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The was this lady called Precious and she was very sweet,smart and very competitive though She was loving.As the woman loved everyone around her doesn't matter what your gender is.But there was this man that she suddenly liked or she catched feelings for this man although he was a total stranger

Dylan chikara
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Chapter 1 Where I go.

Precious the loving lady who used to stay in a tiny small village called "OLIVEN" village.As Precious loved travelling around the world.Precious loved everyone and everything that surrounded her, she loved the creatures"animals"and the people who surrounded her she always felt so loved,even if she was not loved by everyone "truth hurts".

As she was travelling around this small area she saw this other village called Peterson valley that was so beautiful and incredibly decorated with flowers and everyone in that town was amazingly organized"minding your own business of cause".She stopped by that village that had 'catched her breathe'.In this town the kids that were there they were very well mannered unlike the ones that she used to stay with,as she was walking 3 kids came to her offering biscuits"for it was a must in this town to offer a visitor something to make them feel welcomed.After that the children asked the new lady if she was their new maths teacher, because they needed a new maths teacher.Since Precious was very good at math she replied to the children'yes I'm your new teacher'.Migeul one of the kids replied,how loving we would be honored to have you as our new member and teacher in our small community.The children took her to this big bell and they rang it.

Everyone came along and the children introduced Precious to the community"o thy word is the truth,my fellow parents and my loving community members,today I will be introducing our new math teacher 'ooouu'they shouted.As they were done with the introduction ,the two ladies Mitchell and Ness took Precious to the church where she would be staying,she asked"there will be a room for me to sleep in right, in church"replied yes of cause my lady".

Morning came as she was roaming around the town and the was this fine handsome young man going to work, he was working at a mine,the man greeted her formally"holler my lady you look like someone new in the town 'she replied yes sir,it's not it's Pete morden"he said",'she replied good to know.So may I ask you,what exactly are looking for here,nothing really just wondering around because I'm the children's new math teacher.

Ohhh goody I've really found someone who could count my salary"he chackles. blissfulness.Precious could not resist she 'half laughed' ohh my gracious God you funny.Pete morden you are obviously going to be late for work she said,as he left he said"see you around beautiful, Precious was pretty impressed by the man's actions.The time she thought she realized.

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