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Free Bird

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Ihita is the youngest of three and sheltered from the outside world. But, she's not innocent and soft like people think, she's quite the opposite. Blunt, honest, sarcastic and witty, she lives her life on her terms and conditions. However, that can become a little tough when you have a very protective older brother and just as equally scary twin. The three were joined at the hip when they were younger, but growing up, they drifted apart. Ihita hates the fact they the don't even bother to check upon her yet, they want to control her life. She often compares herself to a bird in a golden cage, having everything except freedom. With her elder brother's marriage coming up, Ihita lets loose for one night and everything comes crashing down. Like a hurricane, torrents of pain are unleashed and a downpour of sorrow follows. After the night's events, Ihita leaves her family and sets out to carve herself a new identity, where she doesn't have to bear the burden of the Haldar name. Follow Ihita's journey as she experience sorrow, pain, loneliness and perhaps even love? Warning : There will be triggering scenes which will have a TW (Trigger Warning) before the chapter starts. Mature language and scenes will be present. This is a short story, so don't troll for time skips. Happy Reading!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and birds chirping. Getting up with a smile on my face, I stretched my arms and sighed happily. “Today is going to be a great day!” Walking to the bathroom, I looked at my reflection and nodded in satisfaction. I had perfect tousled hair, my breath didn’t stink and I looked like a runway model.

If you really believed that I woke up like that, well kudos to you!

My morning started out terribly. The sounds of cars honking filled my ears and I groaned, covering my ears with the pillow. “Fucking hell!,” I cursed. “Don’t these people have better things to do than ruin my sleep?” Grumbling to myself, I tossed and turned until all the sleep left me and I was left wide awake and horribly cranky. Sighing, I forced myself to roll out of bed and made my to my bathroom. I blinked at the woman in the mirror, if I saw someone like that outside, I would think she was a beggar.

My messy braid had come undone and my hair was a rat’s nest. The makeup from yesterday made me look a demon. My red lip was smudged, the mascara was smeared around my eyes and my resemblance to a raccoon was astonishing. I breathed into my hand and crinkled my nose. Who knew I had such terrible morning breath? Rolling my shoulders and neck to ease the stiffness, I stripped out of my clothes and entered the shower.

The hot water trickling down my back felt like heaven and I closed my eyes, my tense muscles relaxing. Applying rose scented shampoo to my thick tresses, I threw my hair into a bun and started to rub strawberry body wash to my skin. Turning on the shower once more, I undid the bun and let the water wash away my crankiness and the soap. Feeling more awake, I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself and another around my hair.

Wiping the foggy mirror, I nodded in satisfaction. Atleast I didn’t look like the horrors of hell anymore. My ebony black hair was free of it’s tangles and cascaded down my back. I had almond shaped eyes and my complexion was fair for that of an Indian. It must be my grandmother’s genes. My father’s father married a English woman and while my father didn’t inherit any of my my grandmother’s genes, my siblings and I surely did.

I was the most Indian looking out of all them, sure my complexion was a bit fair and my hair looked more dark brown than black somedays, but I didn’t stand out in a crowd. My brothers on the other hand, did. They had inherited all the English genes from my grandmother and when we stepped out, no one could tell that we were siblings, They had russet hair and a slightly tanned complexion. Their eyes were a striking emerald while mine were chocolate. I was tall, standing at 5′7 but they were easily 6′3 or 6′4.

Quickly brushing my teeth and spraying some Tom Ford Oud Wood around me, I stepped out of the bathroom. I use men’s cologne, sue me. I heard some voices in the living room and I furrowed my eyebrows. Who would come here at, I looked at the time, 11:30 in the morning? Conveniently forgetting the fact I had only a towel wrapped around myself, it was a fluffy one at that, I walked outside my bedroom and to the living room.

Ah, would you look at that? Nurvi Dave had arrived.

“Will you please wear some clothes Ihita?” My eldest brother pinched the bridge of his nose, exhaling in frustration. In case your wondering, my brother, Vasav Haldar is apparently a huge deal in the business world. His name was listed in Top Ten Young Billionaires, Youngest Successful Personalities, Eligible Bachelors In India and many more. He owned his own company called, you know it, Haldar Enterprises.

I wanted him to name it Ihita Enterprises, but hey! We can’t get all of what we want in life, can we?

My twin brother, did I mention I had a twin brother? No? Well, I have a twin brother named Eashvan. Weird names right, Vasav, Eashvan and Ihita? Don’t know what the hell my parents were thinking when they named us. Anyways, getting back on track, Eashvan was the CEO of Haldar Enterprise. Surprise surprise. And what do I do, you ask? I’m apparently the CFO of the company. A CFO analyzes financial data, reports financial performance, prepares budgets, and monitors costs.

Got that off Google, in case you’re wondering. I got the most boring job out of us all. But if I’m not fired and if I have several awards and medals decorating my room, I must have done something right. Funny how life is, I did my Bachelor’s in Psychology but my Masters in Business because my dear old father wanted the Haldar siblings to take over his company. I have no interest in doing business, in case you didn’t get that already.

“Hello Ihita,” Nurvi greeted me politely. I grinned back at her, wondering how such a person filled with life got stuck with Vasav. “Ihita!” My dear brother groaned again, note the sarcasm please. “Fine, fine. Don’t get your panties in a twist,” I muttered, walking back to my room. I could hear him mumble to Nurvi, “Sorry about her, don’t know why she acts like that.” Why did that sting more than it should have?

Changing into a pink tee that had Doesn’t Your Ass Get Jealous With All That Shit Which Comes Out Of Your Mouth? and a pair of denim short shorts, I walked back outside and plopped myself on the dusky leather couch, sitting crossed legged. “So Bhabhi, what brings you here so early in the morning?” I asked, grabbing my phone and scrolling through it.

“It’s 11:40, nearly 12:00 Ihita,” Vasav deadpanned. “Your point?” I raised my eyebrows. “And I wasn’t aware that your name was Nurvi,” Poor guy, he looked just about ready to explode. Nurvi placed a hand on his shoulder, shooting him a look and turned to me, “Vasav and I wanted to announce something to you,” She replied gently. Again, how did a person like Nurvi stay with my brother, willingly?

“Should I call Eashvan?” I asked, searching his contact in my phone. “There will be no need of that Ihita. He already the news,” Vasav replied, adjusting his already perfect shirt. Ouch, that cut deep. “And why wasn’t I informed along with him?” I narrowed my eyes, swallowing back my hurt. Rule number one of being Haldar, you didn’t show emotions. You’re weak if you do.

“Because you would make a scene after knowing, that’s why,” He spoke and I clenched my jaw. “What exactly is this news, my dear brother?” I asked sarcastically. “We’re getting married in two weeks,” He spoke formally, as if he was disclosing a business deal. I blinked, staring at him, “Isn’t that incest?”

Nurvi choked on air while Vasav sighed heavily, running a hand through his slightly gelled hair. I patted Nurvi on the back, “I didn’t know either Bhabhi,” I said sympathetically. “Nurvi and I are getting married, Ihita.” Vasav clarified. I rolled my eyes, standing up. “How on Earth would you think I would make a scene out of that Vasav?” Curling my lip, I grabbed my phone and keys. Walking to the door, “I’m not an idiot to be surprised that you two are getting married, I really don’t get why you would think I would make a big deal out of this,” Twisting the doorknob, I stepped outside and made sure to slam the door extra hard.

What a perfect way to start the morning, I thought bitterly.

Hey guys, welcome to my book, Free Bird

This is actually a longer chapter, but Inkitt recommended me to have just 1000-1500 words, so here you go.

If you want to read ahead, you can find me on Wattpad with the same username and a couple more chapters are published on there as well.

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