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Chapter 1 - The Song of Sorrow

The Song of the Sorrow


I thought it was a dream and was slow to rouse. For a moment I stared into the flashing dark. There was a lightning storm outside... or was it the weapons fire of the warships? Sometimes it was impossible to tell. The tendrils of sleep were reluctant to release my mind. Nexus’ arm was over me. I ignored the whisper of the dream and pressed my lips to his shoulder, tasting the man and stroking my hands along his silken skin. If I were awake, I’d make it worth the waking. He murmured in his sleep, responding to my touch, even unconscious. I smiled against his skin.

“Sorrow,” there was an insistence to the voice.

“The Light of Peace?” I whispered back into the night, freezing. Nexus grunted and stirred.

“I don’t have long...”

I sat up in bed, startling Nexus into wakefulness. “What do you mean?”

Nexus shot up, drawing a dagger he had hidden somewhere in the bed, the lightning storm outside catching on the blade. His hair falling over his face must have obscured most of his vision, but he was alert. “What?” he demanded, looking around for attack, shaking his hair back.

“I am dying, Sorrow,” The Light of Peace murmured in my mind.

“No,” I protested.

“Echo...” he told me. “Echo lives. You have to aid her.”

“Aid her?” I was bewildered. I remembered a young girl, an abundance of black hair and over large eyes, one blue, one brown, watching her father writhe upon the ground, pleading... “I remember Echo,” I whispered. “But she died...”

“No,” he refuted it. “So many wrongs, Sorrow. Our history is as filled with bloodshed as the Old Lords. Don’t repeat the past mistakes. Save the Seer. Save Echo.”

He was gone.

I sobbed my grief out into the night, pressing the heel of my hand against my heart but finding that insufficient, instead striking it there, as I wept for him, until Nexus caught me up against him, and held me pinned, his breath unsteady and his heart beat loud against me. “Stop now,” he murmured against my hair. “I don’t know what has occurred, but you need to stop this Sorrow.”

“The Light of Peace has passed,” I told him.

“I am sorry, my one,” he pressed his lips against my wet cheeks. “I am sorry, I know he meant a lot to you.”

“He reached out to tell me... to ask me...” It confused me even now.

“Ask you what, my one?” Nexus asked.

“Save the Seer. Save Echo.”

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