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Sweet Temptations

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Anya owns a small bakery on the outskirts of Washington DC. She runs, works and loves on her German Shepherd. She and her dog were just living life when Jason comes in and offers to show her just how sweet temptation can be. Jason is a university professor of psychology with a specialty in human body language. After having his heart broken once, he never thought he would find another woman he would take interest in. But when he steps into Anya's bakery, his imagination is immediately captured and he can't wait to show Anya the sweeter darkness of humanity.Any

Romance / Erotica
Brianna Green
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

He grabbed me around my waist, pushing me against the wall. My breathing was shallow as I reached up to push my hands into his hair and kiss him. He wasn’t allowing much though as he kissed me chastely. Once, twice, three times before taking my hands off of him and spinning me around to face the wall, pressing my face into the cool smooth surface. “Don’t move, ” He growls into my ear as he grinds his hips into me making me feel his hard length rub between the cheeks of my ass. He kisses and nips along my neck. I try to hold his head to my neck but he just growls and pins my hands above my head with one hand while the other slips around my waist to undo my shorts and slip them down my legs. “I told you not to move,” he says, shoving my legs wider apart with his knee. I feel so exposed and cool air whispers across my black lace thong, making me all the hotter before I feel a SMACK! Heat blooms across my left ass cheek and he begins spanking me.

BEEP!! BEEP!! BEEP!! I jerk awake and groan, disappointed to be awake just as my dream was getting good. I roll over to turn the alarm on my phone off. Time to start another day. I live in a small suburb of Washington DC called College, Park Maryland. It’s a cute little area close enough to the city for some great shopping and entertainment but far enough away to enjoy some stars at night and less traffic. It’s early, the sun just starting to peak through the black curtains of the window in my small apartment bedroom. My black and red German Shepherd presses his head onto my chest as I run my fingers through his soft fur, imploring me not to get up. “May as well get moving now Leo, it’s supposed to get pretty warm today and we’ll enjoy our run more if we go before it does.” I push the covers back as he groans and rolls over as if to say, “psh I would be just as happy in bed with you today mom.” I reach into my closet and pull a pair of black yoga pants out along with my grey brooks tennis shoes. I’m already wearing my favorite black sports bra and it will be too warm for much else once I get moving. I slip my yoga pants up my curvy legs, wide hips and round ass before slipping my feet into the my tennis shoes. Walking into the bathroom just off my room, I grab a brush to work out the knots in my jet black hair before pulling it into a pony tail and pulling on my favorite black Hale Storm Hat. It’s still early enough in the day I don’t feel the need to put any sunscreen on my porcelain skin.

l At 600 square feet my apartment fits Leo and I just right with a small kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom. It used to be a guest house for the older couple that live in the house to the front but when Mr. Fields died last year, Mrs. Fields decided to rent it out and use the money to go see her kids more. It has a small yard that is just enough space for Leo to do his business without getting into trouble and for me to have a small herb garden. My living room hosts my couch, stationary bike, a single book shelf and a small mounted flat screen. I grab Leo’s collar and leash off the book shelf. As soon as he hears the metallic jingle of his collar he is at my feet. I grab my phone, headphones and house key before heading out, locking the door behind me. I turn on my favorite playlist to run to: “It’s Brittney B!tch,” letting the princess of pop set to pace and we head out.

* * *

It is early June and my apartment is tucked up in a small neighborhood that has a small woodland area running right along the side of last stop on the green line metro that leads into the heart of DC. The homes are small but quaint; the kinda of homes that you see on the front of Better Home and Garden but without the white fences. Well manicured and green, the small yards alone tell anyone that drives through the area that mortgages are a pretty penny for the area and I thank god again for affordable rent that Mrs. Fields set for me.

The tall cherry blossoms and aspen trees are fully bloomed and they canopy the dirt running trail that Leo and I frequent from the sun with vibrant greens and pinks. The entrance is only a block from the house and it is early enough that we haven’t seen any other runners yet. I started running for Leo. Owning a German Shepherd comes with some challenges sometimes including an exorbitant amount of energy that can turn destructive pretty quick if it isn’t used up. The day I came home and Leo had eaten a hole in my leather couch because we hadn’t been to the park in a few days was the day I knew I needed to make sure to get him plenty of exercise. It turned out that running just was something that ended up being good for both of us as it allowed me to clear the cobwebs and organize my thoughts for the day before work. Plus the bounce it gave to my ass and sliming effect it has on my abdominals never hurt my confidence. It is a daily ritual we both look forward to now and I haven’t had to buy another couch since.

We get to the dirt path and I unhook Leo from his leash so he can have a little more area to play, sniff and run. He never goes too far from me and I like being able to set my pace without him pulling me along. A mile and a half in there is a small pond that Leo and I like to stop at. He gets a quick drink and I take a little breather. Today there is another runner and his black lab there. We have seen them before but have never spoken. He is about 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and thick dark hair. He has the kind of hair that you can just tell if you touch it that it’s going to be so soft. Today he is wearing a pair of gray running shorts and a white t-shirt that is spread tight across the muscle of his chest. He is tan, lean but very toned and I can’t help but smile when I see him throw a stick for his dog. Leo barks and bounds after her and the stick before I can stop him.

“Leo NO!”

“Abby wait!”

We both run after our dogs but they are both just playing and happy to see a fellow four legger on their morning run. Leo barks again and bounces around my legs before trying to go play with the lab again but I grab his collar while assessing the other runner and his companion.

“Sorry about that,” I say.

“No problem! We were just headed out anyway! Have a great day!”

“Yea you too!”

This is the longest conversation that we have ever had; usually just see each other in passing on the trail. As he and Abby retreat back down the path, I can’t help but stare at his ass. Those running shorts don’t leave much to the imagination and I enjoy the view of his toned leg, ass and muscular back before feeling Leo lick my hand. I smile down at him and turn back to grab a stick off the ground and throw it a few times for him before we also head back down the trail. We don’t see the stranger again but if I am being honest, it is one reason why we keep using this trail; just to see if we can catch a glimpse of each other...


An hour and fifteen after leaving, Leo and I walk up the pathway to our door. He’s panting hard and I feel a small bead of sweat slip down the back of my neck right between my shoulder blades. As soon as we get into the house my immediate worry is getting Leo some food and water and then an icy Gatorade from my fridge. I take a few minutes to breath and cool down a little before setting a kettle of water on my stove to heat for some fresh ice tea.

Heading toward the bathroom and turn on the shower to heat up. I walk to my room where I kick my shoes and socks off at the foot of my bed. I pull a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a v neck black shirt. Some people say that black is gloomy and depressing, but for me it is classy, slimming and sexy. Grabbing a towel I hope into the shower. It’s spacious for one, gray tiled walls and a black curtain. The shower head has three different settings: drizzle, rain and massage. My thoughts wonder back to the stranger in the woods and our encounter today. Combined with the lingering effects of my dream, as I feel the hot water running down my breast and over my hairless pussy, I can’t help but feel a little warmth rekindle in my belly too. I grab the shower head and switch it from rain to massage and run it over my breasts feeling my nipples hard grow hard. Running my hands over them, take one between two of my fingers and gently pull as I let the other hand take the shower head lower, aiming it right over the tight little bundle of nerves between my legs. I groan softly as I slide my hand down my stomach and slip a finger between my folds. As my pussy lips open, the shower water hits wired nerves just a little more head on and I moan softly, adding another finger. Deciding my fingers just aren’t enough this morning, I grab the light blue dildo hidden in the drawers of the sink. With the length and girth to hit all the right places, I slide it between my legs and start pumping, still feeling the water running over my clit. It doesn’t take long before I push myself to an orgasm, sighing in content. I switch the shower head back to rain, remount it and rinse the dildo before grabbing my loofa and washing up with my orchid vanilla body soap. I just washed my hair the day before so I just wet it down, clean my face.

As I finish up I hear my kettle starting to whistle so I quickly turn the shower off, wrap a towel around my body and pad into the kitchen to open the kettle and turn the heat down. Seeing the time is 8:15, I quickly go back to my room to get dressed, adding my favorite pair of purple converses to my outfit. I french braid my hair down the back of my head and add a thin purple braided headband to keep the hair pulled back and looking cute. A little foundation, some mascara and deep red stained lip pair perfect with my thin black choker and silver studded earrings to finish off my classy gothic look. I walk back into my kitchen and see it is now 8:30. I quickly grab my ice tumbler from the dish wrack and fill it with ice, grabbing a black tea bag and a mint tea bag and dropping them in before filling it with the hot water making the best fresh mint ice tea. I add a few spoon fulls of sugar and grab a granola bar and an orange. I swipe my keys and wallet off the counter, kiss Leo goodbye and head out the door for work.

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