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Quiet Ones

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Pryce and Davud have been together since highschool. Pryce is a college jock and Davud is a professor at Pryce's school. Davud has a secret that could spell trouble for the couple. Little does Davud know, his sweet little baby has one just as deadly.

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Green Eyed Monster

A hand went up. Pryce recognized the preppy first year psychology major. She was petite and busty at the same time. She had wide bright blue eyes and wavy honey blonde hair she let flow down her back. Her bangs were cut enough to hide her forehead but make her eyes seem larger and more innocent. She had thin pink lips she tried to make look bigger using heavy lipstick. She always wore tight or revealing clothing to get Dr. Savic’s attention.

He rolled his eyes. She’d asked another stupid question that she would have known the answer to had she read the assigned reading. Dr. Savic was always patient and answered thoroughly. Whether he was on to her obvious flirting or not, Pryce didn’t know. He wasn’t complaining too badly. He loved the sound of the professor’s voice. What he hated was the sound of her voice and high pitched laugh and how she wasted class time with her obvious flirting and need for attention.

Not that he could blame anyone for their attraction to the young professor. He was exceptionally bright. He was 6′4 with a lithe body with smooth muscles like a swimmer beneath warm beige skin. His straight raven hair was always pulled back into a ponytail. Sometimes the short hairs would escape if he didn’t gel them back and fall in his face. His pear green eyes had a dark outer ring with tinges of yellow near the pupil making them seem cat like. Pryce found himself hypnotized by them many times.

Dr. Savic finally finished his lecture and dismissed the class. Pryce waited until the last student left the classroom then stomped towards the professor’s desk. The little blonde girl was giggling and touching the man’s arm. Pryce felt his blood boiling at how close she was. The professor seemed to be ignoring her, his face blank as he packed up his work bag.

“Gee, professor. Should you be flirting with your students like that?” Pryce tried to hold back the bite in his voice but failed miserably.

Dr. Savic continued packing his bag ignoring his students.

The girl twirled a lock of honey blonde hair around her finger and smiled shyly. “Professor, I’ll talk with you later.”

Professor Savic looked up and smirked. “Nonsense. Mr. Corrigan has other things to do. Being Mr. Popular. I’m sure who his professor flirts with is none of his concern.”

Pryce grit his teeth and his eyes turned into slits. “It’s not professional. You should be careful. You never know who’s watching.”

“I’ll take your advice under consideration.” He smiled. “Have a nice day, Mister Corrigan.”

Pryce pursed his lips together and stormed out of the classroom. Dr. Savic watched him leave with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, professor Savic. I didn’t mean-”

He held up his hand. “Don’t worry. I know how to deal with guys like Mr. Corrigan.”

She wrinkled her nose. “Isn’t he one of the football players?”

“That he is.”

She tskd. “That crew is a bunch of mentally challenged jerks.”

Davud looked at her out the corner of his eye. She didn’t know Mr. Corrigan so who was she to pass judgment on him? “Was there something you needed, Miss Lyons?”

She blushed and hid her face behind her books. “Well, I wanted to know if you were free on Friday?”

He raised an eyebrow. “As Mr. Corrigan said, it’s not professional and against school policy to fraternize with my students so I’ll have to decline any personal invitations.”

Her face turned bright red. “Oh. I’m sorry.”

He walked around her. “I must be going now.”

“Y-yes, professor. ”


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