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Living a teenage life is never easy, especially when you have bad people going after you. Having the best family and friends is what is needed. I have the most supportive twin sister, I like two boys and they both like me, lucky right? But who do I choose, join me in my journey as I succeed over all my enemies and choose the one that is just for me.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1- Sam and Cat show

Jade’s POV

I am going to commit murder.

Groaning loudly at the blaring sound of my alarm, that thing is so annoying but it’s better than your mom shouting your full name like the house is on fire.

Oh God! Why do we need to go to school, I just want to sleep, eat and sleep all day, it’s that just too much to ask? I tried waking my twin sister but of course she wouldn’t budge, that girl can sleep in water.

We both are different even our room showed that. The room was shared into equal half parts, like that Sam and cat show, I painted my green while hers pink but all the same, we are still the same.

Well kinda

Knowing the kind of mother I have, I quickly got dressed. Wearing my super comfortable Ash sweatpants and my black hoodie, no makeup because I don’t like it.

“Hey! You didn’t wake me”, my sister said making me roll my eyes at her.

“Well I tried my best but you didn’t answer me so quickly get ready, can’t afford to be late again.” I said while going out of the room.

“And they call us twins.” I heard her mumbling to herself.

“I heard you.”

“That was the point”, she sassed, making me roll my eyes again.

“Good morning mom.” I said then pecked her on the cheeks.

My mom is the most wonderful woman that I know, with a kind and endearing character, even at her late thirties she still looks twenty-one, with her shoulder length blonde hair and those blue eyes. My sister has the same color of hair as our mom while I took our dad’s. But the same color of eyes as our mom.

“Morning sweet heart, where’s your sister? Is she still in bed, do I need to scream on the top of my lungs? You girls can’t get late again”.

I grimaced slightly at that, my mom can scream really loud, like that is so annoying. “No need for that, she’s already up.”

Looking around to look for my dad but didn’t see him. “where’s dad?”

“He’s still upst…”

“Am here, Morning loves.”

“Morning dad.”

“Morning honey.” My mom greeted my dad pecking him on the lips while I hugged him.

My dad is this tall guy at his early forties with black hair, black eyes with this weird toothy grin and really bad at telling jokes that only mom laughs at it, what love can do you right?

We waited for Jenna to come cause my parents like us eating together as a family when we are all together cause we all have our busy lives.

After ten dying minutes, my sister decided to grace us with her presence.

“Morning everyone, mom am so hungry, give me food.” She is the younger twin and she likes to live it saying she is the last born and she needs to be pampered, crazy I know.

We all ate in silence as my mom is very strict about table manners.

“So how are you going to school?” my mom asked me after we finished our breakfast.

I am sure you are wondering why she asked that, well I have a motorcycle while Jenna, my sister has a car.

“Am going with Jenna, can we go now Jenna?”

“Yeah sure.”

After we all exchanged our good byes, we headed towards Jenna car.

“Excited to see lover boy.” Jenna asked me as we entered her car.

“Am super excited.” I said truthfully.

“Now you are making people think he is your boyfriend mean while he is just a crush.”

“I know Jen.”

“You have been crushing on him for years now, don’t you think it’s about time you tell him.” I looked at her as if she’s gone crazy well maybe.

I like him, I really do but something has changed I am not really into the crush, I still don’t know what it is but I will find out.

“Then have him run away from me? Hell no.” I said a bit louder.

“Jade, common don’t be such a pussy.”

Well I have one.

I didn’t bother answering her.

We maintained the silence, she’s right though but as I had said something changed.

She stopped the car making me realize we’ve reached school.

“See am sorry but I can’t just watch you crushing on him while he goes around with girls.” She apologized.

I nodded knowing she meant well. We both came down from the car and she locked it then we started walking towards the school main building.

I looked around hearing girls screaming through the hallway and that can only mean one thing.

The boys are back.

The thing is that David, Zach, Justin and the rest of the footballers went on a vacation so they came back yesterday and just resumed school.

“Look it’s my favorite twins.” David my crush said.

“We are the only twins you know.” Jen said in a teasing obvious tone.

David came closer hugging Jenna first then came to hug me.

“I missed you so much J.” Did I mention we were best friends?

Well we are.

“I missed you too.”

“Liz love, miss me?” that’s Zach, he is also David’s best friend, we are both sharing David, ok that sounded weird. The fool calls me by my middle name, oh before I forget he’s a player so girls watch out for your heart.

“What?!” I said harshly when I felt Zach shake me.

“I said ‘did you miss me?’

“Why did you even come back, you were supposed to get lost.” Ever since Zach had my first kiss then acted like nothing happened the next day, even when I tried talking to him, I started disliking him not gonna lie, it actually hurts.

“Well I live here, are you okay?” he said feeling my temperature and the boys laughed. No one knows about it not even my sister.

I swatted his hand away.


“Is the princess mad?”

Flipping him off, I looked around for Jenna, then saw her making out with her boyfriend, beside her car, they both love PDA.

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