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Her Fallen Bride

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This is just a short romance fiction I wrote while having coffee. "She was there but she kept quiet. Held in her tears when her lover faked a smile." They knew that their union was meant to be destroyed, yet they both strived. Yet maybe their doom was destined, Perhaps their souls were aligned. Fate created their ship, and the waves assembled merely to carry them ashore. If future stands on her side, Will she be able to celebrate her fallen bride?

Romance / Drama
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Their beginning and my end


“There she is”, announced a wrinkled beauty as her eyes began to sweat. And, there she was, walking that aisle like a Swan. She looked like the maiden from my dreams. Ocean-deep Eyes, twinkling as they looked at me. Those Golden shiny ombre ripples, lapping over each other like waves, planting gentle kisses on her forehead as they flowed down her blushed cheeks and laced shoulders. Her smile was brighter and fresher than the flower bouquet in her hands.

“You are supposed to be the groom, or, if you ask, I won't mind marrying her.”
Tony whispered to me bringing me back to reality.

“You stand no chance, she's mine,” I replied proudly, but it felt a bit weird. Maybe because I didn't have anything else to be proud of; or maybe because this feeling was just transient.

Mr Mercer came towards me and handed her over to me, with a look that said, “I entrust my treasure to you.” As he brushed a tear-off from his face.
I held it tighter but gently, so it doesn't feel uncomfortable for her and answered, “Rest assured, It's mine now.”
But she pulled her hand back, maybe out of shyness.

We walked towards the stage. The sync of our footsteps proving what a perfect match we were. Although I still doubted whether I am good enough for her.

I know it is rude to ignore what people say, especially the one reciting vows during your own wedding but I was spellbound. You can say I was wandering lovesick around like Adam in my own imaginary Eden. But I was brought back to reality again...
“Do you take the person, whose hand you hold, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?”
I examined her eyes. As they say, ‘Eyes can be more honest than the Tongue.’I knew it was wrong, I did know it. But I can't neglect the statement her eyes gave. Without reasoning further, I responded, “No, I don't.”

Her eyes lost sight of the bouquet, as they gazed at me. I was confused by the look and regretted what I did. And there was the thing I waited long for, that genuine smile and that tiny teardrop.
The priest didn't blink, mesmerized by my good looks, or to be honest, in shock.
Mr Mercer came up to me and started flooding me with questions.

I glanced around, busy searching for a shred of evidence. Seeing me occupied Tony pushed me and what I saw was a true miracle. I felt like for the first time in my life, God is by my side.
“I was right. I always am.” I thought to myself as I ran towards the second window and pulled the curtain aside. There she hid.
The red-haired, tall figure wore glasses and wrapped a scarf around herself, to make herself unrecognisable. But, being the failure that she was, she failed here too, as she can't hide away from me.
I grabbed her hand and brought her to the stage.

Everyone wondered who she was. I took her glasses to show them a failure's eye.
“I love this stranger, I do a lot, but not as much as your daughter does,” I said while I removed the scarf, just to reveal a sweet face, ready to fail again.
“What are you trying to say? What do you mean?”Mrs Mercer yelled as she raised her hand to hit me, only to be stopped by The Stranger. Her hand lost grip of mine and I lost track of her.

“I'm sorry Aunty, but I won't be able to live in guilt.”I paused for a second, took a deep breath, looked at Tiffany standing aloof and emotionless then continued, “She is Yasmin, my elder sister and also the person your daughter's heart desires.”
And the slap that took off a minute ago, landed on the destination id. est. My face.
I looked up and pointed towards Tiffany, being steadied by Yasmin.
The way she cried and let her worries out, the way Yasmin held her tears and tried to comfort her, let's forget the fact that the situation was the same for both.
“If someday, me and Tiffany land in the same situation together. Where I am being spoken ill of, I don't think I would be reliable, I would give up straight before she does.”

Everyone was quiet, and there wasn't a single sound for a whole period of 2 minutes.
Mr Mercer then walked towards the table and glowed at me. He poured a glass of water and passed it to Yasmin. She let Tiffany have the water first and Tiffany too, had a sip and asked Yasmin to have some.
The old man broke the silence by saying, “I never expected my daughter-in-law to be cuter than my daughter. Let's get you ready Miss. Bride.”
Mrs Mercer turned to me and quoted, “A gentleman is one whose mind is humorous and heart is pure.” while patting me on the shoulders.
“You're flattering me, Aunty.”
“YOU? I was talking about my husband.”


If I married Tiffany that day, then I wouldn't have been able to tell you about my selfless great sacrifice and how good of a person I am. I wouldn't have been able to meet you, been comforted by you. I wouldn't have been able to drive you to meet their little princess; nor would I have been able to ask their help in proposing you today.

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