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Broken Journey

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Sophie was a girl who went from rags to semi-richies due to her mother remarrying. Her mother ent from spending time with her to acting as if she was a third wheel. She started just donig her own thing, and her parents didnt seem to care. She stayed out of trouble, she didnt ask for much, and she kept up on her school work. However she decided one night would be okay to finally give into her best friends wishes and to go party. From there, her world changed. She had fallen into a rough crowd. A dance with a stranger leads to a life of drugs, abuse, sex, and learning for our little Sophie. Can she break free of this abd habbit, or will she succmb to her own thrills? ♥♥♥↓♥♥♥ Please ignore typos, I am still working on this. →There WILL be DISTURBING parts. There will be TRIGGER spots. If you can not handle, sex, abuse, rape, drug use, vulgar language, self harm possibly, please refrain from reading this.←

Romance / Thriller
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The Party

Rain danced alone the window, making a soft patter noise. It relaxed Sophie as she sat in her room. The room was gloomy and dimly lit by a purple stand lamp. The light was taller than her, and leaned against her light grey wall. Her walls were ugly and made her sad, looking at them being bare. So over the time they had lived in this house she covered them with colors. There was pictures of her and her friends, pictures her friends either drew or colored for her. She had posters of singers, and of different random things she liked. She had pictures of moon phases, of lions, of different trippy looking things, as her and her friends put it.

Her bed was small, but comfy, it fit her perfectly, and she let her legs pread out on it. Her head rested on her pillows. She had a few. They made her feel comfortable and safe. She rememered her mother giving her shit for it every time she wanted a new one. Still she wanted and got what she wanted. Her peers never would of said she was a brat, or spoiled. She didnt act like it. In fact she seemed more of the opposite.

She and her family didnt have much until her stap dad and her mom got married a few years ago. After that she hardly seen her mother, and her father well, he would rather buy her things than put up with her. All she wanted was her family back. She remembered dinners together, talkign abotu things, opinions, their days. She remembered the random game nights and movie nights they would have together. Sure they didnt have much. Sure the walls were bare, or the fridge didnt have the best food. She didnt always have the best of clothes, and she surly didnt have the new technology and cool things other kids did growing up. However she didnt care about that.

Her mother was tallented and beautiful. The woman had light brown hair, that fell in silky waves to her shoulders. She was about 5 foot 6, and no more then 130 pounds. She had been to collage and was smart with a small degree in a few different topics. Her mother never could settle down on one subject, and she admiredthat most about her mother. She was a jack of all traits. But she was the master of one in particular. She had been an amazing cook. Her mother made things from scratch, her own receipes, that even other chefs had been jealous of.

That was how her mother even met “Mr.Perfect” as she called him. He was nothing near perfect. He was like stone. Like a statue come to life, walking among them. He had icey grey eyes that were small. They looked like little ice cycles int he winter, daring to fall and stab anything in their way. He looked murderous alot, even though he smiled a toothy smly, often arou others, when he was caught off guard by Sophie, he just seemed off. His vibe was not a good one. Sophie was more than happy he would work all day and then take her mother out constantly. It left her to be alone, away from him. She just missed her mom dearly.

She signed softly as she closed her eyes. Her sofy purple and pink comforter now wrapped around ehr body. She closed her aching eyes and she fell deep into sleep. It had been a long day for her. First she had woken up with a headache for some reason. Then she went to school just to find out she had did the wrong assignment for class. Her teachers seemed to like her enough to let her redo it for the next school day. So she had double the homework. Then her friends were hounding her to go to some stupid colledge party they heard about. The thing with those parties was, they were boring. They had some drinks, maybe a little music, and some weed, but nothing really ever went down. The music was shit msot times, and people didnt really dance. They usually stod around, and talked. She could do that much at home, and not have to deal with immature morons hitting on her or causing her to feel insecure. The females in her grade liked doing that msot. Tehre was a few select people, her friends obviously, who wouldnt allow that. Still she would rather be home, and in her bed. She felt herself drift away into slumber. And from there it was all a blur.

The next morning Sophie woke up to her phone going off. The buzzing vibrated her whole bed, and annoyed the living hell out of her. She had it on vibrate so she wouldnt be woken up by it. It was a Saturday, and she had hmoework to get done. She had chores to get done, and right now all she wanted to get done was some sleep. She signed and read the texts on her phone. The sender was of course her best friend Sammy. Even though his name was just Sam, they prefered t call him Sammy, even if it wasnt the shorter version of the name. She smiled and read what he had said to her. She secretly had a crush on hmi, being they had been best friends since she could remember.

Sammy was a soft spoken guy who had shaggy swopped hair. The color was a red rusty color, which Sophie admired most. His eyes were a hazel mix of light brown and a deep green. Sometimes his eyes were this deep green fully, and they enchanted her. She wouldnt ever ruin the friendship by telling him that. Her pale grey eyes scanned the screen as her thoughts raced around her.

Are you awake yet?

You cant seriously be asleep still! Cmon! We have to get all your shit done before the party! Dont make me go with Lyza alone!

Thats it, I am coming over ma’am!

Soph, are you ignoring me. Look I know you dont want to go, but I swear this party will be worth it. I heard the bad boy of the school will be there. I know you thought he was hot. Cmon !

Soph, you are legit breaking my heart!

Sophie smiled at him. He was being so dramatic. She could hear his voice now in her mind as she read through his texts. She replied with a picture. Her hair was straight, and had a few colors to it. She had changed her natural hair color, and this time she chose a mix of three colors. She went with a orange color that ombred into red then black. Her hair was sticking up in a few places, and was super frizzy from being asleep. Her eyes were still little slits, and she decided to also stick out her tongue. She looked half asleep and silly, but she sent it to Sammy, and captioned it “I am now awake from the dead”.

She sat her phone back down and stretched her body as she stood up from her bed. She wasnt the tallest girl, not like her mother. She was about 5 foot 2. Her body was average. She wasnt the skinniest, but she wasnt over weight either. She had on a tank top which showed off the cleavage her C cup breast made. The tank top was a green silk, and she found it to be one of her favorite tops for bed. She didnt care to wear much clothes, and since she was home alone she didnt care even more. She had on just a little pair of black and white panties. They werent silky, but more of a lace, and she didnt find them as comfy as the silky ones she buys. She went into the bathroom after stretching and she turned the knob on the shower.

After her shower she rested a towel on her head. It held her hair in place, keeping it off of her body while she used another towel to dry off. She stood before her mirror, and brushed her teeth, using her mouthwash afterwards. She slipped the towel from her head and hung both up on the hooks in her bathroom. Her hair brush was somewhere, and as she looked around for it, there was a knock at the door.

“Fuck”, she cursed to herself more than anything. She wasnt ready for Sammy to be here yet. She wasnt even dressed. She was sure it was Sammy, at least, who else was going to randomly show up, right? She grabbed her phone and read it quickly, to make sure. Sure enough he had replied with a text saying “Here!”

Sophie decided to reply with the following, “not dressed, walk in. Will be ready in a few!“.

She was sure Sammy had a key to her house, but she also knew, he knew where the spare was hidden outside. When she walked downstairs there he was, sitting on the light blue couch in her living room. He was tall, standing about 5 foot 10 and wore a pair of ripped red jeans. They only made him look taller and lengthier. She smiled as she drank his image into her mind. He had on a band T like normal. She was similar in style. Her skinnies were pale blue, and faded very badly. Her shirt was a long sleeved purple shirt with see through fabric. She ran over and hugged him tightly. Her smile bigger than normal, like it always was when she seen him. Sammy smiled and hugged her back tightly. She had always made him feel special. Her greetings, they were the best feeling in the world sometimes to him. They both were now on the couch. Her sitting indian style facing him and him sitting normal and looking over at her.

Her voice was kind, and tired as she spoke, “So im assumnig you want to do my chores while i do my homework?”

“Duh! You are NOT getting out of this party. You skip all of them Soph. I want my best friend there with me, its not the same without you, honestly”, his voice trailed off, and sounded sincerely sad to her. She felt her heart twitch in her chest, and knots twisted in her stomach just a little.

She sighed and spoke gently, “Ill go, but only for you. I just, honestly they all seem so mediocore and boring. But for you, I’ll try this one out.”

His smile made her heart leap even further in her chest. “Thanks Soph. So what the hell chores do you even have?”

She laughed, “honestly, I think its laundry, dishes, and sweeping the house. I dont really see why I still have chores. Honestly, the house is spotless. But fuck it, right?”

“Girl, I sear. My parents dont even care what I do anymore. They gave up on me, and eachother. Anyways, Ill get the chores done, you get the homework done, then we are getting ready for the party!”

“We arent done with this convo! Sam, we will be talking about this parent issue later!“, Sophie called to him as he trailed off to do her chores for her. She signed. Why didnt he just tell her, he needed her tonight. She knew that was going stop needing her once they went to the party. He was handsome, and had a charming personality. Normally there was girls flocking all around him. He seemed to like the attention enough, she was sure he would be cheered up after that happened.

Sighing she walked up the steps to her bedroom. Her backpack was on the floor by her bed, and contained all her homework. She pulled out the first book, and began reading and doing the questions she had forgotten the day before.

Sophie was sitting in Sam’s car, as they pulled up to what seemed to be a duplex like home. It was loud, as people yeled and ran around. There was windowns and the front door open as well. In the front of the home, there was a small balcony, which already was full of trash. Beer bottles, and a bunch of random things polluted the ground and the balcony as well. Sophie hated to see what the inside of the house had looked like already. If this was the outside, she could only imagine. She got out of the car and looked at Sam, her pale eyes looked silver as the moon light hit them perfectly through her lashes. Her lips pouted as she mouthed “I hate this”, to him. His lips only responded with a child like smile.

Sophie wasnt used to parties, and was not sure at all what to wear. So Sam had helped her decide on a jean skirt that hugged her thick thighs. It was held with no belt, and had small tears here and there inthe front. She liked the tears, and how faded it looked. Her top was a little more revealing than she was even used to. It was a cop tio, tube top. It basically only covered her bouncy breast. It was a purple shade with glitter, making it shine in the light. Her creamy white skin was glowing in the night, as her and Sam walked up to the door. She looked at him, yelling over the music, “its open, do we just go i--”

Sam walked in and smiled as he took her small hand in his. They walked together to the party, hand in hand. Her fingers laced with his, and she loved the way it felt. She felt safe with him there. It was like little butterflies swam in her veins as she felt small warmth hit her cheeks she pushed the thoughts from her mind. Sam was her best friend. The only true friend she had trusted in this lifetime. She could not risk every losing him on some stupid crush she seemed to always have on him. When they walked further intot he house, the music blared through her ears. She had liked the song playing, and found her hips moving to the music. Sam had let her hand go, and started dancing in front of her. They were in what seemed to be the living room of the house. People danced sloppily, and spilled drinks. There was clouded air, as it filled with smoke. She could smell the mix of cigarettes and weed. She grinned and figured she would find who had the green later on.

Sophie had smoked often, and drank rarely, ut she never did anything worse than that. She tried to keep her grades good, and she never seemed to get in trouble. She had been te perfect kid, her mother said. She just always felt alone, sad, and she never seemed to feel whole inside. She sighed at the inner thought of her life and closed her eyes tightly. Soon there was two hands snaked over her waist. It felt weird, and she had no idea whom it was round her. Together they swayed with the music and she felt relaxed. She spoke to the person, her words soft as they hit only the person behind her, ears, “hey there. whats your name?“.

A soft voice spoke back, clearly a female, “Call me Andy”.

The voice send shivers through Sophies body. Her skin danced with goosebumps as she leaned back into the girl behind her. Her breast were not as big as Sophes, but still big. They were soft and warm against her as hey both swayed to the song. Andys lips brushed Sophies as she had spoken to her. But still Sophie felt no need to open her eyes. She had no care in the world. She liked this feeling. She felt a little thirsty as they had danced through a few songs. She had been so lost int he moment she didnt even remember where she was. It was like their bodies had become one for so long. She was a bit out of breath when she finally opened her eyes.

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