to your school.”

“There will be no need for that, uncle. I can drop myself at school. Thank you,” thanked Matt.

“If that makes you comfortable,” said his uncle with a disappointed sigh then hanged up.

Matt faced the ceiling of the room and hardly thought of anything he shall do once at school to avoid troubles. Minutes later, he drove himself to the bathroom where he slipped because of the few drops of water scattered on the floor.

After a shower, he picked up his phone and called his uncle.

“Hello, uncle. No, I changed my mind. I would appreciate it if you drive me to my school,” he began after his uncle answered the call.

“Tell me what is wrong. You wouldn’t change your plans nor decisions real quick if there are hindrances,” his uncle said plainly.

“Well, since I do not know this school yet, it came across my mind that it would consume my preparation time to look for the school’s parking lot if I use one of my cars,” he explained briefly.

His uncle agreed and replied, “Yeah, it will. See you then.”

Matt hanged up. He noticed the time on his phone. It was at half-past seven. Immediately he ran down the stairs to prepare his breakfast. But because he was running late, he just prepared a sandwich and a coffee.

After taking his poor breakfast, he proceeds to the living room and grabbed his backpack he prepared last night, then outside. Without looking where he was going, he slipped again for the second time but this time, on the steps soaked in water.

He tried to find his phone on his backpack to call his uncle to wait a bit longer, but it wasn’t there. So, he entered his house again and up to his room. There his phone was, lying abed. He picked it up and called his uncle once more.

“I’m sorry. I’ll be there in 10 minutes,” he quickly said and hanged up.

At the restaurant, where his uncle said he had to meet him, he saw the white car. It was his uncle, so he went on.

“Sorry, I’m late,” he apologized, after getting in the car.

“What took you so long?” the uncle questioned him.

“I did not notice the time when I woke up. Maybe I set the alarm at a different time or I forgot to set another one,” he responded, looking annoyed. “Please, let’s just go.”

Silence filled both of them as his uncle started the engine.

The car stop when the traffic light turned red.

“Do you think I should go by walk?” he finally asked his uncle after five minutes of waiting on his seat.

No. Why would I let you take the hard way?” his uncle disagreed and chuckled.

“I don’t know. It’s… Look, this is my first day and you want it to be perfect. I don’t think it will be if I am late. Here, it’s 7:45 already. 15 minutes left then the class will start,” he explained as he reaches his right arm and showed his watch.

“No need. Look, we can go,” his uncle pointed to the traffic light as it turns to green.

His uncle began driving again.

Finally, they made it to school.

Summer is perfect. I don’t need to attend college when I am a CEO,” Matt said to himself.

“Before you go, take this,” his uncle handed him a piece of dollars.

“Uncle! I have money,” he exclaimed in disbelief. “There will be no need for you to give me money. I brought enough money for today and I will withdraw on my bank account once I ran out or when I need more.”

“But, this is what I see to other parents. They gave their sons or daughters or children allowances,” his uncle responded with a smile.

Matt did not answer nor gave a sign he accepted his uncle’s money.

“I wanted to be those kinds of parents,” his uncle said, looking downhearted.

“I’m sorry, uncle. Thank you for the money,” Matt finally pocketed his money, let out a big smile and continued, “I’ll let you do anything you see on other parents. I want you to be happy. If this makes you happy, go with it.”

“Also, give yourself a date. There are plenty of women you can go with. Or much better, get yourself a girlfriend. It would be nice if you have one,” the uncle burst out the moment Matt pushed the door of the car open.

WHAT?!” he exclaimed and asked, lacking belief. “No. My goal here is to finish college for my background. Unless this is what you really wanted for me.”

No, no, no. Forget it. You may go. You’re late, aren’t you?” his uncle said as if he did not say anything more surprising.

“Okay, okay. Be careful then,” Matt said, calming himself down. He turned around and began walking.

“It would be a pleasure to meet her tonight!” his uncle teased him after a couple of steps.

Matt walked back to his uncle’s car and said in a low voice, “No date, no women, only school. And, my secretary said, there is a board of directors waiting for you at exactly eight this morning. Better to drive yourself straight to the company.”

“I don’t remember anything about a second meeting this year. Is there any concerns that I needed to know?” the uncle asked in confusion.

“Nothing. I was kidding. Bye, uncle,” he waved his uncle a goodbye while taking a step backwards.

Walking straight into the campus, he feels alone seeing those fellow colleges with their friends. But it was not a big deal for him though. His thought is full of unusual words to hear like “I was here to finish college not to make friends” or “Stupid people! How can they stand with such many people?

Maybe introverts would say that and bringing it up, Matt is genuinely an introvert person. He doesn’t like too many people on his sides or hated being surrounded by so many. Long useless conversation drives him mad easily. He likes small talks as long as it is meaningful and topics are the one he likes to talk about.

While walking, there was a scream followed by laughter that he had missed. He was too busy thinking and he does not care about his fellow colleges.

Hey, cutie boy. Nice pants!” shouted a male voice from afar.

The laughter was now even louder.

It was his first time to turn around to know what was happening, and there was it. All of them are looking straight at him, laughing and giggling. A panicked face showed on his face. They were everywhere. Most of them are a group of friends standing, others were with their friends, others were on the benches. But, what caught his eyes first was the group of friends standing near the old oak tree. They were eleven, at least to his right count.

“How scared you are that you peed on your pants?” asked the same voice from before, coming from one of the guys on the oak tree.

All of them made their way to where was Matt at. They look normal, and most of them were good looking. Students on the campus fell their attention on this group of friends. The bullies.

Taking that question so awkward after seeing his own pants wet, he marched away.

“Did your grandpa kiss you goodbye? Oh, grandpa kiss me cause I’m feelin’ nervous wah, wah, wah,” the same voice said, imitating a baby.

Everyone hollered out in laughter.

“You know, acting a baby makes you a baby. Be wise of your next move,” Matt warned him confidently.

“Look, no one has…” the guy said but was interrupted by a woman’s voice.

“Zander, for the love of the earth, shut up!” screamed the women’s voice. “Honestly on the first day, this is you? You literally bullied every new student and later on became your friends.”

“I don’t want to make friends with a crybaby. Who wants to, anyway?” Zander replied to the women but keeping an eye on Matt.

“Neither I am. I don’t want to make friends with a complete pathetic loser who keeps seeking attention from others and feel himself as a stupid celebrity,” Matt said with his voice full of hatred.

“Nobody speaks to me like that.”

“Oh, what are you? A God? And these are your saints?”

“What? You foul…”

“I pity your saints. They just stand there, waiting for another nonsense words of yours and burst out on laughter.”

“Stop saying…”

“What are they, anyway? A display just to make you cooler and more manly?

“Can you…”

“Could you act more kindly? I mean, introduce me to your saints. I’d love to meet them.”

“Another word from you and…”

“And what? Punish me ’till death according to the consequences of your cult?”

“A-a cult?”

“Yeah, a cult. You know. Just like you guys.”

“Listen here, you com…”

“May I join your cult? It would be perfect if your cult is getting more members.”

“Hey, cut it out alrea…”

“Hmm, Zander’s Cult or Groups of Saints: Adore Zander, Our Leader.”

“Enough with...”

“Ordering me to stop? No, I won’t stop. I’d like to meet your saints, Zander.”

I SAID ENOUGH!” Zander finally shouted.

There was no laughter after Zander bellowed. They were utterly fixed to their positions. Both Zander and Matt stood face to face and in between was the woman from earlier. Zander’s friends stood behind him. Their faces and thoughts were hard to read. Everyone seemed amazed and shocked at the same time at how Matt responded and cut Zander’s words.

“Look, no one has ever spoken to me such nonsense things. Better for you to go home and let your mommy wash your butt. Mommy, mommy wash my butt” Zander said and imitated a baby again.

Matt waited for the students to laugh but, they were all serious and waiting for his response. And he repeated the same words he said earlier but now slowly and softly, “You know, acting a baby makes you a baby. Be wise of your next move.

“Or else what? Daddy, someone is bullying me at the school,” he imitated a baby for the third time.

Matt grabbed Zander’s tie and punched him in the stomach twice. When Zander let a moan and bent over due to the pain, Matt raised his right elbow and struck it to Zander’s back causing him to lie on the cold ground.

“I warned you to be wise of your next move. If I had known that you are as weak as a baby, I wouldn’t hurt you,” Matt said, arranging his clothes.

Matt’s attack was very quick that no one had pulled him to stop. And Zander’s friends panicked that they don’t fight back. Matt stood for a moment, watching Zander on the ground and went on. Everyone was looking flabbergasted and some were looking scared.

“Hey, hey! Sorry about earlier. When we were in high school, Zander couldn’t do much any better than bullying new student. My name’s Hailey. Hailey Amber,” the woman from before approached Matt with a huge smile on her face as he arrived in the locker hall.

Matt stood there and opened his locker. He was avoiding Hailey’s words, but it seems rude if he ignores a woman who stands up with him so seconds later he said without looking at her, “It was nothing. Thanks though.”

“Aren’t you gonna clean yourself? You – … It’s – … Well – …” she started stuttering, gazing to Matt’s pants.

Dirty?” Matt asked, closing his locking then started examining his pants.

What happened to you?” she answered in a question form.

“I slipped on the steps there at my house, and I did not notice my pants were soaked wet,” he explained while searching for something in his backpack.

“Why would you not notice it? Anyone will fe…” she asked for the third time but was cut off when Matt suddenly spoke.

“I was running late, okay?” he said to put it all simple and make sense to Hailey. “Now, excuse me. I have to get myself wash off.”

“Right,” she responded.

He found what he was looking for in the backpack. It was an Airpod and he placed it to his both ear, walking again outside. Students must have gone to their room respectively as it seems so quiet and can hardly see one when he passes through where he had hit Zander.

The next thing he did is wait for a taxi. When a taxi stopped in front of him, he did not hesitate to open the door and commanded the driver, “The nearest mall, please.

While on the drive, he remained silent and gazed at the window outside. Moments later, the taxi stopped and the driver said in a coarse voice, “You are here, sir.”

Matt handed him money and get out of the taxi.

He marched into the mall and made his way into the clothes shop. He went to the Men’s section and look for pants that will suit him.

“May I help you sir?” a sales lady clerk came.

“Sure. How much for this one?” he questioned the lady as he pulled out one simple black pants.

“It costs five hundred dollars, sir,” the lady answered.

“Do you accept credit cards?” Matt asked nervously, thinking it would be strange for her to handle him a credit card worth billions. The lady nodded. Then he goes on saying, “Where is the fitting room? I’d like to wear it now, my pants are wet.”

The retail sales lady taught him the direction to the fitting room, and Matt motioned her to follow. After a minute or so, he comes out.

“What do you think?” he asked the lady.

“You look exceptionally gorgeous, sir. Fits right!” exclaimed the lady clerk with a blush on her face.

Matt was indeed looking awesome. As a matter of fact, lots of women look in his direction whenever they saw him inside of their company, every mall he had gone to, anywhere he had taken himself. The thing is, Matt wasn’t into a relationship. He noticed every woman who keeps a strange glare at him, but he sees all of them as a complete stranger. They literally are strangers.

Both of them headed to the checkout counter. Matt pulled out his wallet and handed his credit card limited to $100,000.

“I can’t seem to have access to this sir,” said the lady, wearing a face of sadness yet forcing herself to smile after swiping Matt’s credit card.

Once more, he gets his wallet and scrupulously pulled out his credit card that worth billions. The lady on the counter handed him his credit card while he gave her his another credit card. There was a shocked on the lady’s face.

“How old are you, sir?” the retail sales lady asked him, swiping the card.

23,” he lied.

“Do you have work?”

“I’m sorry?”

“This is a very rare card to be in your possession. Of all customers that visited our store, I think you are the youngest to have such a big card. And as far as I know, it is needed at least to spend $350,000 a year on this credit card.”

“Oh, well. Thanks for this.”

He marched out of the store and wait again for a taxi.

He entered the campus and took a peek at his watch. Half-past eight. He was late for thirty minutes.

Sprinting all the way to his classroom, he found it empty except for a janitor.

“Hurry up, boy! All college students were called upon for a seminar or somethin’ in the Lecture Hall!” the janitor said, looking worried.

“Sorry. I am new here. Where exactly is this Lecture Hall?” Matt asked.

“On the second building, took the lift to the second floor and then left. The first door on the right is the Lecture Hall,” the janitor instructed him nicely.

“Thanks,” he plainly said and ran away.

He followed every word the janitor had told him. There it was, the large wooden door. He inhaled and exhaled then opened the door.

“Sorry for being late,” Matt admitted as he entered the theatre-like room full of students.

“What is the reason behind your lateness, Mr?” the professor on the stage, in his 50’s, asked him. He did not like the tone of voice of this professor. He sounded like he’s embarrassing Matt in front of everyone.

“I had a phone call,” he lied. He definitely can tell that this professor does not like him.

A phone call?

“I think that was what I just said.”

“How rude of you. A phone call that lasted thirty minutes?”

“Well, at least not an hour. It would be great though.”

“Does that mean you wanted another phone call?”

“No. I hate it, but in this case, I’d rather pick another phone call than listen to your absolute nonsense questions.”

“How very nice. Why would choose to pick up a phone call over than attend a seminar which, of course, can help you as you grow with this fascinated university?”

Could your stupid seminar help my mother who was dying in the hospital? What kind of school is this anyway? I heard that lots of professors are excellent and nice, but the way this old man talks to me seems like this school is run by people with mental issues.”

“I see you lack manners, Mr.”

“Because I am talking to an ill-mannered professor.”

“I don’t think you deserve to study in this kind of university.”

“And do you think I’d like to go and finished college when I already have a perfect and stable life? IF IT WASN’T FOR MY UNCLE, I WOULDN’T BE HERE!

“Very well. You may take your seat.”

Matt didn’t thank the professor for ending their argument. No one will ever do such a thing. He was uncomfortable with everyone yet he feels powers run through his vein. He did not even mind that he shouted at the professor, he thought the professor deserved to be shouted as he made the simple made-up phone call a big deal.

He sat at the back where the rear is highest than those on the fronts. He kept his Airpod on to listened to music.

After classes, he went to his locker to get his wet pants from before. While placing the pants on his backpack, a piece of paper fell on the floor. He had a hard time picking it up for so many students were in the locker hall.

He opened the paper and it wasn’t just paper. A letter. And he was more curios because the bottom part of the paper was torn out. The letter says:


Meet me up tomorrow after class at my favourite restaurant, Nanny’s.

I wanted to talk to you. You seem brilliant. See you there!


R?” he mumbled, confused.

“Hey there! I thought you would back up with that ugly, terrifying professor,” said a women voice at his back. It was Hailey.

“You heard those?” he asked, as he turned around and hide the letter to his back.

“Yes. I’m a freshman too, so I was there and I heard everything,” she replied with a smile. She dropped her eyes on Matt’s hand that was placed on his back, “What you got there?”

At first, he hesitated and showed the letter, “Strange, isn’t it? Do you think I should meet this person?”

“Yes. During high school, I receive one letter like this. They had to make sure that the locker hall is clear and empty before they dropped their letter at my locker. When I finally meet the person behind the letter, he became my first boyfriend. You never know what this person wanna talk about. Maybe this person wants friends. We never know. I shall get going, bye.” Hailey said.

“Bye,” he responded in a whisper.

He closed his locker and kept the letter in his hand. He reads it a million times. When he finally arrived at his house, he sat on his couch and let out a very deep sigh. It was his worst first day that happened in his life.

Moments later, he fell asleep on the couch. Well, at least he can rest now after that Zander and that professor made his first day, his first death. The letter was still in his hand. He hardly thought of who would write him a letter. Or was the person who inserted the letter mistakenly insert it to the wrong locker? Was the letter really meant for him?

IMPORTANT NOTE: This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is exclusively coincidental.

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