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Never Gonna Happen

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"Kick him where the sun don't shine!" Ali yelled quite loudly drawing attention. "What the-," Ronald said still in shock. He didn't get to finish that statement because in a matter of seconds my shoe was in contact with his balls. He fell to the ground screaming at the top of his lungs as cameras flashed around us and people watched in awe. Laughs and gasps were heard. "What is going on here," Nick said showing up suddenly. "Nothing you just missed El teaching Ronald a lesson," Ali said while giggling. "What is she talking about Jones," Nick asked with blazing eyes while turning to face me. Ella has always been the kind of girl who was kind to everyone. Well almost everyone, her archnemesis Nick Cowvaski the school jock, has always made it his main priority to annoy Ella in every way possible. Nick proclaims his love for Ella, but does Ella feel the same way or will she choose Leo Cumminghem her long time crush.

Romance / Drama
Anna Lee
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‘‘Oh shit,’’ of course those were my first words. I opened my eyes to the sun brightly shining, I had over slept again for the third time this week.

I quickly got ready and threw on some sweat pants and an oversized hoodie. I looked awful but anyways who cares it’s not like anyone at my school looked half decent.

I raced downstairs and saw glass shattered on the floor. Nothing out of the ordinary and not so surprisingly my mom was passed out on the floor I assumed she had gotten drunk again. At this point I didn’t give a shit so I made my way out.

I got in my car and drove off at a dangerously high speed. I didn’t have to pick up Ryan and Alissa because they had already called to tell me they took the bus to school.

I got to school just as the bell rang. I didn’t even try getting to class on time because I knew my first class was with Mr Sinclair and as he would like to say, “If you arrive less than 10 minutes before the bell rings, you’re already late.”

Honestly, I hated that guy his face always did look so punchable. As I dragged my feet through the school halls, I see Ryan and Alissa waiting at my locker.

“Hey bitch,” Alissa chirps happily.

“What the actual heck, what are you fools doing at my locker, shouldn’t you be in class?” I ask obviously surprised.

Ryan rolls his eyes and crosses his arms over his chest while leaning against the locker next to mine, “You’re right El we should be in class but guess who forced me to risk my grades and skip class.”

“Relax you dramatic douche, it’s just one day of skipping it’s not that deep.” Alissa then playfully punches Ryan. “And besides we can’t let El go to detention alone that’s what besties are for.”

“Wait we cannot skip class, are you aware how much things Mr Sinclair blabs about in one class, missing one lesson would screw over our grades,” I say as I open my locker.

“Cool your tits, we’re already late what’s the point, we should just go skinny dipping in the school pool or something” Alissa says nonchalantly.

“Really Ali? May I remind you that we have gotten in trouble multiple times due to your suggestions,” Ryan says while tapping his foot impatiently.

“Jeez looks like someone is pmsing,” Ali snaps back.

“Will you two quit acting like toddlers, let’s just get to class we’re only 8 minutes late,” I say these words while slamming my locker shut.

“Ya but according to Mr Painass we’re 18 minutes late, so why should we even bother.”

“Can you just shut up and walk with us Ali,” Ryan says while turning to face her.

“Yeah whatever.” Ali says and she slumps her shoulders while dragging her feet to catch up with us.

We get to class and Mr Sinclair gave us a long lecture on time management. I zoned out 2 minutes in and just kept nodding so that he thought I was soaking up every word he said.

He finally let us go to our seats 15 minutes later. I always thought it was dumb how teachers will blabber about time management for half of the teaching period while wasting their own lesson time.

Time went by fast maybe because I was just doodling through all the classes. Literally any class can be art class if the teacher is boring enough.

I met up with Ali and Ry at Ry’s locker and we passed by all our lockers to leave our books.

“So, I heard there’s a party at Nick’s, we should totally go,” Ali said excitedly.

“No way, we are not going to go to some wild party thrown by Nick Cowvaski,” Ry said firmly.

“Relax tight pants it’s going to be a responsible party no one said it would be wild,” all three of us turn around to see Nick Cowvaski and of course he was with Seth and Alex.

Nick was a total jock and player I don’t get why almost all the girls at school were so head over hills about him. All he did was take advantage of this and have constant one-night stands with random girls.

Seth was also the same. He was quite muscular and extra jockish compared to other guys at school. Alex on the other hand was a nice guy. I don’t get why he was friends with them he was so different from them, I guess he balances them out.

“Forget it Cowvaski we can’t come,” Ry says speaking on behalf of our group.

Ry has always been the protective friend he likes to see the worst in everyone, I guess he’s just pessimistic for reasons I will never understand.

“Fine I’ll make you a deal, if you come to my party, I will do anything you want,” Nick says while winking at me.

“Sheesh desperate much?” I rudely snap at him.

Just as he opened his mouth to respond Hennesy came up to us and threw herself on him. Damn this girl was thirsty.

Nick stiffened whilst Seth and Alex chuckled.

“Wow El you look worse than usual,” Hennesy said while snaking her arms around Nick.

“And you smell worse than usual but you didn’t hear us say anything,” Ali quickly fired back sending a dirty look Hennesy’s way.

“Also, don’t call her El she doesn’t even like you, so why call her using a nickname?” Ali kept adding on.

“That’s enough Ali I think we should get going anyways, don’t wanna cock block,” all three of us turned around and made our way to the cafeteria.

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