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We all fall in love sometimes, even the members of Toxic Melody fall in love. This is their stories.

Romance / Humor
Gina O’Connor
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Chapter 1


Who knew a shy girl could fall for the rock chick.
Through high school, they stayed away from each other because they were part of different groups. But three years later, bumping into each other at Aurora, the warehouse, they start to fall for each other.



Once I closed the front door behind me shut, I finally sighed. It was Friday evening and I had to listen to my mother give a long talk about my school work and how it was very important. I was 19 years old and in TAFE. I knew it was important but my mother always had this idea that I wasn't thinking about my future. I always come home from my parent's place with a headache.

I placed my keys in the bowl on the counter in the kitchen and placed my bag down before I frowned when I heard something coming from down the hall. I walked down the hall and I watched Kehlia, my best friend threw my clothes everywhere. “K…kehlia? W...what are you doing?” I asked her, she turned her head and blew out a sigh.

“I'm trying to look for an outfit for you to wear.” She said to me as I stepped into the room.

“W...why?” I stuttered.

“Because my dear bestie, we are going out tonight.” I groaned and threw myself onto my bed, which was half covered in clothes. “How was lunch with your parents?” She asked me as she continued with her mission.


“Still the same lecture?”

“Yep…” I sat up, kicking off my shoes and crossed my legs, rubbing my temples as I watched Kehlia pull out my black jeans. Kehlia looked over at me and gave me a small smile before joining me on the bed.

“Maybe tonight will help. I can tell your tense from school and listening to your parents' rant but maybe having a few drinks will help.”

“Kel… I don't know.” I said, biting my lip.

“Come on, what harm could it do? Plus the girls will be there, it's Becca’s birthday remember?” She had a little smile on her face. I sighed and pushed my glasses up my nose before I nodded my head. For some reason, I could never say no to the girl who sat in front of me. Kehlia had been my best friend since we started high school. She was the complete opposite to me, as I was the nerdy, silent type, she was the loud, party type. She had boyfriends, I didn't. She was popular while I was the nerd.

Kehlia’s smile widened before she hugged me. “Go take a shower and take some Panadol while I go through your clothes again.” She climbed off the bed and went back to looking through my closet. I climbed off my bed and walked to the bathroom across the hall. I closed the door behind me before turning on the shower. I opened the drawer and a few Panadol pills from the packet and took them with some water from the sink before I pulled off my clothes and stepped into the shower.


I hesitated at the door, Kehlia had already gone inside but came back and took a hold of my hand and pulled me inside to find Becca and Hanna. Aurora was packed, filled with people. I looked around as people were either lined up at the bar or waiting for the bands to play. Aurora was the type of place where young people came and hung out. Local bands played their music and gave out their merchandise every weekend. Posters filled the walls of the local bands that had played here or we're about to play here.

I quickly followed Kehlia and the others into the crowd of people who stood near the stage before a band came on stage. As they played, people around me jumped or sang along with the band. After a few more songs that band left and another band came on stage. “I...I'm going to the b...bathroom,” I yelled into Kehlia’s ear when the singer started to sing. She nodded her head and went back to dancing, I squeezed through the sweaty crowd before I made my way past the bar to the quieter end of the warehouse where the toilets were.

Once I finished and washed my hands, I dried them on a paper towel and walked out of the bathroom but I didn't watch where I was going and bumped into someone. “Woah!” I heard someone say as they caught my arms before I fell backwards. Looking up slightly I saw the prettiest blue eyes, she had a piercing in her nose but as I looked closer, I recognized her. The girl standing in front of me smiled slightly but it did something inside me.

"S… Sorry I didn't mean to…" I stuttered as I pushed my glasses up my nose.

"Don't worry about it. Nothing is broken" she chuckled. That was when I realised she still had a hold of my arms. She looked over my shoulder when we heard the bathroom door open. I took a step towards my right out of the way of the door and out of the girl standing in front of me, touch. I heard someone yelling out 'Reese' down the hall, making our heads snap towards the person.

"Hurry up!" He yelled out.

"Alright, I'm coming. Jees." She said before turning to me "I'll see you around" she smiled again. I nodded my head and gave a slightly awkward wave. Once she left to use the bathroom, I let out a sigh and walked off back towards Kehlia. When I finally found her she had a drink in her hand and was talking to a guy, I stayed in the back letting her have her moment. My eyes snapped to the stage when I heard another band come on. My eyes widened slightly when I saw the girl I had bumped into five minutes ago holding a guitar and standing in front of the mic.

Her smile lit up "Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying yourselves!" The crowd yelled in joy. "We are The Toxic Melody and this is Painkiller." She said before they started to play.


After the show, I tried looking for Kehlia until I saw her in the corner kissing the guy she was speaking with when I came back from the bathroom. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair, turning away from them to go find the others but I bumped into someone. “I...I'm so s...sorry” I said to them.

“We gotta stop bumping into each other.” I heard her chuckle and when I looked up I saw the girl from before.

“It… it's my f...fault. I...I'm not looking w...where I… am going.” I stuttered and bit my lip.

“Kay! Hey!” I looked over my shoulder to see Kehlia and the guy walking my way. “This is Zac. I'm going to head to his place. Here” she dug through her purse and handed me her car keys. “See you tomorrow!” She yelled when Zac started to drag her away through the crowd. I stood there stunned for a moment before turning to face the girl with the beanie.

“Best friend?” She asked, I nodded my head.

“Y...your show w...was amazing.”

“Thank you” she smiled brightly. “I feel like I've seen you somewhere. I'm Reese."

I bit my lip and nodded my head “W…we used to go to the s...same high s..school.” I smiled at her. Under the dim lighting, I saw her blue eyes sparkle but before anyone could say something else someone placed their hands on her shoulders, making her jump.

“What the fuck, Jack!” She yelled at him, pushing him away.

“Sorry but Trent wants you over there to sign some shit.” He said, his eyes met mine before they looked over my body.

“Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.” She told him before pushing him away. “Sorry about him.” Reese rubbed the back of her neck. I shrugged my shoulders. “Do you want to get a drink?” She asked me but before I could say anything I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket and when I pulled it out I saw that it was my mother calling.

“I… I'm sorry. I… I've gotta go” I said to her, she gave me a smile and a nod of the head before I quickly turned and walked out of there. My hand immediately went to my hand as I pushed it back out of my eyes. Once I got into Kehlia’s car I sighed and leaned my head back against the headrest. I felt the blush reach up to my neck when I realised I was a stuttering mess in there but I jumped when I heard my phone vibrate again. Leaning my head against my hand on the steering wheel I answered it.

“Hi, mum.”


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