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A woman is flying to New York for an Interview. Extremely exhausted, she hopes for the seats nearby to be empty. But when an unexpected stranger sits next to her on seat 30B, curiosity ensues. And more prominently, undeniable attraction.

Romance / Humor
Sandani Wijetunga
Age Rating:


Boarding. For the Cabin Crew, the final stage of the said procedure was too familiar. Be it as comfortable as brushing one’s teeth, even when one’s sleepiest in the early morning. However, for the passengers themselves, the procedure was a mission. Each and every one of them, were in the very midst of their own conflicts. They would squeeze or scurry through the aisles, with either a hand luggage or child’s arm in hand. Or would either show signs of heavy impatience, showing no care whatsoever. Regardless, finding the right seat, aka their designated seat was their one and only objective.

One young woman however, was one of the few who stood out. If it was a mission, then she had completed it already. If it was a mission, then she was a veteran.

For she was already seated. An everyman, yet an exception at the same time. Her speciality: Following procedure, to the dot.

With her seatbelt already fastened, she had not permitted the buzz of the struggling lot to invade her headspace, as it was already occupied.

From the mere comfort of a window seat, the outside view was her sole focus. Which even included the process of luggage being driven and loaded into the Boeing 777-200, all by the hardworking and very much under appreciated baggage handlers. If only if it was brighter outside, for her eyes fought their way only to spot silhouettes of the unsung heroes amidst the evening lights that shone in London Heathrow Airport. For them, it was another day at the office. Except for her, a passenger, it was quite the sight to indulge. She caught her own reflection on the window, smiling. That soft smile of hers that formed, it was a mere display of love. Love and pure adoration. All devoted to the city, the country she had lived all her life, her forever home. If falling in love with a city was socially accepted as it was with another human being , she would have been a loud and proud lover. And similar to a lovestruck fool, her heart shattered for a split second by the thought of parting from her beloved homeland. Only for a while, of course. Flying out of London was indeed bittersweet. Even if it was for a few days. Even for Business.

The sudden vibration of her mobile, managed to snap her back to present. Shooting a glance at the device, the woman’s smile grew wider.

“Hello, Hello!”
Soft yet musical, she answered. The voice on the other end of the line chuckled:

“Well, Hello You!”

“Just in time too. We’re still boarding” the woman added, eyes falling over to the moving passengers.

“Oh good. I was worried I won’t make it” The caller replied.

“Aww” the woman could only coo at her best friend, “…you could have just texted, love”

“Maybe, but what if your phone was on silent and you didn’t see?”

“Blanket, Ma’am?”
The polite and soft voice of a Flight Attendant urged her to look up.

“Yes, Thank You” mouthing with a smile and a nod, she accepted the fresh, new blanket sealed in a plastic cover, “Fair point, miss” she continued the conversation with her friend.

“So…” the friend cleared her throat, “…you nervous?”

“Hmm, I guess”
The woman murmured, mindlessness marinated in her tone. Especially when she was caught in a slight struggle. With the phone between ear and shoulder, she tore the plastic cover open, “ I mean, it is an interview so…” sighing, she kept on, “I don’t know what I’m feeling honestly-” only to feel a yawn almost arriving, which finally did.

She quickly covered her mouth with her right hand. Yet her friend was telepathic:

“Oh, babe! Why don’t you sleep it off? You sound exhausted”

“Yeah, you’re right” she agreed, “It’s been a few days since I-” with another yawn, she threw the freshly laundered blanket over her lap, big enough to cover her legs. The fragrant smell was a literally invitation to an imaginary bed. And sitting on an upright seat made that invitation even more enticing and impossible.

“Right! You definitely need sleep. Hopefully the person next to you WON’T be a heavy snorer”

“Well…” she paused, looking over to her right, “…so far no clue, cause there’s none so far” soft glee entailed in her voice, staring at the two seats empty beside her: 30B and 30C.

“Ah? Could tonight be a Lucky Three Seater?”

“Let’s hope…” the woman replied, leaning back, “…so I can actually stretch my legs and-…” pausing, she could only let out a heavy sigh, “…Ah! too late”

Sitting up straight, her sigh was justified when her eyes caught the sight of a figure approaching her row. From the distance.

“Why? Why? Is someone coming?”

“Yes. And, Oh fuck…”
Another sigh left her. But not without leaving her filled with butterflies.

“Huh? What?-Ah- Oh…”

The best friend was not her best friend, if she could not decipher that sigh. For the friend knew it was a sigh of frustration. More importantly, a frustration of a different kind.

“Oh hoho! I know what that means”
The woman was almost in blushes when a maniacal laugh erupted from the other end of the line.

“Shut up!”
She hissed as the figure finally arrived at her row. It was a man, studying the seat number with a focused expression.

“L-Let me guess…” the friend continued to laugh, “He either has really bad B.O. OR he’s totally fit, innit? Hah! It’s definitely the last one. Come on, what is it?”

“Uh…” struggling for an answer, the woman leaned towards the window, “B?” She whispered. And just as the the man made himself comfortable in seat 30B. What coincidence indeed!

“B? The second one? He’s Fit? Ah! Perfect” a satisfactory sigh left her friend’s lips, “My bitch is in good hands” she added with naughtiness.

“Your-bitch? What-Hey!”
Hissing once again, she suppressed her need to burst out laughing.Why on earth was she behaving this way? Her friend could only chuckle with glee:

“Love you too. Text me when you land”

“Uh huh” With a shy smile, the woman hung up.


Cool and velvety, a voice crept into her ears in a subtle manner. Turning to her right, she found the voice belonging to the new stranger sitting next to her.

“Oh…” a nervous chuckle exited, “…hello” she said, nodding at him. A chuckle, yes most welcome. But why on earth a nervous one?

A female voice over the PA began to fill the atmosphere:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, in a few short minutes we will be preparing for take off. Please make sure your seatbelts are tightly fastened, and direct your attention to the screens for our safety video. Thank you!”

With eyes focused on the video playing on the screen before her, the woman’s hands frantically searched for the seat belt to fasten. Except, she snorted with realization. For of course, it was already fastened, as soon as she was seated. How could she forget? Shaking her head of embarrassment, her awareness began to find its ground. Thus, confirming the suspicions to her strange behavior, by directing her stealthy eyes towards the man beside her. The culprit.

If the feeling of invigoration after a cold splash of water was to be personified, he was exactly that. For he was a sight to see. She watched him fasten his seatbelt, his side profile showed off in the best possible angle. His thick black, loose curls framed his face, bringing a great contrast to his slight pale complexion. Beautiful blue eyes that embellished his face, illuminated before the mini tv screen. Powdered with a light stubble, he pressed his lips tight as he tightened the seat belt with focus. His appealing set of lips. The stylish attire seemed to accentuate his long limbed figure. In summation, he was her definition of ‘Gorgeous’, and there was Gorgeous, sitting beside her.

In order to taxi on the runway, the plane began to move. And so did her sense of stirring. She leaned her head against the seat, and inhaled deep. Except sheer frustration came over. For little did she know that for the next 8-9 hours, she would have to share the same space with a fellow passenger. The man seemingly responsible for the most intoxicating scent. Without any warning as well. Oh, the audacity. A part her longed to pose a query to him of what cologne he used exactly. For it was simply the most ideal masculine scent she could imagine a man wearing. The most ideal one to rouse her completely, to press her aching body against-

She shook her head. What on earth was she thinking?

With engines on full operation, the plane sped up along the runway. And the escalating, shaky feeling on cabin, certainly did not help at this particular moment. Pressing her thighs together, she prayed. Not for her safety. But instead, for her mind to not take any risky journeys. That prayer seemed most essential the moment the plane eventually left the runway ground, ascending in to the air. Not so surprising when she was simply betrayed by the strong sensation felt in her core. Climactic on many levels. Quite similar to the very feeling she would crave with him-

She shook her head once again. What was the matter with her?

With the plane finally reaching a steady vertical level, several announcements filtered through the PA. Which was the soundtrack to her silent battle with her new-found inner struggles. Taking deep breaths, the woman decided to distract herself. A film perhaps? She thought whilst turning on the seat screen. With her fingers deciding on a title, she put the headphones on as the film began to play. The figure next to her, he barely moved. She let out a breath of relief. Maybe it will be a peaceful flight after all. No unwanted emotional entanglement required.

However, the constant focus on the screen seemed to tire her eyes. Her vision started to grow soft, grow blurry. Widening her eyes on purpose, she let out a silent yawn. It did not take long for another yawn to follow, as she protected it with a hand over her mouth. Now blinking grew slower. The blanket over her body never felt more comfortable. Slower than ever before, she was suddenly in the midst of an uphill struggle to get past through the next blink, which was the heaviest.

A sudden loss of balance caused her eyes to open. She gasped, in her head.

For not only was her head not upright, but also resting on a shoulder. His shoulder. With eyes shot open wide, she sat up so quick, her head began to spin.

she muttered low, averting her eyes.

“ It’s alright…”
She heard him utter a faint reply. Well spoken. Which part of the country was he from? London perhaps? she could not help but wonder. Despite his polite response, she simply could not comprehend of his true reaction to her little stunt. Was he offended? Was he truly not? She prayed for him to be nonchalant. But dared not to look directly at him. Too handsome, she thought.

Looking back at the screen, it was made clear that almost 20 minutes of the film had already passed. With her dozing off for15 minutes straight, it was a long blink indeed.

The smell of food traveled through to her nostrils, indicating the arrival of the meal carts ahead to the economy class. Looking at the empty plastic cup on the man’s tray table, she sighed. It would seem that her nap had rid her of the chance to indulge in the initial snack and juice prior. And she would be lying if she was not upset about it. However, she was also embarrassed. Why fuss over something so trivial? Redemption for the ‘snack and juice’ is indeed be possible in the flight back home.

“Sir…Ma’am…” the bright face of the Flight Attendant, addressed them both from the cart, “What would you like to have, Chicken or Fish?”


Pause arrived soon after they replied in unison. Resulting in quick glances at one another. For it certainly managed to break any tension, causing many chuckles. Including the Flight Attendant herself.

“Right, well that makes my job easier…” She added, bending down to pull the trays, “What about drinks, then. Ma’am?”

With the drink orders separately taken, both were left to their hot meals and cold drinks. All to themselves, of course. As much as it seemed to be a great starter, somehow the unison meal order was not enough for them to strike a conversation. And in truth, that was nothing new in flights. For sometimes, sitting next to a strange was not an open invitation to talking. Sometimes, everyone just needed to be with themselves for a bit. But for the first time, it was not the case for her. This time, she found it simply cowardly. Taking in the first bites of the creamy chicken and Alfredo, she sighed. For it could have been coincidental. It could have been romantic. But once again, she was a coward.

When the credits of the film began to roll, so were those of her meal. Smacking her lips from the cheesecake slice she had just devoured, she folded the foil cover into a smaller size before placing it on the tray. The sudden movement from the corner of her eye caught her attention. Towards him. Leaning down, he picked something up. A book perhaps? Realizing her strange behavior, she refocused her attention back to the screen, pressing on it again. As satisfied she was with a full stomach, a slight sadness enveloped her. For there he was, a seemingly lovely gentleman beside her, and no chance of even chatting? Following the last few gulps of the white wine, she snuggled under the blanket, staring at the LED screen with comfort. Were the lights around growing dim all the sudden? Without a care, she indulged in the softness of the cotton, the inner warmth and the comfortable haziness.

The cry of a child few rows down, caused her to stir. Until realization came.

The lights were still on. And she had dozed off. Again.

And worst of all. The fragrant laundry smell invaded her nose as her face once again was pressed against his shoulder. No! Oh no. Again. Her head bolted up straight.

“Oh god-So sorry!” She groaned with disappointment. Except, a chuckle was heard from him. A genuine one, in fact. A beautiful one too.

“It’s completely fine”
The man replied, with a gentle chuckle. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes and the possible drool near her mouth, she took a good look at his pleasant face. Sighing, she shook her head:

“Really should have brought a neck pillow with me” she said, while rubbing her neck.
He began, “…is this your first time flying long distance?”
“No….” She smiled, looking back at him, “And that’s the sweet irony of it all”
He chuckled. And that was when she realized. Goodness, there she was, making conversation with him. At last.

“So, do you go to New York often?” She took the chance to inquire.

“Actually, I live there” he replied, to which her eyes widened with surprise, “For work, of course”

“Really? Well…” she said, “I hope you can give a fellow countryman some tips on that, then” to which he appeared confused in return, “I-I’m off for an interview, that’s why” she explained with an awkward chuckle. Mouth agape, he nodded in realization.

“A job you want?”

“Quite desperately, yes.” She answered, wiggling out of the blanket which pooled around her waist, “So much so that I spent nights prepping for it. Hence the uh-” she paused, before imitating her clumsy doze off and inviting him to laugh together with her. Comfortable and completely herself, she admired her own temperance around him. Until their eyes finally met.

A butterfly or two fluttered within, it was possible. For pleasant was his laughter. Intoxicating was his scent. And it seemed so contradictory when he a slight stubble that peppered his face, yet he appeared so clean.

“Oh, I almost forgot” clearing his throat, he bent forward, reaching for something in the seat pocket, “I saved one for…you”

She gasped, “Oh my!”

Her jaw remained dropped when he produced a small packet of nuts before her. The anticipated ‘snack’ packet. The one she missed and longed for with embarrassment. Warmth trickled over her heart.

“You sir, have read my mind, Thank you”
She replied with gratitude, as he placed it on her palm, “I just love these. So I’m very happy. They don’t sell these this size outside” she added, holding the little bag with tenderness. But only her hands needed to know that. He nodded with a small smile:

“Yes, that’s quite true. A special size exclusively for flights, I suppose”

“Indeed. Ugh! So so cute”

Even whilst her eyes gazed at the Nuts Mix pack, she felt him look over to her screen, “You’re a fan of that, I’m guessing?” He inquired.

She looked back at her screen, “Ah! Heh…” she chuckled, as the film was on replay. In truth, she was surprised to sense his genuine curiosity, “This uh…” she began, pointing at it, “it’s just one of those comfort films of mine, you know? And to be quite honest…” lowering her voice, she leaned towards him with a whisper, “I don’t try to watch any new releases in the plane” adding a serious flare with her furrowed eyebrows.

Drawn in, he leaned with amusement, “Yeah? Why is that?”

“Because…” After a quick glance from side to side, she turned to him with the stealth of a thief, 
“ …because…” she paused raising her eyebrows, causing his eyes to widen more with curiosity, “….the audio is complete shit”

Her delivery of the most mundane of lines, always guaranteed laughter out of any. And it did not take him long to be thrown into fits of quiet laughter as well. To which she joined in, “I kid you not…I mean, with that engine runnin’ so loud? Well, they can’t help it, yeah?” She chuckled sighing, “Ah! Now I feel terrible for complaining”

“It’s alright…but fair point, fair point” he replied, recovering from his laughter.

“Yeah, so I never watch any new releases…”

The laughter fully subsided with both of them when the lights were finally turned off. Many a passengers had grown absolutely quiet as they proceeded to sleep. The thought of sleep, it really tempted her so. Yet, this interaction, it appealed to her even more. Turning his overhead light on, he managed to light up their area.

“You were reading something, before my head interrupted you, yeah?” She inquired. He nodded with a smile.
“Yes…” he brought up the book to show, “it’s uh Sh-”
“Sharp Objects?”
Her surprised hiss completed his sentence. Smiling wider with amusement, he nodded once again, “Yeah”.

She clasped her hands together. Th fact she felt even more relaxed simply brought more excitement and joy.
“Oh my god…” with a whisper, “…and you’re almost at the end” whilst covering her mouth upon seeing the position of his bookmark, “You HAVE to read the rest now!” She hissed.

“Oh! But I don’t want to be rude…”

“No! No! please…I can wait. It’s worth it” she replied, “Gillian Flynn is such a genius. Besides, I have this…” as she indicated the running film, “…to keep me-ah!”
A clumsy sound exited her lips as the small pillow slipped out of her seat into the floor.

“Oh! here let me-”
The kind man offered, bending down. Quite moved, she joined him.

The darkness that lingered in the flight did not quite help with the vision. Thus, when both his and her hands accidentally brushed while searching for the pillow, tremors went straight through her body. Tremors strong enough for her to wince and sit straight up. It certainly felt inconvenient to be this affected. But it could not be helped. With a shy nod, she accepted the pillow that he finally found and handed over to her.

“Thanks” she mouthed. With a nod and seeking her permission, he smiled and proceeded to read his book.

And there it was again, silence.

Stifling another yawn, she looked over to her screen. Minutes passed, yet her packet of nuts was left unopened. Only to be kept in protective hold in her hand. She sighed, blinking with awareness. Why did the film, that she always loved, feel boring all the sudden? Why all the sudden, did she prefer the male lead to be played by someone else instead?

And why was he the instant example?
With that intoxicating scent of his lingering around, it was quite difficult to not imagine. Although she was relieved of the comfort he provided. Confined in a small space of a seat, she maybe. Yet, she still felt as if she walked on air. As if no iron barrier came in between her and the clouds. Was this happiness? up in the clouds-Edition? Her eyes closed for a split second with gratitude.

The click of the seatbelt sounded so crisp.

“Off to the loo…” the man whispered to her, as he got up and left his seat. Leaning to the side, her eyes never left his sight watching him disappear into the lavatory up front. Even in the confines of packed seats and small aisle space, his walk was perfection. Standing tall and smart. It was perfection for her, at least. A chuckle left her lips all the sudden.

“Off to the loo, babes. Meet me in 30 seconds…”
she muttered to herself in a mocking tone, amusing herself. Was that not the way all those cheesy films progress? The mere thought of him actually proposing that, caused her to cringe in her seat. Never going to happen. The mere thought of following him to the lavatory caused more cringes.

Until she realized, her bladder had other plans.
“Shit…no no no”
Groaning, she threw her head back, squirming in her seat. Why on earth would she be forced to head to the toilet this very minute? Would he sense her desperation for attention if she did? Should she wait? Pressing her thighs together, it seemed waiting was not a possibility. To her relief, the other lavatory had become vacant. Hoping to finish the job quick, she wiggled her way there.

Minutes later, she sighed in relief. Freedom in the skies had an entire different meaning to her as she answered nature’s call in the lavatory. Cleaning up, she glanced at the mirror. And there was no hesitation to fix herself up a bit. Be it fixing her black hair, checking for unwanted residue that might surround her big, dark brown eyes, or even strip herself of the oversized hoodie jumper to reveal the cotton t-shirt that hugged her figure. With her brown complexion, bringing redness to her cheeks through pinching seemed quite moot. Yet she did her best. At last, after a final confirming sniff of her armpits, she opened the door.


Coincidence brought forth a perfect example, when she found him exit the other lavatory at the same time. Facing each other for a few seconds, an awkward chuckle finally erupted between them.

“Crazy…” She began, “Have we synced in our loo breaks?” A joke that only could be humorous under this altitude. She regretted it, nonetheless.

“Right…” he replied nodding, his stance growing straight as a flight attendant passed them through with a polite smile, “You changed…” he remarked, pointing at her.

Looking down at her t-shirt, she nodded with another chuckle, “Yeah…I uh…I felt quite hot in there”

Returning back to their seats was the option. Except they did not. And a corner of her mind wondered why. Pressing her lips together, she began:
“Uh…Shall we-?”
He blurted, clearing his throat, “You’re very beautiful…” he added.

And it was no surprise she froze upon hearing those words. For that tone, was nowhere close to familiar. The line could not have been cornier. Yet somehow he made it work. Soft, yet seductive. Did this possibly indicate an attraction?

“T-Thank you…” she struggled, looking down shy with heated cheeks “I suppose you are t-oh!”

Gasps left her, just when she caught the sight of another pair of feet right before her. Only to sense him standing a mere few inches away. No, a mere few centimeters. His hands, they rested on both sides of the lavatory door, almost entrapping her in the process. A trap that seemed far from perilous.

Slowly looking up, chills traveled down her spine when her nose brushed against his by accident.With breathing now in full syncopation, intoxication appeared in places quite uncharted. He was that magnetic. Not to mention his minty breath. Pulse raging in full speed, she felt it all around.

“So…uh…” she fumbled, “What do we-”

He kissed her, shutting her lips and widening her eyes in an instant. Yet it only took a split second for realization to dawn on her. There it was, all that the innermost corner of her mind had craved for. That unspoken fantasy. Ever since she laid eyes on him. Akin to a hunger so great, she was overcome with madness. Thus, permitting her to kiss him back with fervor.

Her kiss made quite the statement, with her nose clashing against his stubbled cheek. The smell of his aftershave invaded her nostrils, bringing forth more arousal. Satisfied by the cooperation of their lips, she grabbed him by the shirt collar, only to pull him inside to the lavatory. And he played along, closing it behind him. Loud.

She felt weightless in his arms, as he lifted her up to place her on the mini sink. Fast. Just to wrap her legs around his waist. All the while their kisses continued with no hesitation.

“Fuck! This is a dream, right?”

She breathed in between, to which he simply panted with a mischievous smile and kissed her back with enthusiasm. His lips, proved to be just as intoxicating as his scent.

Inebriated in both, it was disbelieving how her arms made themselves home around his neck with ease. Awkward silence could be a possible result soon after, or perhaps it will not. It all seemed so uncertain. Therefore, she decided her present was all she could care for. It was all that she could indulge in. And given his enthusiasm, so did he.

His body translated his eagerness, grinding himself against her clothed core. The layered barriers did not intrude nor cease the friction. Friction strong enough for her reactive moans to increase in volume, harmonized with his grunts. Parting from hers greedy ones, his lips proved greedier when he latched down to her exposed neck. He declared his presence, demanding to be acknowledged with his sloppy kisses, proceeding to even suck on to her skin, enough to leave her marked. Before her body almost relinquished control, she held onto his thick, dark locks as her her head went back. Perfection seemed too big of a word just to be thrown around without care. Yet it was all that she could use to describe this. As his hips kept rolling, her arousal grew in tenfolds.

Until the knock on the lavatory door, caused them both to jump.

“Ma’am!” The knocking continued, “Sir! Excuse Me!” the familiar voice of the stewardess called out.

The woman breathed, prepared for this moment to crumble. Except he did not wish for it to.

“Fuck ’em!”
He whispered, sending chills down her spine, causing her to gasp when he bit her earlobe soon after. That velvet cuss, his desire to risk it all, proved even more arousing. If he will not yield, why must she? Grabbing his face, she expressed her acknowledgement with another passionate kiss.

However, in the midst of it all, an intruding set of thoughts appeared before her conscience. Daring? Forward? Those words brought forth hesitation. Will she be victimized by judgment? Not only with him, but by almost everyone else in the plane. What would she be? Just another shameless woman who simply could not control her urges? And decided to seduce the man next to her?

On the other hand, another set of thoughts opposed. So what? With both of them locked together with no one to intrude, what will the staff do? Give them a dressing down? Kick them out the flight? Unlikely.

As her lips continued to indulge his, her thoughts raced further to another query. Were they really locked? Was there not an emergency method for staff to unlock the door from the outside? Her thoughts tangled up in debate. The knocking grew louder. But so did her arousal when his eager tongue intertwined with hers deeper and deeper.

The knock eventually grew deafening:
“Ma’am! Sir! This is highly inappropriate! ”
“Ma’am! Sir!”

Enough for the door to be broken down. Her doubts began to amplify. What happened to her rule-abiding self? What had she become?

A slight shake caused her to blink slow, opening her eyes. Only to find the flight stewardess staring at her with concern.

“Ma’am…” she repeated, “We’ve landed. Just a few minutes ago”

The woman’s eyebrows furrowed. Questions began to appear. Breathing in, she was finally aware of the pillow behind her, the seat she sat on. Her eyes scanned all the empty seats in the plane. Even the seat right next to her: 30B. Her heart sank.

“So it was a dream…” she muttered.
“Nothing…” shaking her head, she grinned. Yet she could not help but wonder.

“The gentleman here…” she began, unbuckling her seatbelt, “…did he-?”
“Oh! He already left, Ma’am”

That sunken heart floated back up with relief. Looking down, she was finally made aware of the nuts mix pack in her hand.

“Was I… asleep throughout?” She inquired the stewardess.

“Only after dinner, Ma’am.” She replied, as she helped with the hand luggage from the overhead compartment, “We tried to wake you. But you didn’t even budge for the morning snack” she added, before accepting the woman’s thanks.

Drawing out her mobile, she scoffed to herself whilst texting her friend. That spicy encounter, it was a dream, of course. For it was the sort of daring behavior she could never muster courage to act on. Yes, the world had its share of adventurous folk, yet she was not one of them. However, she would be a liar if she did not admit to its pleasure. That feeling of pure arousal coursing through one’s body.

A sense of hurt lingered all the sudden. As if she missed him. If only he had said his goodbyes before he left. Was his final memory of her to be a possible drooling sleepy face? It was possible his interaction with her was simply forgetful for him. Ah well, she shrugged to herself. It was fun while it lasted.

The welcome sign of the J.F Kennedy International Airport greeted her. Finally causing her to realize: New York. There she was in New York. At last.


A familiar voice called out. Her heart jumped. It was a velvet voice she never expected to hear again. Spinning around quick, she saw it was him, standing before her with a smart stance and a smile.

“Hey…hey!” She greeted back with enthusiasm and obvious relief, “What are you still doing here? Thought you were at the Immigration line already”

“Well, I could not go, without telling you…that I finished the book” he replied, with a sheepish grin. Her eyes widened:
“Oh my g-And?”

“You were right…” he answered, excitement rife in his tone, “…it was mind-blowing”

Grinning together like children, her attention was diverted when the sound of a plane urged her to glance through the large glass windows. Realization dawned on her deeper and deeper with her eyes making acquaintance with the Manhattan skyline in the far distance,
“Oh wow…”
As if the postcards and online photographs had come to life. For it was the real deal. The concrete jungle.

“Welcome to New York”

She heard him say, having not yet left her side. As much as she indulged her welcoming view of this new city, a warmth was birthed. Birthed for this man’s consideration.

Considerate was he, to offer her the respected space. All to exit the plane on her own liberty and time, instead of resorting to a shaky wake up greeting, resulting in complete embarrassment. Yet, considerate was he, to offer her the politeness. All by waiting for her outside, instead of disappearing. With all this warmth, the interview ahead did not seem stressful anymore. For she felt nothing but excitement.

“So…shall we?”
His voice urged her to turn, watching him motion towards the immigration line at the far distance. With an eager nod, she accompanied him:

“You know, I realized we weren’t properly introduced”

“Yeah! I was thinking the same, heh…”

With exchanged chuckles filling in the atmosphere, introductions soon followed.

Introductions that left her hopeful, of what could be offered to her by this beautiful and bustling city of New York.

And introductions that left her forever reminiscing, with amusement and affection, all by the mere thought of him, and that seat number: 30B.

© Sandani Wijetunga, 2021. Do not copy or post without permission.

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Saloni Acharya: The whole series is so good. It’s like you can’t keep it down without reading it the whole way and then start the next one. Time flies and you don’t realise it’s late night and you have to go to sleep 😂. The characters are awesome with strong plots and love every couple. 😍🥰

Mharms: It is nice that it is a serial of stories, book to book. The storyline is fast moving through history.

marilyn: It's awesome to hear about all these shifters finding their fated mates. I can't wait to hear more about them. I also want to hear about the cubs. And for Daryl to find his mate.

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