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Our Future. A Koduki fanfic

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Kodoshi is this quiet shy kid who is bullied. Here past is ruff but she pretends everything is all right. Will Kodoshi know Yuki is her soul mate? Warning: Blood/Gore Lgbtq+ Swearing My messed up self

Romance / Drama
Rainbow Kittiey
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Please don't hurt me

3rd Pov:
Kodoshi was a very quiet child after she lost her eyes. She never really liked her eyes any way. She could still see but not in color. The only person who cared about her was her grandmother. Sadly Her grandmother had died when Kodoshi was 7. She tried to climb into her grandmother's coffin. Her mother pulled her out of it.

After the funeral, Kodoshi was dragged to the basement, where she lived. Her mom chucked her across the room so Kodoshi hit the wall. "YOUR A WORTHLESS PIECE OF SH*T! YOU SHOULD JUST GO F*CKING DIE! NO ONE WOULD CARE ANY WAY!" Kodoshi's mom said, kicking her.
Kodoshi's mom continued to beat her up. Finally taking out a knife, her mom and stabbed Kodoshi in the side. Her mom left her daughter bleeding on the floor and said "Go clean the house and make supper, you unlovable piece of trash!" With that she was gone.
Kodoshi slowly got up and pulled the knife from her side. She heard the crack of one of her ribs. She limped into the bathroom. She found the hydrogen peroxide and bandages. She sprayed some of the peroxide on the bandages and began to wrap it around her side. She felt the sting of the peroxide against her open wound. She finally finished wrapping her wound. She washed her hands think about where she had put her favorite thing in the world. She finished washing her hands and limped upstairs to start making supper. Even though she wasn't aloud to eat, she loved baking.
She made her mom's favorite foods. That includes waffles, soba, pizza, browies, and ice cream. She also had vodka, whiskey, and more alcoholic beverages. "Madam! Diner is ready!" Kodoshi yelled. Her mom staggered into the dining room already in a drunken state. "Come here," her mom said. Kodoshi limped forward, her mom smacked her and said "No one will ever care for you! Go to you f*cking room!"
Kodoshi didn't mind being slapped anymore but it still hurt. She limped to the basement door, down the stairs, and into the bathroom.
Kodoshi's Pov:
I locked the door behind me. I found my favorite and only friend in this messed up place. My razor, she had dried blood on it from one of my beatings but she was still my friend. I put her on my wrist and made not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 slits on both of my wrists.. I washed her off and put her away for tomorrow. I ran the water on my wrists until the bleeding halted. I wrapped my wrist in a bandage.
I unlocked the door to the bathroom and limped to my closet. I found my Grandma's favorite long sleeved shirt. It had cute little pictures of cute girls from her favorite manga and it smelled like her. I miss her so much

Time skip to when she is 16:
I was just hanging out with Kirishima when Yuki, the most popular and the hottest girl in school, walked in. Everyone had a crush on her or was her friend. Luckily, Kirishima didn't hang out with her 24/7. Bakugou normally hung out with Kirishima and I. Todoroki hangs out with us for a while along with Deku. That is my group. All of them were popular and I'm here being a bullied, shy, quiet, and hated kid. Yuki went to sit down next to me and all of a sudden she was going to slap me!
Yuki's pov:
I sitting down when I noticed Kodoshi next to me. I started to wave when all of a sudden, she said in a very quiet and scared voice, "Please.. Don't hurt me."

HA I finished a chapter! Happy Day!! Please stand by for next Chapter
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